What’s Hot In Vehicle Livery For 2018/19

The vehicle wrap industry is a dynamic and ever changing one, with new colours, designs and styles of wrapping emerging all the time. And while the latest trends may not be a match with your business now, trends have a way of filtering into the mainstream, making them more accessible and more affordable.

Go classic

This is a fun trend that’s becoming more mainstream and it might be a creative way to differentiate your vehicle from the competition. Go faster stripes, muscle car styling and even the tribal graphics made popular by the Ford Focus are being seen on different vehicles.

Colour crazy

Single colour wraps are giving way to colour changing wraps, pear finishes and even chrome – the kinds of finishes that are virtually impossible to achieve with a respray, but look sensational when achieved with vinyl wrap.

Matte finishes are most popular of all, giving what could be seen as garish a real subtlety and sophistication. Strategically designed to highlight curves and body detailing, these colour shifting wraps can look sensational. If your business is fashion or beauty related, this kind of wrap effect will certainly get you noticed.

Textured accents

Love the look of carbon fibre on high-end race cars? That look can be yours with affordable vinyl. This type of vehicle livery can add a huge amount of interest to your car graphics and can even be specific to your business – imagine wrapping your car in planks of ‘wood’ if you’re a carpenter.

Brushed metal, steel rivets, even leather, these are all textures that are being seen on vehicles and they can make a massive visual impact. There’s a texture to suit the image you want to project, whether that’s strong and tough or green and leafy!

Design and installation is critical

Texture, colour effects and even classic symbols all look better if they’re properly designed and installed. If you want to incorporate these elements into your vehicle livery, then work with a professional designer for best effect.

Design elements can be tricky to handle across the bodywork of a vehicle. That’s where your designer, with their knowledge of bodywork, marketing and design, can create a wrap that uses those elements for maximum impact. It’s easy to overwhelm your message with clever vinyl effects – a designer will help you take a step back and get it just right, with a less is more approach.

Once you’ve nailed the design, then high quality installation really delivers the goods when it comes to offering the longest lifespan possible. That in turn will maximise your return on investment and keep your unique and eye-catching design on the road for longer.

Leave your vehicle livery to us

At The Sussex Sign Company, our team of designers and installers offers a full spectrum service that maximises ROI and delivers your key messages with style and clarity. Contact us today and we’ll help you create vehicle livery that gets your East Sussex business noticed, whether your vehicles are parked up or on the road.

How Much Does Vehicle Wrapping Cost?

Want to know how much a vinyl wrap costs? There are a variety of factors that you need to take into account that will impact the price you pay. Invest in a full vinyl wrap and you’ll be in a position to leverage this low cost marketing channel for your business.

How is the cost calculated?

There are several factors that need to be taken into account when costing car graphics. These include:
– The total area to be wrapped – this differs depending on whether you prefer a full or partial wrap
– The complexity of the geometry of your vehicle
– The length of time you want your vehicle wrapping to last
– Your design
– The state of your vehicle

Your custom quote will be based on these factors and any others that are relevant.

Factors that impact vehicle wrapping

A good rule of thumb, as with anything, is the bigger it is, the more it costs to wrap. Another factor that can drive up the price of vehicle wrapping is the type of vehicle you want to be wrapped – if there’s no pre-existing computer model, then designing your car graphics will be a more time-intensive process.

A car wrap is not designed to repair body damage or rust, but it can disguise dents and scratches. However, this can also push up costs, as different processes may be required. The better the condition of your vehicle, the more affordable your car graphics will be.

Perhaps the biggest impact on cost is the design itself. The more complex the graphics, the more expensive your vehicle signwriting is likely to be. Remember, you can make a big impact by keeping it simple. Be very clear from the start whether an intricate vehicle wrap is really the right fit with your business.

Car wraps on a budget

Although a full car wrap is the most cost-effective form of marketing there is, with 1,000 impressions costing just 4p, there are ways to cut the costs of a wrap if you’re on a tight budget.

