The advantages of car vinyl wrapping

Your signs and getting them right.

When designing your new vehicle vinyl or shop front signs, it is important that you convey all the relevant information you can as clearly and succinctly as possible. We have all seen signs that are a jumbled and confused mess of logos, contact details, social media pages and jarring colour schemes, so how do you avoid these pitfalls and create the most visually striking signage?

Working with a professional signwriting company will minimise the risk of getting unattractive, difficult to follow or meaningless signs that do not accurately convey your brand identity. Sign design is an art form and expert designers are experienced and highly trained in crafting signage that brings together multiple important elements to create the cleanest, most visually appealing and informative signs.

Vehicle signage options: what content should you include?

You should think about the side of your commercial vehicle as the perfect mobile display board for your business; once you have your branding on there, you could reach thousands of people an hour with your vehicle signage. Car wrapping and applying vehicle vinyl to vans has never been an easier or more cost-effective way of getting your message across, so investing in high-quality vehicle signwriting is a wise business move.

Car wrapping allows you to fully customise however many vehicles you have within your fleet, whether you are a one-man-band with a single white van or a taxi company owner with multiple vehicles in need of a unified single vehicle livery. As vehicle vinyl can be recreated as many times as you need, you can achieve a coherent and easily-recognisable look across the board.

As hardly anyone leaves their home without their smartphone these days, it is important your vehicle signs include your contact details, website address, and any social media pages you manage. Thanks to the small screens in their pockets, more and more people are likely to immediately visit your online profiles when they see your vehicle drive past. They have little time to forget your name and logo, and may even be tempted to put in a spur-of-the-moment order.

Vinyl graphics: getting the right look

In addition to your contact details, you need to consider the visual impact of your vehicle vinyl. It is hard for people to miss a branded vehicle, whether they are a pedestrian you pass on the road or a fellow motorist following you up the motorway as you whizz between jobs and meetings. Ensuring that your car or van sticks in their mind is crucial if you want to make a lasting impression and capture a slice of this passing trade.

You need to make sure that your message is clear. Your company name and logo need to be sharp, attractively arranged and easily identifiable so that they lodge in people’s minds and these potential customers will recognise them again the next time you pass by. People switch off when the image they are looking at is unattractive or incoherent; however, a well-designed sign that is bold, bright, beautiful and clear will certainly turn a few heads.

You really can have too much of a good thing, however! Try to pack too much information onto the side of your vehicle or go for a crazy colour scheme or overly-complicated logo and people will be turned off. You want your vehicle to stand out, but for all the right reasons – make it too busy or too much of an eyeful and people will switch off.

Design layouts: how to get the best from your vehicle vinyl

The best vehicle vinyl can convey all the important content you need to get across and give people a good idea of what your company stands for. The best signs – be they car wrapping, shop front signs or signs for schools – can tell a story about an establishment. Your potential customers and clients need to be able to work out at a glance what you do, what goods or services you provide, and what you could do for them.

Your logo and company name need to be displayed in such a way that they imprint themselves on the memories of passers-by. Clearly defined, they can tell people everything they need to know in an instant, from who you are and what you do to how to get in touch and even how trustworthy your company is likely to be.

People can tell a lot from your signs. Well-designed and well-maintained signs demonstrate that you take your work seriously and take pride in what you do. Caring about appearances is not shallow but a good way of showing you care about other aspects of your work. Putting a positive face on your vehicle and premises with beautiful signage is encouraging to potential customers, who are more likely to connect with your brand and approach you if they think you care about how you come across.

Work with the best for the best results

If you want the highest-quality signage, it pays to work with the most professional signwriting companies. The Sussex Sign Company has been working in the signage industry for well over two decades and our highly-skilled designers are amongst the best sign writers in the country. With their expert knowledge and years of experience, they can work with you to craft incredible car wrapping and shop front signs that perfectly convey the content and message you need to put across to your customers.

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