The benefits of using one signage organisation that does it all

If your West Sussex business needs better marketing, you need signage. But that can mean so much more than posters, banners and A-frames. Think about the impact of wrapping your car with your distinct business graphics or outfitting your workers in a smart uniform embroidered with your logo.

You already know that good signage is critical for your business. So how can you utilise the diversity of signs, wraps, banners and clothing to your best advantage? By working with one organisation that does it all. At the Sussex Sign Company, we understand why it’s important to let one business handle all your needs. Read on to find out more.

Is your business missing out?

Good business signs are an essential communication tool that lets your customers know who you are, what you represent and what’s on offer. Great signs gives your business the edge over the competition and significantly improves brand recognition.

But consider this: 73% of customers love a brand that offers great customer service. What could be more memorable than a polished and professional uniform that lets your customers know who you are? Or this: a well-designed vehicle wrap can generate around 30,000 impressions a day.

The point is, can your business afford to miss out on the full range of exposure that signs, banners, clothing and vehicle signwriting creates for your business?

Ease of use

If you’re a business owner, you’re too busy to shop around for different companies to design your signs, manufacture them and install them. If you’re looking to add vehicle wraps and banners to the marketing mix, will you have the time to source the right print firm to do business with?

Working with one print supplier ensures you have one point of contact. One supplier will handle every order so you can expect professional and timely results, every time.

Quality and consistency

You know you can set your business apart with great branding. Creating consistency relies on the faithful replication of your logo and company colours over every piece of branding, from a car sticker to your POS displays.

Working with multiple suppliers means you may experience mismatching colours and variations in the quality of materials and results. Working with a single supplier like The Sussex Sign Company means you can depend on high-quality materials and cutting edge print technology. We won’t cut corners because we know that only hurts your reputation.

If you’re looking for quality and consistency that delivers perfect brand results and great RoI, working with a single supplier is the only shortcut you need.

End-to-end service

If you’re looking for hassle-free project management that delivers the right print solutions for your business, you need a complete end-to-end print service. From conception and design through to installation and maintenance, we do it all.

Fulfiling all your signage needs in West Sussex

Whether you’re looking for trade show banners or a smart and practical work uniform, The Sussex Sign Company has you covered. Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to help.