Create A Wow: How To Use Halo Lit Signs Effectively For Your Business

What do Kiehl’s, Triumph and Versace all have in common? These diverse businesses all use halo lit signs to project a sophisticated image. This unique and subtle lighting effect is used to create eye-catching signage that elevates not only the perceived value of the sign, but also the company that uses it. In short, if you want to create a real wow for your business, you need to invest on halo lit signage.

Getting started with halo lighting

This stunning yet subtle lighting effect is achieved by projecting white or coloured lighting, often using LEDs, onto the background for your sign. It’s clear, therefore, that your sign needs to be mounted on a particular type of background. Too glossy and there’s too much reflection, too dark and the light is absorbed.

There are workarounds, however, to both issues if the background is intrinsic to your brand identity. On a dark surface, white cut vinyl letters can be used to mount the sign for optimum reflection. With a high gloss, the use of a diffuser can soften the glow and create the perfect halo effect.

Create the effect

You also need to ensure that your LEDs are facing towards the interior of the letters. This gives a smooth halo with no individual pinpoints of light. You could also use fluorescent lighting, but it’s neither as energy-efficient as LED or as interesting to work with, as LEDs can be used to create a wide range of colour effects and even different temperatures of white.

One other issue to consider is the mounting distance of your letters. Too close, and you’ll negate the halo effect, too far away and the letters themselves become indistinct. The optimum mounting distance for halo lit signs is usually one and a half to three inches, but you’ll need to work with an experienced fitter to help you achieve the best effect for your installation.

Communicate your brand with colour

While some brands are clearly under the impression that the only colour for halo lighting is bright white, you can differentiate your sign by understanding the way that you can communicate effectively with colour. While white can project a clean and professional image, using corporate colours may enhance your sign or be used to add warmth for hospitality industries.

Be careful when using multiple colours, however. Lighting your logo and company name differently, for example, may look disjointed. But using your brand colours where appropriate can be a clever way to enhance brand recognition and give your sign extra appeal.

Work with the professionals

Halo lit signage can have a dramatic impact when constructed and installed properly. With so many variables that can affect the overall presentation of your halo lit sign, you need to work with the best to ensure every aspect from design to installation and maintenance is taken care of. At The Sussex Sign Company, we deliver the best possible return on your investment, creating halo lit signs that project a professional and cohesive image for your brand. Contact us today via phone or email for more details on how you can harness the power of the halo for your new signage.

Why Halo Illuminated Signs Are So Popular On The British High Street

Wherever you look on the average British high street, you’ll see illuminated signs with a subtle and sophisticated halo lighting effect. This beautiful way of highlighting and differentiating a sign uses built up letters and LED lighting to create the effect.

What is the halo effect?

Using lightweight and hollow letters, the internal LED lights are projected backwards onto the wall, creating a halo of light behind the letters. This is an extremely effective and eye-catching effect that can also match your company’s brand colours to produce beautiful – and energy efficient – signage.

Creating 3D effects

The use of channel letters creates a 3D effect, which is enhanced by the use of the LED halo lighting. Your sign company should mount the letters themselves on spacers, allowing the halo effect to amplify, while the use of either contrast colour or high impact white will further enhance the sense that the letters are floating in mid-air, creating an incredible 3D boost.

If you want to heighten the illusion of the letters floating in mid-air even further, try alternating lighting effects to highlight some letters more than others – the range of effects you can create is infinite and can even lend the appearance of movement.

If you want to create another level of illumination, then ask your sign company to panel mount the entire sign and then halo light the panel itself. Not only is this an excellent way to differentiate your sign from a similarly coloured background, but it creates a real wow factor with the extra level of illumination.

Eye-catching communication

In the visual noise of the typical high street, creating a sign that communicates with your potential customers and develops brand awareness is paramount. Nothing does that more effectively than a halo illuminated sign, which is why they’re so popular with big high street brands like M&S and Caffe Nero. The reason you can automatically identify their branding is thanks to well executed halo illumination using bright white to make the brand name pop.

Why use LEDs?