First of all, you can choose a partial wrap. This is a good option for small businesses with a strong local following, for example if you’re a plumber or handyman. Keep the wrap to the rear end of the vehicle and you’ll still benefit from the fact that over 90% of people say they take notice of messages on the rear end of lorries and vans.

Lamination costs extra, but will extend the lifespan of your vehicle signwriting. Alternatively, you can opt for door decals for your startup or a simple message that is more affordable – and often just as effective.

Finally, keep your vehicle wrapping well maintained and removal is a snap. It’s another way to drive down costs and maximise the return on investment.

Ask the professionals

At The Sussex Sign Company, we specialise in creating premium, cost-effective vehicle wraps for cars and vans in London and across the South East. If you want to know how much it would cost to wrap your vehicle, give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

5 Tips For Caring For Your Vehicle Livery

Choosing a car wrap is a smart move for the business that wants to make a great first impression, and then create a lasting one. Properly installed, car graphics can last for at least 8 years, creating millions of impressions whether you’re on the move or parked up outside your business premises.

But once your wrap has been professionally installed, do you know how to care for it? If you don’t keep your vehicle livery clean and well maintained, you’ll quickly lose the cool aesthetic and promotional reach that you invested in, because no one will be able to define your message.

Keep your vehicle livery clean

Most vinyl wraps will be able to stand up to an automated car wash, or even a pressure washer if handled correctly, but the best way to care for your vinyl wrap is good old-fashioned hand washing. That way, you’ll control the detergent you use, which should be mild and free from abrasives, the water temperature and the pressure applied. Use a squeegee after the final rinse to remove excess water and dry with a microfibre cloth.

Deal with difficult contaminants

Bird droppings and bug splats can ruin the look of your car wrap and even obscure the message you’re trying to convey. Soften these types of stains with very hot soapy water or a proprietary cleaner. Leave to work for a few minutes and then gently rinse away. Never scrub roughly or use any abrasives that can scratch and tear the vinyl.

Keep vinyl in great shape

Apart from regular cleaning, you need to keep your car wrap in great shape. Never use abrasive polishes or cutting compounds that can damage the vinyl and don’t use polishes or waxes, as these will dull the finish of your car wrap. If there is any kind of wax residue on the surface of the wrap, then remove with a proprietary all-purpose cleaner. You can also use mineral spirits or household bleach and water depending on the finish of your wrap to keep it looking its best.

Store out of direct sunlight

Your vehicle livery reacts very much like car paint to repeated exposure to direct sunlight and pollutants in the atmosphere. It will eventually start to degrade and can then begin to peel, so try to keep your wrapped vehicle in a garage, under a carport or in a shaded area during the day. This can also help to protect your car graphics from acid rain. If you don’t have a garage, consider investing in a cloth cover for your van or car – this will help prevent discolouration of your car graphics.

Use the best materials

To keep your vehicle wrap looking its best, use the best materials for the job. If you want to create a long lasting, premium quality wrap, then consider cast vinyl, which can last at least 8 years when applied correctly. At The Sussex Sign company, we’ll be happy to advise you on the best materials for your car livery in East Sussex, to maximise ROI and to help your car graphics generate impressions wherever you are. Contact us today by calling or emailing us.

The Power Of Colour And Vehicle Livery

Did you know the colour of your vehicle livery can actually influence behaviour? If you want to create the biggest impact with car graphics, then you need to pay attention to the colours you use.

Evoke a response

Colour is capable of evoking an emotional response across a wide range of people, although the perception of certain colours may be different for different cultures. Past experiences can also put a different spin on how an individual reacts to a certain colour. However, there are still some generalities that can be drawn regarding people’s emotional and behavioural responses to certain colours.

Red is disruptive

You may hanker after a cherry red Ferrari, but using a strong red for your vinyl wraps can actually work against you. Red invokes forceful reactions but that energy boost is short-lived. If your business logo or branding uses a lot of red, then by all means reflect it in your vinyl wrap, but bear in mind that the sense of urgency that red creates is better suited to time limited promotions than to 8 years on the road.

