Would vehicle vinyl suit your van or car?

Vinyl signwriting on your car?

The technology behind vehicle vinyl has advanced so much in recent years that it has never been such a cost-effective and attractive option, for car and van drivers everywhere. Vehicle wraps can be used for all sorts of reasons, and the possibilities for creating beautiful, bespoke designs for your vehicle are endless.

If you own your own business and use a company vehicle on a regular basis, it’s worth remembering that the side of your car or van is prime advertising space. Whether you’re a builder or plumber with a high-sided van, an estate agent with a nippy little runaround to get you between viewings, or a taxi company with a whole fleet of cars, vinyl can be a great way of getting your brand identity and personality stamped onto your vehicle.

What are the perks of vehicle vinyl?

When it comes to your marketing strategy, vehicle wraps are the gift that keeps on giving. Compared to other forms of advertising, car or van vinyl can reach a much wider audience, with very little effort on your part. While you could pay to run up and distribute brochures around the local area or take out an advertising slot on the radio or in the local paper, the number of potential customers you might reach is very limited, and the effect fleeting. If you’re already out and about in your car or van, then it makes sense to utilise the free advertising space you already have.

Research has shown that a commercial vehicle with its own branded vinyl will be seen anywhere between 2,000 and 9,000 times an hour – that’s a lot of eyes on your company name and contact details. What’s more, once you’ve paid the initial cost of having your vehicle wraps installed, they can last for many years and they’re working for you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Whether you’re popping into the local convenience store, sitting in a traffic jam on the ring road or parked up in front of your house overnight, your vehicle signage is still clearly displayed for all passersby to see.

A further advantage of vehicle vinyl is that it protects your van or car against all those annoying little scratches, knocks and scrapes which are part of everyday life when you use a vehicle for work. Vehicle wraps can be quickly and easily installed and cause no damage to the body and paintwork of your car or van, which means its resale price won’t be affected should you wish to have the wrap removed in order to sell your vehicle. In the meantime, your wrap acts as a second skin to protect your vehicle as you’re driving around between jobs, meetings or to and from the office.

Would your vehicle suit a vinyl wrap?

The easy answer is that vinyl suits every vehicle. Whatever the size or make of your van or car, bespoke vehicle wraps can be created to fit every shape and model imaginable, helping you get the best use out of the space you have available on the side of your vehicle. When it comes to getting creative about customising your car or van, there is little, if anything, which is off limits. That means you really can let your imagination run wild in terms of the colours and imagery you use and how you want to lay out important information in text.

As a business, you probably already have a brand identity which includes your company’s name, logo, colour scheme and motto or tag-line, and you probably use these on all your marketing materials, from your shop signage and branded promotional giveaways right down to business cards and letterheads. It’s important that your brand is carried across all platforms in order to create a coherent identity which customers can instantly recognise and identify with, and that should include your vehicle.

The smartphones in people’s pockets have opened up a wealth of possibilities for the savvy business owner. Since the majority of us are addicted to our phones and will admit to impulse buying through our mobiles while out and about, making sure your website address or social media pages reach as many people as possible could see a massive boost to your online sales figures. No matter what goods or services you sell, if people see the contact details on the side of your vehicle and can instantly get online to check your company out, then they’re more likely to make a purchase then and there, before they have a chance to forget your name.

Vehicle vinyl can, therefore, be a fantastic opportunity to reach a whole new audience and connect them to your brand. Costs for vinyl have fallen significantly in recent years, so it’s well worth investing in high quality vehicle signage.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we have a highly skilled team who are able to design and fit the most cutting-edge vehicle wraps. Making use of the most advanced vehicle wrapping technology, we are able to create beautiful, bespoke vehicle wraps which make a real visual impact and help you reach the people who matter to your business. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever vehicle you own, let us help you create a vehicle wrap which perfectly captures your company and brand identity.

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