LED lighting is the ideal way to illuminate channel letters. Energy efficient and capable of a comprehensive range of lighting effects, LEDs last for 20 years or more and don’t require a large and potentially dangerous transformer, giving your business the flexibility to get the best possible return from your investment in halo lit signage.

Halo illuminated signs: not just for outdoors

The combination of your corporate colours and font, when used in a branded illuminated sign, are a powerful mnemonic for your business. So why only use such a powerful tool for the outside of your building. Across the British high street, you’ll see the repetition of halo illuminated signs throughout some stores, to reinforce brand awareness. It’s a trick you can use in your own premises.

If you’re looking for a sign company in West Sussex to execute beautiful halo illuminated signs for your business, then contact us at The Sussex Sign Company via phone or email. We’re experts in using LED technology to create stunning signs that ensure the best possible return on investment for our clients.

How Built Up Letters Can Make You Stand Out

There’s a good reason that built up letters are so popular for everything from shop signage to commercial business signs. These 3D letters are designed to really pop, giving your brand instant and powerful visual appeal. Striking and distinctive, they’re also totally bespoke and the processes involved in their manufacture are the most complex in the industry. When you’re looking for a sign company in Littlehampton who can give your premises the wow factor, checking whether they can produce high quality built up letter signs is critical.

3D letters: get the effect

Obviously, the kind of standing 3D letters you see outside commercial organisations have the most wow factor, but you can achieve a similar effect on a budget if you explore some different options – a good sign making company will be able to advise you on the smart choice for your shop signage.

Flat cut aluminium and acrylic letters can both be attached to a backing board to create a very subtle and cost effective 3D effect. Both are lightweight materials that can be effectively painted to match your branding colours. Acrylic can also be pigmented, so it doesn’t peel or rust.

Foamex letters are another affordable alternative that can be wall mounted or raised on a stand-off of your choice. Foamex comes in a range of widths, so you can play with perspective. Coated with an acrylic or dibond, you can create a robust and premium feel for your retail signage. They have a high strength to weight ratio and can stand up to all but the harshest weather conditions.

Polystyrene letters can also be a savvy choice when you need something temporary that makes a strong and dramatic impact. These types of letters are gaining a lot of currency at events where the ability to create a great social media photo opportunity is factored into your marketing strategy.

New and innovative products are emerging in the market all the time. Your sign making company will be up to speed with new technologies and materials as they emerge, in order to give you the widest range of options available.

The premium choice: channel letters

True built up letters are known as channel letters and are created using a channel letter bender machine. However, once the machine has finished its job, that’s just the start of the process. This is when the finishing touches are added to your letters, making the difference between full on impact or disappointing damp squib.

It’s at this point that your letters can be wrapped in various films, given a distressed look, or fitted with different types of LED lighting. Stainless steel lettering, either used alone or in combination with other materials like perspex, gives a really strong architectural look, while powder coated aluminium can replicate any RAL corporate colours for letters that are robust, weather resistant and lightweight, for use just about anywhere.

Standout signage: current trends

While polished metal letters continue to be hugely popular for creating that premium association between your shop signage and your brand, distressed letters and those with an aged patina are becoming incredibly popular, particularly across the hospitality and leisure sectors. Effects like verdigris can add real star quality to your standout letters. In the heritage sector, letters crafted from bronze and copper add a weighty, traditional feel.

Illuminated letters continue to increase in popularity, either front, open or halo lit. The uptake is being driven by low cost LED lights that last for years with low maintenance. They are infinitely customisable in terms of colour, brightness and warmth.

Light up your signs: the Halo effect

There’s a reason why halo illuminated letters are becoming more and more popular. A halo illuminated sign is distinctive, stylish and really comes alive at night to give a stunning iridescent effect to your shop signage. A halo LED sign is the perfect way to differentiate your business from the competition.

Halo or reverse lighting doesn’t illuminate the face of the letters. Instead, the lighting is directed onto the wall behind the letters and then reflects back, giving the distinctive halo effect. If you’ve invested in 3D built up letters, then this is the most effective way to light them and create a real sense of depth for a sense of drama. Halo illuminated letters can also be seen from a greater distance, boosting the impact and the legibility of your 3D sign.