Keep it natural

Blue and green have positive associations with the natural world and are linked to creativity, tranquility and reliability. Our preference for blues and greens is drawn from the world around us and is linked to ancestral memories of blue water and green vegetables. If you want to create a long lasting campaign for products and services that your customers will find trustworthy, reliable and, yes, eco-friendly, then greens and blues are the savvy choice.

Looking for positives? Avoid yellow and orange Sunny colours may seem optimistic, but in marketing they have less positive connotations. Yellow is generally disliked – although people who like it really like it – and makes babies cry, while orange is often associated with good value from low cost providers. If you’re aiming to position your products and services at the high end of the market, orange may be best avoided. Like red, these warmer colours can work if you use them to create a sense of urgency in a time limited campaign.

Think pink

Millennial pink has become one of the ‘new neutrals’ moving it firmly into the mainstream. Pink is perceived as calming – sports teams often paint the opponent’s dressing room a vibrant shade of this colour – running counter to the emotional associations with a bright red. Another colour that may relax and inspire your customers when used in a long term campaign.

Monochrome = boring vehicle livery

White and black may have a perennial appeal and are associated with purity and power respectively. Apple has made white a coveted contemporary look, but unless you use a colour changing or textured vinyl, monochromes are perceived as boring. And once your customers attention begins to wander, you’ve lost their attention and a prospective sale.

Change it up

One of the great benefits of using colourful vehicle livery in East Sussex is the option to change it for time-limited campaigns or when you change your branding. Whatever the colour you choose, The Sussex Sign Company can help you maximise the impact of your vinyl wrap, so contact us today via phone or email for more details.

Make An Impact With Vehicle Livery Design Tips

Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective and high-impact ingredients in the marketing mix. However, get the design wrong and you’ve wasted time, energy and money on a failed marketing strategy, while missing the opportunity to promote brand awareness. If you want to understand the fundamentals of good design, these straightforward tips will help you maximise impact and return on investment.

Start with your brand

Your vehicle livery design will stand or fall on the strength of your brand. If your branding is poor, then you’ll be missing a huge marketing opportunity and wasting your money on a vinyl wrap that doesn’t attract interest. Your brand should always form the central message of your car wrap, so use vinyl wrapping as an opportunity to rebrand your business if necessary.

Don’t use a photo

Unless a photo connects directly to your brand, don’t use it. You have as little as 3 seconds to make an impression and convey critical information about your business. Although images can create better recall than words, only use an image if it contributes to brand awareness – if you’re a plumber and the takeaway from your design is an image of a U-bend rather than your contact details, then you need to rethink.

Keep the message simple

These are the message elements your design needs for maximum impact, and in this hierarchy:
Your brand
A tagline message
Your website
Your contact number

Focus on the key messages you want your audience to remember. Lists or jumbles of text have no place on your vehicle livery.

Vehicle livery design should stand out, not fit in

What would you imagine would make your design stand out? The correct answer, perhaps surprisingly, is not throwing everything and the kitchen sink into the mix. In the visual jungle that is our modern streetscape, less is very much more. Create a design that’s clear and bold and that your audience can read and remember ,and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. You’ll achieve that by depending on your strong branding and a clear message, not by using graphics and messages unrelated to your core branding.

Simplicity is good

Imagine how you’d advertise using a stationary billboard that traffic and pedestrians are constantly passing. If your design expects your audience to guess what your key brand message is, you’ve already lost them. There are only seconds in which your viewer can absorb your message when you’re on the move, and even when your vehicle is stationary, a clear primary takeaway is your first objective. That will also drive considerations of colour, contrast, font and image size for legibility at a distance. Remember, customers prefer passive publicity like a vinyl wrap to more aggressive marketing methods.

Creating vehicle livery design that’s right for you

At the Sussex Sign Company, we offer a bespoke and fully integrated service, from design to installation, by one of the finest teams in the country. If you’re in West Sussex and you’re interested in finding out what this cost-effective form of marketing can do for your business, contact us today via phone or email.

Does Your Van Need Vehicle Signwriting?

