The Cost of Removing ‘Unnecessary’ Road Signs

Reports claim a council in England has reserved £40,000 to spend on removing superfluous road signs.

Derbyshire County Council intends to follow the government’s advice by liberating Derby from signage clutter. Unfortunately, the cost of achieving this goal in the Dales alone has been estimated at £40,000.

Last year, the British Government advised local authorities to remove unnecessary signs from the roadside. According to ministers, excessive road signs cause all manner of problems in the UK. Aside from distracting or confusing motorists, they challenge the character and aesthetic appeal of cities, towns and villages. The government won public favour when it pledged to remove signage clutter, but does such a step correlate with the cost-saving mindset of the Coalition?

Across the whole of Derbyshire, £70,000 has been set aside to remove unnecessary road signs. Labour has argued that local authorities ought to be spending their limited funds more wisely, perhaps by fixing potholes in the area.

Simon Spencer, deputy leader of Derbyshire County Council and cabinet member for highways and transport, argued that the real waste comes in testing and maintaining unnecessary signs.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we support the removal of truly unnecessary signs, but only if the expense can be justified.

3M Expands vehicle Wrap Range

3M has announced the launch of new colour and finish options for its popular Scotchprint vehicle Wrap Film Series 1080, which now consists of almost 40 formats.

Having recognised that the market for vehicle wraps was somewhat lacking in diversity, the manufacturer added a number of new films to its range. The Scotchprint vehicle Wrap Film Series 1080 now features 20 gloss colours and 19 options in satin black, matte, carbon fibre and brushed metal.

The wraps are designed to produce solid-colour finishes for customers who want to retain the style and consistency of a paint finish, without bearing the hassle and cost of a professional respray.

In addition to the numerous finishes and colours available to customers, the new wraps include a special adhesive that only bonds to the surface area under application of pressure. This ensures that the wrap can be slid into position easily. 3M also insists that the product’s microscopic air vents prevent bubbling, to guarantee a professional-looking finish.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we welcome 3M’s new vehicle wrap finishes and colours. As vehicle wrapping and signage experts, we are keen to learn about any products, tools or applications that could improve results for our customers

Focus Groups Established in Hospital Signage Review

A hospital in England has taken the unusual step of consulting the public on plans to amend Directional signage.

Barnsley Hospital has established a number of focus groups, designed to provide members of the public specifically visitors and patients with an opportunity to comment on new designs A revised system of signposting and directional signage will also be subject to public scrutiny.

The hospital’s project manager, Kirsten Woodhouse, explained: “It is really important before we start making any changes that we know what our patients and visitors think, to make sure we are addressing the real issues and coming up with directional signage solutions that are of real use to people coming to the hospital.”

Hospital signposting is certainly important, not least because visitors and patients can easily become lost when searching for wards. Colour coding has worked well in many hospitals throughout the UK, but directional signage needs to be treated with care, to ensure that design does not obfuscate function.

Woodhouse added: “We recognise that some of the directional signage in the hospital is dated. There have been several major changes in the last few years, which are not reflected in our signage.”

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we applaud Barnsley Hospital’s desire to produce signage that the public will be able to understand

Paper Mill Manager Raises Cash for Tourist Signs

The manager of a paper mill in Hertfordshire briefly overcame her fear of spiders, to take part in a sponsored stunt that aimed to raise cash for Tourist signs.

Sue Woolnough, who is employed by Frogmore Paper Mill as education manager, raised over £800 by letting a large tarantula walk across the palms of her hands.

Ms Woolnough said: “I was amazed I managed to do it. I just had to keep thinking small furry animal and I knew I had to go ahead, as so many people had sponsored me to do it. I would like to thank everyone who kindly sponsored me in my efforts to conquer my phobia.”

Of course, the main aim of the stunt was not to cure Ms Woolnough’s arachnophobia but raise money for brown tourist signs that direct motorists to the paper mill in Apsley.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we congratulate Ms Woolnough on rising above her fear of spiders to complete the task. Raising more than £800 should contribute towards the cost of the signs, which provide useful information for road users. The Sussex Sign Company specialise in producing signage for all occasions, including directional and informational signs for shops, businesses and charities. If you are a registered charity The Sussex Sign Company is happy to give you a discount of 30% from our standard prices.