Best of all, by using low energy LED lighting, you can create a wide range of effects, highlighting different parts of the sign with different colours, while driving down your energy bills.

Get the effect for your business

There’s no doubt that built up letters and illuminated signs can really take your signage to the next level. When you’re looking for a sign company in Littlehampton to take your designs from conception to installation, you’ll need to think not just about reach and impressions, but the return on investment from your 3D signs.

At the Sussex Sign Company, we’re experienced in helping our clients get the best value for their investment, whether that’s in vinyl car wraps or built up letter 3D signage. If you want to see how a combination of clever signage design and LED lighting can give your signage and displays the ultimate wow factor, contact us via phone or email today and our friendly and knowledgeable team will be happy to help.

Choosing The Best Sign Material For The Job

If you need new signs, then the chances are you’re looking for a high quality sign making company to deliver on your concept. You’ll need to think about design, manufacture, installation and the type of material to be used.

Whatever the kind of signage you have in mind – whether that’s a shop window sign, wayfinding signage or signs for schools – it’s critical that you choose the right material for the job. Will you be wall mounting your sign, creating a car wrap design or covering up an existing signboard? Or will you be creating a new freestanding rigid sign or display? Is this an interior or an exterior sign, and for permanent or temporary display? When you have the answers to those questions, you can start making choices about available materials.

As with any aspect of the sign making process, a good sign company in Arundel or elsewhere will be able to guide you through the process, offering the right material for the signage you have in mind.

I want to cover an existing rigid sign

If you have an existing sign that you simply want to cover with a new image, then printed self adhesive vinyl is the savvy choice. This has a white surface and can be overprinted with your branding, slogans, or even a high resolution image. It’s a clever way to recycle existing signage without breaking the bank.

I want to put a sign in a window

Printed clear self adhesive vinyl can be printed on in reverse, stuck to your window, and then backed with white vinyl. The effect is crisp and smart and the vinyl is lightweight and can be easily removed when you want to update your signage.

I want something flexible

If you want to create a stunning wall display, or a car wrap design with plenty of impact, you need cut self-adhesive vinyl. This comes in a wide range of colours and is most often used to produce single colour text or silhouette shapes. Unlike using a wall stencil, it’s easy to unpeel cut vinyl, making it ideal for temporary displays or to add design accents for summer or Christmas promotions.

These types of cut stickers are often seen as single panels on a car, when a fully vinyl wrap is not required. They can even be used on display stands to spice up your exhibit, but remember to remove them if your stands are hired.

I need a rigid sign, after all

There are three main types of material that are used for rigid signage. These are usually known by their brand names: Correx, Foamex and Dibond. These are also sometimes known by other names and come in various thicknesses. Each has its particular strengths and weaknesses as a material, which your sign company will explain.

I want an estate agent’s sign board

The cheapest form of sign board is Correx and it’s ideal for estate agent signage. This is a type of corrugated plastic sheet that’s super lightweight, and it should be printed with weatherproof inks, then laminated, for superior weather resistance. Correx signs are often used when low cost temporary signage is required – on a building site or for a short term exhibition, for example.

For outside use, a Correx sign should be mounted to an additional wooden board for strength, as the material is prone to bending along the flutes when caught in a strong wind. Washers should always be used to stop the screwheads ripping through the board.

I want an outdoor wayfinding sign for a visitor attraction

PVC foam sheet is an excellent material for use indoors and out, and comes in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm thicknesses. Foamex offers good durability while also being cost effective and it behaves like a solid plastic sheet.

Foamex has an excellent strength to weight ratio, although the 10mm sheets can be quite heavy for larger signs, making Dibond a better option. Because this material is so easy to cut, it can be used to create really exceptional signage for indoor and outdoor use. It’s waterproof too, so it can withstand the worst that the British weather can throw at it!

Opt for lightweight 3mm for indoor boards that can be wall mounted with velcro, and use the thicker boards for outdoor signage that has great strength, resistant and durability – ideal for wayfinding signage. These outdoor signs are simple to drill and attach with screws.