If you’re a London based small business, then you could be missing out on work by not advertising on your vehicle. In the centre of the city, your vehicle can be seen by as many as 3,000 people in an hour. That’s a level of impressions that other forms of marketing can only dream of. With drivers typically spending 20 hours a week on the road, if you’re not using your vehicles for advertising, you’re missing out on a huge potential market.

Wrap it up

Vehicle signwriting, whether that’s using a full or partial vinyl wrap, is both economical and hugely effective as a way of marketing your business. Highly visible, vehicle signwriting is one of the fastest growing ways to boost brand awareness.

Imagine parking your branded vehicle outside a client’s house. Now imagine the word of mouth that your vinyl wrapped vehicle creates after you’ve done a good job. You’ll create awareness of your brand where it didn’t exist before, and that’s valuable publicity for your services for a minimal outlay.

Vehicle signwriting for your van

Vinyl wraps are a cost-effective way to engage with your audience and they’re a quick makeover for your commercial van. That means you can change your advertising message quickly and easily to respond to current events or to offer a time limited promotion.

Done well, with eye-catching graphics, a strong call to action and a professional installation, a creative and well designed vinyl wrap can create a real buzz around your business. Like a mobile billboard, your van will create thousands of impressions from as little as 4p.

In addition, a car wrap is a very low key, non-aggressive form of advertising and that quiet persuasion can set your marketing apart from the competition.

The additional benefits of wrapping

There are additional benefits to vehicle wrapping beyond brand awareness. Choose reflective signage, and studies show that night time collisions can be reduced by as much as 40%. Your wrap can also protect your vehicle’s bodywork from everyday wear and tear, which can be important when you spend your time driving in traffic.

Not only will your car wrap protect your paintwork from scratches and fading, but it helps to protect your vehicle’s resale value. Once you peel off the vinyl wrap, your vehicle is ready for the next owner – and it will have depreciated less than an unprotected vehicle.

Professional vehicle signwriting

Once you’ve understood the facts and figures and the additional benefits of car wrapping, the business case for using your vehicle to advertise your company becomes overwhelming. If you’re based in London and you want to harness the power of vinyl wrap marketing to boost your brand awareness, then get in touch with us at the Sussex Sign Company via phone or email.

We can deliver a fully integrated suite of services that can take your vehicle wrap from design and modelling to final installation by our expert team, so you need never miss an opportunity to advertise.

The Most Intriguing Signage Trends For 2018

If you’re thinking about the ways that you can use high quality and well-designed signage this year, then there’s a world of astonishing possibilities. Though some of them may not quite be available to a sign writing company near you in the immediate future, they’re a sign of the way that technology is changing what the signage industry is capable of.

Wrap it up

You’ll already be familiar with high impact vehicle wraps and what a powerful marketing tool they can be for building customer trust and raising brand awareness. But have you considered harnessing that power and wrapping your building?

Building wraps have been used to wrap construction site hoardings in the past, but they can now deliver a marketing boost for a seasonal promotion, especially, of course, at Christmas, when you can wrap your building up like a gigantic present!

Add texture

Developments in texture printing are being influenced by 3D print technology and have some important applications for accessible signage. For example, you could choose to incorporate Braille directly into your signage as an innovative way to conform with disability legislation.

Texture printing will also have applications at the high end, giving a designer touch to your signage. Imagine a feature wall that looks and feels like leather, or a football protruding out of your wall that feels identical to the real thing – these are just some of the possibilities of texture printing.

Celebrate history

Schools, corporate offices, hospitals – these are just some of the places where you might find a history wall – a celebration of your achievements and the evolution of your brand or organisation. History walls are set to become a big thing in 2018 as nostalgia continues to be a trend.

Your history wall can be fully customised and personalised, perhaps consisting of a vinyl wall decal in your corporate colours as a background with wood, foam or acrylic signs that explain your organisation’s journey in text and graphics. The power of the history wall lies in the way that it can use different types of signs to create an impact. The more compelling the signage, the more interesting your brand’s story.

