The Importance of Good Signage to Business

A lot of work goes into maintaining a business and how it puts itself forward to the public, from the basic aspects of daily cleaning all the way up to entire refits and new buildings for a shop. Everyone understands that a well-designed shop, an appealing waiting room in an office, a well decorated conference room and tidy spaces all benefit a business when looking for custom. Similarly a lot of money is spent on web design for the business’ website. Unfortunately many businesses don’t put the same level of time and effort into good signage or realise the importance of hiring an experienced and professional shop sign maker.

When a potential customer is driving to your premises the tone can often be set for their ensuing dealings. People go to a lot of effort getting their business premises listed on Google maps so they can be found. However when someone is driving down a road looking for your premises has the same effort been put into signs directing the customer to the business? If a prospective customer arrives already annoyed from trying to find the business you’re already off on a bad footing. You have to work against the customers negative feelings.

No-one will deny it is important to have a sign to let a customer know about your business, there are few shops on any street that don’t have a sign set out to alert customers to their presence. Big business does know the importance of exceeding customers’ expectations when it comes to signage. They know that this first meeting point between business and customer is crucial and so spend a lot of money on having professionally designed and professional looking signs.

There’s the old idiom, “First impressions count” and how people should “always trust your first impression.” For many people a business sign is their first impression. Before the customer has even stepped foot on your property they are already evaluating and considering what type of business you have. If you had a dusty countertop you would notice immediately that it is not sending the right message to the customer, and the same goes for streaked windows and ground in dirt in the carpets. The importance of good signage is that it sets out the stall for the business.

Many people will spend money getting their sign designed well. Good looking graphics are something anyone can see. They’re immediate and can be checked on a screen. If you’re going to an effort with graphics and signwriting it is just as important to put in effort in the printing or manufacturing stage of a sign. Photographers, high end book printers and even mobile phone manufacturers all know the importance of a solid well-made product. The look and feel of something is important. The same goes for business signage, whether it is a sign hanging outside your shop or signs showing the way to your premises. It’s important to go with a good sign manufacturer and have your sign properly represent the quality of the business you are running.