I need a permanent display sign for a coastal café

You need Dibond, the longest lasting of the rigid materials. Consisting of a solid sheet of polyethylene at its core, sandwiched between two thin aluminium panels, Dibond is just 3mm thick, but can stand up to heavy wind and rain.

There’s no limit to the signage shapes you can create with Dibond, as it can be drilled, screwed and shaped with ease. It has a huge range of uses, from shop signage to exhibition and event signage and so much more. Dibond can also be clamped to metal poles for even greater stability.

Dibond is fantastically light and terrifically strong, making it the premium choice for rigid signage, especially where it needs to stand up to all weather conditions and stay looking good for years.

I need to find a good sign company in Arundel

At the Sussex Sign Company, we can help you create permanent or temporary signs for interior or exterior use that will make the best possible first impression. When your visual assets are so important, let us help you maximise your return on investment by creating signs that use the right materials for the perfect installation. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team by phone or email for more details.

How To Choose The Best Sign Company In Bognor Regis For Wayfinding Signs

Every business needs wayfinding signs, and a strong wayfinding strategy is a critical part of a cohesive communications strategy. It’s all about providing an intuitive and user friendly experience for your customers which, in turn, can generate a huge amount of trust and goodwill for your brand.

However, your wayfinding strategy must be combined with high quality signage so that your users get the optimum benefit from the environment you’ve created. Get you signage right and you’ve added another weapon to your branding arsenal.

But how can you find the best sign company in Bognor Regis, or East Sussex as a whole, to create a range of wayfinding signs that are perfectly adapted to your needs? Knowing what to look for in a signage company ensures that they’ll produce the right signs for your company that take into account your space, needs and brand identity.

What are your wayfinding signage needs?

Your wayfinding signage needs to enhance your brand, creating a user friendly environment. Therefore you need to find a sign maker who has experience working with similar companies or on similar projects.

Can they provide you with examples of their work? Do they have experience of your sector? If you already have ideas about how your brand should represent itself through your wayfinding signage, is the company capable of making that vision a reality?

Does the company have design experience?

You may have the vision, but very few of us have the professional design expertise to know how that concept can be turned into a reality. A professional designer will have a clear idea of how your signage can be impacted by logistical concerns or regulations governing accessibility and wayfinding signs, for example.

A professional designer will also be able to conceptualise your ideas in such a way that, even when working within budgetary constraints, they can make compromise look like intention. They’ll also keep abreast of the latest trends in sign design and technology, to help you produce the most cost effective, high impact sign, on time and within budget.

Can your chosen sign company help with permits and regulations?

Accessibility is critical when it comes to producing wayfinding signs that work for all users, and a good quality sign maker will be able to advise you on the ways that your signs need to meet your legal responsibilities. In addition, they should be able to help you understand any regulations pertaining to the display of signs. This is critical knowledge that any good sign maker will have at their fingertips.

If your sign company doesn’t know the relevant guidelines to keep your wayfinding signs fully compliant with accessibility legislation, then go elsewhere.

Innovative solutions

If your aim is to create a unique wayfinding environment for your customers, then you need a bespoke design solution, not off the peg signage. Your sign maker should be capable of creating innovative solutions that incorporate modern production techniques and technologies with unique materials for the optimum result.

Don’t compromise your vision for the sake of cheap materials and printing processes that don’t accurately reproduce your critical corporate colours.


What differentiates you from your competition is a cohesive approach to your branding, and your wayfinding and other interior signs are part and parcel of that approach. Therefore, it pays to streamline the approach to design, manufacture and installation, so that your signs have the same look and feel across every panel and display.

Does your Bognor Regis sign company offer in-house manufacturing capability, to ensure consistency in the printing of your signage? Outsourced signs are unlikely to have the same quality and consistency as those manufactured in-house, where you can have a hands on approach to the entire process.

Poor quality signs not only give an unfavourable impression of your organisation, but they won’t last as long, meaning you’ll end up paying more for maintenance and repair in the long run.