Create a first impression

On your lobby walls or behind the reception desk, a beautifully executed sign incorporating your logo and tagline can create a powerful first impression. Try channel letters with an LED halo lighting effect for an instant wow factor, or use texture printing techniques to create something utterly unique.

The underlying message is that 2018 might be the year that you need to rebrand, and what better way to announce your new logo and tagline than with a suite of high quality, interior signs?

Invest in quality

Even if you don’t intend to wrap your premises like a present, celebrate your history, rebrand with new shop signage or celebrate a significant anniversary with a history wall, 2018 might be the year that you reconsider the impression that your shop signs give of your company.

If your market research says it’s time for a change, The Sussex Sign Company can help. We offer a fully integrated service from design to installation and beyond, so phone us today or drop us an email for more information.

A Beginners Guide To Vinyl Car Wraps

For any business owner looking to maximise their return on investment with a marketing strategy that is high impact, cost-effective and that effortlessly builds brand awareness, there’s no better choice than vehicle vinyl wraps.

However, the initial costs of wrapping your vehicles might be beyond the reach of some small businesses – which is where partial wrapping comes in. Delivering some of the marketing punch of a full wrap, but on a budget, a partial wrap can still harness the power of mobile advertising.

Full wraps for maximum impact

If you want to create maximum impact, then a full vehicle wrap is the obvious choice. Every part of your vehicle will be encased, except for legally exempt areas like windows and wing mirrors, to create the ultimate marketing wow. By maximising every inch of space, you can really get your message across, with full graphics and business branding.

But beware, just because you have the luxury of space doesn’t mean you have to cover every inch of the vehicle with design elements. Simple is always more powerful when it comes to vinyl wrap design.

Partial wraps: the cost-effective choice

While a partial vinyl wrap won’t protect your car in the same way as a full wrap, and you won’t have the flexibility of being able to change the entire colour with a new skin, a partial wrap that covers the bonnet, doors and boot can still look surprisingly effective.

Choose the same high quality material and resolution as the full wrap, and pay attention to detail and you’ll create a real attention-grabber. You’ll also have the advantage of a quicker turnaround from design to installation, particularly useful if you want to get your branding or a marketing campaign out there fast.

Decals for responsive marketing

Want to quickly update your vehicle sign wraps? Then decals could be the answer. These individual details can be added for seasonal campaigns – for example, Christmas or summer discounts – or if you need to change your contact details without redoing the entire wrap.

Pay attention to details

The vinyl you use for your car wraps is hugely important to the finished look and feel. Cast vinyl is a high quality material that’s easy to work with and will stay looking good for several years, unlike lower quality calendared vinyl. However, if you need a short term campaign, or you’re wrapping a boxy vehicle like a van, calendared vinyl can be the cost-effective choice. You’ll need to use printable vinyl that uses UV-resistant, weatherproof inks for the best effect.

Work with the experts

To get the very best out of your vinyl sign wraps, you need to work with the experts. At The Sussex Sign Company, we offer a complete service from design to installation, delivering the best possible return on investment. Installation is key to achieving the best results with a vinyl car wrap and we have one of the best teams in the country. Whether you choose a partial wrap or a full wrap, we ensure your vehicle wrap maximises your brand visibility. Contact us via phone or email for more information.

How To Increase Your Brand Recognition With Vehicle Signage

Brand recognition is one of the holy grails of marketing. Like the Golden Arches or the Apple logo, imagine your potential customers being able to recognise your business by your branding alone. What may surprise you is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on online and offline advertising to achieve your goal. Investing in a vinyl wrap for your company car or van is a smart and cost-effective way to get your branding out there.

New technology, old idea

Imagine you’re driving your company car during an average week. You might have a regular delivery day, and you may need to visit the wholesaler and the bank once a week. Popping out on personal errands during lunch hours and playing parent taxi for the kids all clocks up the number of hours you spend on the road. Whenever you’re on the road, a branded vehicle with an eye-catching car wrap is creating impressions – hundreds, even thousands of them.

The silent salesman

That’s why companies have always branded their vehicles – because these moving billboards are like a silent salesman, doing your marketing work for you. From the horse and cart to the electric car, vehicles advertising goods and services have been around for many years. Why? Because they tirelessly promote your brand in a non-aggressive way.

