Two Signs, One Message.

imageRochdale Council has come under fire from the Daily Mail, after a photographer snapped an image of a replacement ‘GIVE WAY’ sign, that was installed just inches away from the existing ‘GIVE WAY’ sign, which was not removed immediately.

Motorists travelling along Benfield Street in Heywood were no doubt bemused by the double signage, but reporters saw an opportunity to attack another seemingly inept local authority. Can criticism of Rochdale Council be justified?

A spokesperson for the council was reported to have said: “There is currently a large-scale replacement of illuminated signage happening at the moment and, inevitably, there are short periods of time where signs are waiting to be connected or disconnected to electricity sources.

“The photographer in this case amusingly managed to get a snap before the old sign was disconnected and removed.”

So, does the council have a case to answer? Perhaps.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we believe that there can be no question that leaving a functioning road sign in place while its replacement waits to be connected to the grid, is eminently sensible. But did the original sign need replacing at all? Unlike some suppliers, it would seem we always aim to create indoor and outdoor signage that lasts for many years.