Your sign company should also be able to professionally install and maintain your signs, and have experience in securing a wide range of different signage and display panels. Ideally, you will also be able to rely on them for maintenance and repairs, so that should anything go wrong, your signs will be functioning again as quickly as possible.

Do they offer a wide range of appropriate materials?

If you want to go beyond standard signage to create a visually appealing and cohesive brand experience for your customers, you’ll need to consider the materials you use. Does your chosen sign maker offer quality materials that reflect your brand and your company image. For example, if you work with glass or metal, can your sign makers create wayfinding signage that incorporates those materials?

Can you expect support at every step of the process?

The best sign company for your project is the one that offers support and solutions at every step of the process, from design to execution. Not only will a good sign maker lead you through every step of the process, they’ll also deliver quality at every key stage.

Do they have a dedicated customer services team or have they assigned an individual as your point of contact throughout the process? Is this a company who builds customer relationships and stands behind the quality of their work? Do they pay attention to the little things – careful shipment and using the right fixings for installation?

If your sign company is willing and able to answer all your questions and show you examples of their work, then they’re the right choice of sign making company to create your wayfinding sign environment. At the Sussex Sign Company, we pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible return on investment and adding value every step of the way for our customers, so call or email us to find out how we can help you make your vision a reality.

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Sign Company In Newhaven

When you’re looking for the best sign company in Newhaven or the wider Sussex area, you’re likely to be making a substantial investment. Whether you want halo illuminated signs to make an impact or a shop front sign that brings in passing trade, you need a Newhaven sign company capable of producing high quality, high impact signs that last for years to come.

What signage do you need?

The type of signage you need will determine the sign company you decide to use. Whether you need car wraps, educational signs, estate agents displays or wayfinder signage, your signage company should be capable of producing exactly the signs you need, in budget and on time. Do you need design services or do you have an in-house designer? What materials can and should be used? How quickly do you need your signs to be available? These are all questions that will influence your decision.

Will this Newhaven sign maker meet my needs?

Once you’ve decided what kinds of signs you’re likely to need, you also need to decide whether you’ll need design and maintenance services. It’s far more cost effective if you find a company that can group all these services together, particularly when they’re backed by the reputation of a well-respected name in the business.

Do they offer integrated services?

Whatever your signage requirements, you need a company that can grow with you if you suddenly require twice as many shop signs or decide to invest in a van body wrap or car signs. A good sign company will offer integrated services that begin with design, before working through conceptualisation to installation and maintenance. The perfect sign company will synergise your company with the perfect signs for the job.

A really good sign company will be proud to offer you the widest range of services available, and will deliver a complete package that is tailor made for your requirements.

How long has your Newhaven sign company been in business?

It’s essential that you know how well established the sign company is and whether they’ll be in existence over the life cycle of your new signage. When your shop front signage is the visual image of your brand, you need to put your trust in a well established company, who’ll still be there if things go wrong.

High quality signs are built to last up to 15 years. You need to know that your sign company will still be capable of supplying new components and parts for your displays through the warranty period and beyond. Years of experience give your sign maker the knowledge to be able to produce exactly what you require.

Get recommendations for a Newhaven sign company

Consider shopping for a signage company, just as you would any other purchase. Do some comparison shopping and ask around your business colleagues to find out which sign maker they recommend.

Any companies that you’re considering should have examples of their work and testimonials from satisfied customers that you’re free to take a look at. If the sign company you’re considering is interested in attracting new customers, they’ll be happy for you to contact satisfied clients.

An expert opinion

If you’ve never purchased signs before, or you are moving into new areas of display, a good sign maker will be able to advise you on the types of signs you need, their positioning and any legal requirements. A good sign making company in Newhaven will be able to advise you every step of the way, whatever the signage you need, in order to maximise the return on your investment.

For example, when first designing your sign, a quality sign company will give you various options and pricings, with expert advice on which represents the best ROI for your business. If a company can’t offer that level of expertise, then stay away.

Is your Newhaven sign company legitimate?

Are they listed in the phone book and do they have a website? Is their website sleek and contemporary, or still stuck in the past? Do they offer insurance should anything go wrong at the installation stage or after?

