Why Your Business Needs To Light Up With Illuminated Signs

Illuminating your signage is about so much more than showing customers where you are. In fact, a well-illuminated sign will provide cost-effective advertising 24 hours a day, maximising the effectiveness of your message. Even if you don’t stay open all day and all night, your sign will still be doing your marketing for you.

Versatile and stylish, illuminated signage can take your visual assets to another level. More than that, a well-executed sign will add value to your business, thanks to its perceived value.

The ABC of illuminated signs

There are several practical questions you need to ask yourself when installing illuminated shop signs. Is the illumination visible and effective? Is the message legible? Is your sign well maintained, and if not, how will you keep it looking its best and doing its job. Work with a professional signage company and these issues and more will be worked out during the design, development and installation process.

However, before you approach a sign company, check the functionality of your concept by asking the ABC questions – does your sign Attract new customers, Build brand awareness and Create impulse sales? If you think your sign can do all three, then it’s a worthwhile investment.

Send a subliminal message

When you work together with a professional designer on your commercial signage, you’ll be surprised at the strong yet subliminal messages you can send with colour. Your bespoke LED signs don’t need to be pure white, though that can look clean and professional. Colour can make a subliminal statement about your business when coupled with clever design, for an effect that enhances your business.

Maximise your marketing budget

Illuminated shop signs create thousands of impression throughout the course of the day, giving you an exceptionally low cost per impression. The cost of your signage is a one-off in your budget, and when you compare the ROI against other forms of marketing, your illuminated signs can be quite a bargain, and they can have a reach that far outstrips more temporary forms of advertising like billboards and radio, TV or online ads.

Consider the interior options

While your exterior illuminated signs will be reaching out to passing trade at all hours of the day and night, don’t ignore the power of a sophisticated indoor sign with LED illumination. Beautifully designed, perhaps using halo illuminated letters for a subtle and stylish effect, an illuminated logo on the wall behind the till, or as customers first enter your premises, can drive brand recognition and create a stunning first impression.

Work with the professionals

At The Sussex Sign Company, we can offer you a range of stylish and effective solutions for your illuminated signage, whether that’s halo illuminated letters or a banner effect. We’ll steer you through the process from concept to design to installation, discussing illumination options and a maintenance schedule. If you want to see what illuminated signs can do for the exterior and interior of your store or office premises, then contact us today via phone or email and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.