A cohesive brand image

Make sure that all touch points between you and your customers are consistently branded and you’ll elevate your brand image as a whole. A vinyl wrap is the ideal way to put car signage at the centre of your marketing strategy, and to boost the visibility of your brand by using your number one visual asset – your logo – as a mobile billboard.

Building trust

Customers prefer to buy from a brand they trust, and by being visible in your community, you’ll boost brand recognition. Your strong and visible car wrap graphics will give the impression that you’re a serious player in your field, conferring a sense of professionalism and authority. Your vehicle branding, by being a constant presence on the street, will establish a compelling awareness of your brand. Since keeping existing customers is more cost-effective than attracting new ones, your heightened brand awareness creates a sense of loyalty and security, prompting repeat customer behaviour.

Is it right for you?

Using your vehicle to raise brand awareness is an obvious fit with B2C companies. But it can also be worthwhile for B2B companies who want to leverage brand awareness at a very local level. After all, 91% of people who’ve seen a branded vehicle can recall its branding several days later. If you weigh the importance of your public image at 50% or more, then vehicle branding could be the right fit for your company. If a branded approach meets your marketing goals, then vehicle signage is an effective way to quickly and effectively grab the interest of passing customers.

Ask the experts

If you want to maximise your brand awareness by using vinyl wraps for your vehicle fleet, then talk to us via phone or email. At the Sussex Sign Company, we’ll take you from design to installation, to optimise your ROI and create car wraps with a real wow factor.

How A Stunning Vinyl Wrap Increases Brand Exposure

If you want a high impact, low cost way to get increased brand exposure, then you need to invest in a high quality vinyl wrap for your vehicle fleet. Even if you’re a one-man band, you can still benefit from the power of a rolling billboard to advertise your products and services and to drive brand recognition. Just imagine it – anything up to 1,000 impressions a day, whether your car is parked outside your house, in a public car park, driving the streets or on your forecourt. It’s low-key, 24/7 advertising that increases your brand exposure without you having to do a thing.

Visual appeal

You only have to look at the before and after pictures of a few vinyl wrap transformations to realise what a stunning impact vehicle signage can have. Make the strategic decision to utilise this passive form of advertising and customers will be attracted to your colourful and dynamic vehicle. Better yet, you can buy a cheaper white vehicle and then create an incredible customised car wrap that boosts brand recognition and protects your vehicle’s body work from wear and tear, meaning you also protect its resale or trade-in value.

Cost-effective impressions

No other form of advertising has such a wide reach and creates such a long-lasting impression. A high quality car wrap can last up to 5 years when manufactured and installed with care, which means your costs can be as little as 4p per thousand impressions. Just as no other form of advertising can compete with the costs per impression, no other marketing channel is as long-lasting.

Customer impact

Studies show that potential customers retain the information from mobile advertising like car signage far more easily than they do from other, more traditional forms of advertising. That may be because of the relatively lengthy exposure time, particularly during a traffic jam, which all works to your advantage.

Launch and re-launch

Because of the impact your car wrap will have, it’s the ideal strategy for a product or business launch. However, a high quality vinyl wrap can be equally effective if you want to rebrand your business, since an eye-catching design will pique your audience’s interest. Because you can add cut vinyl details to an existing wrap, you could even tease your audience before the big reveal of your new branding.

Eye candy

The effectiveness of vehicle graphics stands or falls on whether your audience finds them visually enticing. A great graphic can really engage customers, whereas a cluttered and confused image will see them zoning your vehicle out. Realistically, you have around 6 seconds to make an impression, but when you see people taking selfies with your vinyl wrap, you’ll know you’ve engaged them fully.

Ask the professionals

If you’re interested in exploiting the power of low cost, high impact vehicle signage to boost your brand exposure, then get in touch via phone or email. At The Sussex Sign Company, we’ll design, manufacture and install a high quality, eye-catching vehicle wrap for your car, lorry or van that grabs your customers attention and doesn’t let go.