Establishing the legitimacy of a sign maker that you’re considering doing business with is absolutely vital. Unfortunately, sign making businesses can come and go, leaving your business in limbo. A little research into their background and any professional affiliations will pay off in the long run.

Does you sign company offer the quality you want?

It can be tempting to cut corners when choosing and installing signs – until you realise the critical value of great signage for your business. Try and install the best quality signs you can afford, because they will be more robust and long lasting, and they’ll continue to give the best possible impression of your business for years to come. A shabby and dilapidated sign won’t do your business any favours.

It’s not just the quality of the materials used for your sign that you need to check. Also take time to investigate the kind of fixings that are used in installation. Nobody wants to experience the ignominy of their sign falling off the wall!

At The Sussex Sign Company, we offer fully integrated services from design to maintenance, and we take pride in advising our clients on the most appropriate signage to ensure the best possible return on their investment. Why not contact us today via phone or email?

What makes a great sign?

Signage is one thing no business can afford to get wrong. Because the signs on the front of your premises are always visible and always advertising you to the world, ensuring they stand out, look attractive and are memorable to potential customers is absolutely vital when it comes to winning that much-needed footfall on the High Street.

Poorly designed and badly installed signs not only make your business look like an eyesore in the local area, they may very well put customers off altogether. When the front of your premises look unappealing and unloved, it suggests that everything else you have to offer will also be disappointing to customers. That means that keeping the façade of your establishment in top condition is key. So what makes a great sign, and how can you ensure your signs are working hard for you?

Bold design

When it comes to sign design, there’s no point in doing things by halves. Employing a professional sign designer with the relevant experience and knowledge can make all the difference if you want to get the best signs for your business. While it might seem like an expense you could do without, professional design teams are highly skilled and know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Even if you can clearly picture what you want in your mind’s eye, a professional designer might just come up with some creative alternatives or valuable additions which you perhaps hadn’t thought of.

A bold sign is one which makes the best use of colour, imagery and font. Too bland in its colour scheme and your signs are easily overlooked, too loud and you run the risk of them perhaps seeming garish and tacky. The colours you and your designer choose will probably tie in with the branding your business already uses, so if you have a particular colour scheme you use elsewhere, then incorporating this is a good way of promoting your brand identity more forcefully.

The same goes for imagery, and working your logo into pride of place in your sign is key. You may also have a specific font which is associated with your company’s brand image, which needs to form part of a bold signage solution. A good designer will know how to strike a balance with all these elements, creating a sign design which is striking, clean, legible and uncluttered.

A branding opportunity

You should treat the installation of new signs as a way to build your brand identity. Whether you own or manage a shop, restaurant, café, bar, gym or any other establishment, you’ll have worked hard to shape an image which reflects what you do and the pride you take in doing it. If you’re installing new signage and feel your old branding is looking a little lacklustre, this can be a great chance to modernise or update your brand identity.

Great signs are able to convey a message and tell a story, about you, your business and your work. We all make instant judgements about what we’re looking at within a fraction of a second, so the amount of time your sign has to make an impact on potential customers is minimal, and you only get one shot at that first impression. What elevates a good sign to a great one is the ability to convey in that split second everything they need to know about you. Well-designed, well-maintained and memorable, a great sign gives them the whole picture in an instant.

Internal signs

It’s not just the outside of your premises which needs great signs, but the inside can benefit too. Wayfinding signs, promotional graphics and other internal signs all need to be designed with the same principles in mind, ensuring they tie in with your branding and are clear and easily understood.

While the external signs might be the stars of the show, those indoors need to work just as hard and be just as striking. Signs which confuse and are unclear could lead to all sorts of problems for clients and customers, causing frustration and putting your business across in a less than favourable light. A good designer will be able to develop a signage solution which works well with the layout of your indoor space and enhances the customer experience while they’re visiting your premises.

Still looking great?

As with anything new and shiny, the novelty of a new sign might well wear off after a while, but it still needs to remain looking great. If you’ve already invested the money in getting a beautiful, bespoke sign for the outside of your premises, then it makes sense to keep it well maintained. The ‘greatness’ will soon rub off your new signs if you don’t keep them in tip-top condition, so considering a long-term maintenance package may well be a sensible option.

