Your name in lights: how illuminated signs could get your business noticed

At some time or another, many of us have dreamt of seeing our name in lights. Treading the boards might be a distant hope and acting skills might be lacking, but you could still see your name in lights in another way, if you invest in illuminated signage.

It may not be your own name, but having your company, shop or restaurant name picked out in bright lights is one of the quickest and easiest ways of ensuring your business premises stands out from the crowds. Illuminated signs elevate your run-of-the-mill signage to make it all the more eye-catching and attractive to potential customers. A well-designed illuminated sign has far greater reach and pulling power than standard signage, largely because it’s more visible both day and night, creating a beacon for your business which is guaranteed to guide the customers in.

If you’re considering updating your signs, here’s how putting your name in lights could help to get your business noticed and generate that all-important footfall.

Brighten up

Across the United Kingdom, businesses everywhere and in every sector have been struggling against the uncertainties of the Brexit vote, which followed hot on the heels of a very trying year for the economy. With all the doom and gloom around, and with increased competition on the High Street, the time may well have come to brighten up and take the lead over your competitors through new illuminated signs.

Investing in new illuminated signage speaks volumes about your sticking power and how seriously you take your business. A company that wants and strives to succeed is one that invests in keeping up appearances and outshining the competition. Keeping up appearances is never more powerfully represented than through the signs outside our premises. Signage is your calling card to the world. Well-designed, well-installed and well-maintained, it shows you care. Let it fall by the wayside, however, and customers will be deterred by an unloved shop front or run-down restaurant façade.

Illuminated signage can be undeniably beautiful, if it’s of high quality and gives an accurate reflection of your business. Research goes to show that purchasing a thing of beauty can have a positive impact on wellbeing – in this case yours and your company’s. Elevating your own mood at the same time as injecting new life into your business and premises could be just the antidote to all the negative economic news.

Multiple choices

There’s a wide choice when it comes to illuminated signage. Most internal signs will use bright LED lights to bring them to life, while outside, there are a range of techniques used, both traditional and more cutting-edge.

You could opt for the good old-fashioned and reliable fluorescent tube lighting or standard up or downlights. There are also lighting solutions which use push-through acrylic letters, which are then built up in stainless steel, or powder coated letters which have stunning LED lights positioned behind them to give a truly incredible halo effect. Glowing out the darkness once the evening has descended, there’s something warm and comforting about the cheerful glow of an illuminated sign, whichever type you opt for.

The allure of lights

Like moths to a flame, people really can be attracted by illuminated signage. There are few other ways to make such a direct impact, and potential customers are instantly drawn to something which is novel, attractive and unusual, especially when it enhances the appearance and tone of their local area. Illuminated signage which brightens up your shop, restaurant, bar, estate agency or other premises doesn’t just make your place look pretty, it also tells customers everything they need to know about you.

If you can work with a professional sign-writing company to create bespoke, bold and beautiful illuminated signage, a graphic designer worth their salt will be able to tell your company’s story just through your signs. A well-made sign is one that customers can understand in an instant, and that gives a favourable impression as they make that all important snap judgement. A memorable logo, a unique but easy to read font and a standout colour scheme can all combine to tell customers what you do, sell or provide and how you can help them. Add illuminations to the mix and you have a pretty powerful message.

What’s more, while signage might seem like an expense you could do without in cash-strapped times, it’s worth remembering that it’s an investment that ultimately pays for itself. If you look after your signage well, it could last you for years, and it works to advertise your business around the clock. The advantage with illuminated signage is that it’s constantly visible, even in the worst of the British weather and the depths of a winter’s night. No other form of publicity is quite so difficult to ignore.

A glowing recommendation

The Sussex Sign Company has specialised in illuminated signs for many years now, and we’ve worked on some of the most high-profile signage projects across London and the South-East. The quality of our signage work speaks for itself, and with a team of highly skilled designers and a professional installation crew on hand, we can help you craft bespoke illuminated signs that will help you outshine your rivals.

For more information on the services provided by The Sussex Sign Company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today, to see how we could brighten up your business.