Go to the pros

Only by using a professional sign design and installation company can you be sure you’re getting a great signage solution. The Sussex Sign Company has been working in this field for more than two decades, crafting beautiful, bespoke signs for business across the region, and further afield.

Thanks to the talents of our highly skilled design and installation teams, we’re able to offer our clients a service like no other. We offer a tailor-made package which ensures you get exactly what you need from your signs, designing, fitting and maintaining great signs which will help your business stand out. For more information on the services we can provide, simply contact our expert team today, on 01273 424900.

Organisations change all the time, so their signage should too.

Change is good. We live in an age where nothing stands still, and while some of us might feel a sense of dread when things are shaken up, there can be no doubt that the only way companies move forward is by embracing change. Being pushed out of our comfort zones by change is one of the only ways both businesses and we as individuals learn, adapt and improve, and a change – as the old adage goes – can be as good as a rest.

As organisations are always looking to change and improve their workplace practices and cultures, their brand image also needs to keep up with the alterations they make. Revolutionising and building your business is a rather futile exercise, if the people you’re selling to still hold onto the outdated vision of the ‘old you’. If the improvements you make go unnoticed and if you don’t spread the word, then your customers and clients won’t be able to see the benefits of getting on board with your organisation. Probably the most important and visible way of announcing the internal changes to your business is through the outside of your business. That’s why, if change is to work, considering a shake-up of your signage to attract some attention could be vital in the next chapter of your company’s story.

Change shouldn’t be scary

Everyone likes stability, but change doesn’t have to be a scary thing and, done well, the two are not incompatible. Companies have to adapt all the time, whether that’s overhauling an old-fashioned process which no longer works, implementing a few role changes in a department which is no longer functioning at its best, or embracing new technologies designed to improve particular systems.

If companies cannot be open to change, there is always a danger of stagnation. Sometimes individuals can simply be too close, too far into an organisation to see that there is a problem, and it takes someone coming in from the outside – a new member of staff or an expert specially drafted in – to point out that they’ve become stuck in a rut. If sales figures are on a downward spiral or targets are not being met, there’s no other option but change.

Tinkering about the edges

Of course, if a company is going to implement changes which are meaningful and lasting, then there is no point in simply tinkering about the edges. The whole point of the exercise and upheaval has to be to improve things in the long-term, so whatever goods, products or services a company is offering, just tweaking minor things is not going to make a tangible difference to sales figures or footfall.

If customers are going to see a real difference and be tempted back into a bar, restaurant, shop, gym or other establishment which has become tired and stuck in a rut, then they need to be blown away by the impact of the changes which are being made. Simply updating the signature dish, adding a single new line of beauty products or offering a week-long discount on membership fees isn’t going to cut the mustard in such a competitive High Street market.

Big changes inside your premises call for big changes outside. Having made the decision to change and shake things up a bit, you need to announce that to the world – and that’s where upgrading your signs comes in.

How new signage can help

Customers and clients notice change when they see it on the streets they’re so familiar with, especially when it’s change for the better. If they’ve passed your premises day in, day out on the long commute to work or whilst running the kids to school, then they’ve probably stopped noticing you altogether. After all, familiarity breeds indifference, and they see just the same old, same old thing.

If, however, you decide to spruce up your shopfront and introduce improved and bolder signage, then the people who might have once simply passed you by will see something’s different and they may be more tempted to pause at your window display or stop to look at your menu. Seeing a difference, and noticing a change for the better can only encourage more footfall and give your business the boost it so definitely deserves.

In these difficult times for companies in all sectors, rebranding through improved signs announces your new, more confident and more efficient business to the world. While it might seem like an expensive investment on the back of all the other changes you’ve been making, high quality new signs really will pay dividends in the long run. Signs act as a round-the-clock advertisement for your company, and properly designed, installed and maintained, they are the most powerful branding tool you have available.

If you have invested time, money and effort in implementing difficult changes beyond the double doors at the front of your premises, then it makes sound business sense to announce that change to the world. You’ve done all the hard work inside, so make the outside reflect that.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’ve dedicated years to crafting the most beautiful and enduring signage solutions for companies across the region, and are the go-to people when it comes to rebranding and upgrading all your external and internal signs. Our team of skilled designers and professional, highly-qualified sign fitters are always on hand to help you make the changes you need to keep your business going from strength to strength. For more information about the services we can offer you, simply get in touch today.

Is 2017 the year to renew your signs?

New Year, New Signs

We were only a handful of days into 2017 when several major High Street companies, including Next, began to issue warnings about what a challenging year this could turn out to be. Stock prices began to slide, as industry analysts assessed sluggish sales over the Christmas period and expressed their fears that the coming months could be particularly hard for all involved in the retail, hospitality, services and manufacturing industries. A decade on from the crippling financial crash, the economy has been slow to pick up and consumer confidence is only gradually beginning to return. With families everywhere keeping tighter control on their purse strings and continuing uncertainty over the vote to leave the European Union, businesses across all sectors could find 2017 a particularly difficult year.

Tougher competition between companies large and small will inevitably lead to some going out of business altogether, so there has never been a more crucial moment for looking again at what you could be doing to attract more custom and give your business the edge over your rivals. One of the most effective ways of drawing in those much-needed sales is by relaunching your brand, making it stronger so that it stands out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do that is by investing in new signage. So how can an investment in sign replacement now help your business throughout 2017?

New year, new you

January is a good time for a fresh start. Despite the dismal weather and the tighter budgets, people are still lured out onto the streets by the promise of bagging a bargain in the annual sales, so you may find that footfall along your particular stretch of street is not as low as you had expected. That said, persuading people to stop and inspect your illuminated window display, price lists or menu can be a challenge when there are multiple stores competing for the attention of passing trade, so ensuring you stand out from the premises around you is key.

Signage is perhaps the most important tool you have at your disposal in this regard. Especially in these dreary winter months, a well illuminated and well maintained sign acts as a beacon to potential customers, offering a warm invitation to come in out of the cold and explore what you have to offer. As they say, you only get one shot at a first impression, and shops and restaurants with grubby, run down and poorly cared for signage are an eyesore which instantly puts off those passing by. A disappointing shop front suggests the owner takes little pride or interest in their business, so their chances of luring in the spontaneous shopper or retaining their repeat custom are limited.

A well designed and well looked after sign, by comparison, shows you hold your business to a high standard and care about what the world thinks of you. People notice change in their neighbourhood, so whether they pass your shop on the way to work each day or drive past your gym during the school run, the chances are they will spot your sign replacement and be inclined to investigate further.

No better time

If you thought that the winter months were not the most practical time for sign replacement, prepare to think again. Once the January sales tail off, footfall inevitably follows suit, with fewer people finding any incentive to trudge the High Street once the cold, wintry weather takes hold. You may find that over the winter months and early spring you have less custom, so you have plenty more time to see to all those maintenance jobs and administrative tasks you might have been putting off in the busy run-up to Christmas and New Year.

Think of your sign replacement as part of a pre-spring clean, a sprucing up of your premises ahead of the expected increase in trade that comes with the better weather. Professional sign fitters are undeterred by cold and damp conditions, so new signage can be fitted at any time of the year. Taking advantage of this slack period, now is perhaps the best time of year to give your business premises that new lease of life which will attract new customers and help you pull in those much needed sales.

If the gloomy forecast for 2017 becomes reality, this really could be the year when new signage and a more positive and proactive attitude to re-branding your business makes all the difference.

A professional approach

When it’s done well, sign replacement can work wonders for a business. Giving your shopfront that ‘wow’ factor and making sure your brand identity is clearly displayed for all to see can boost your chances of success. Sign manufacturing is now so advanced that there are virtually no limits to what you can do, but getting advice and having your new signage professionally designed and fitted will give you the very best results.

Here at the The Sussex Sign Company, our expert designers and sign fitters have been working in this field for many years, and we are ideally placed to help you re-brand and re-energise your business with new signage for 2017. As well as crafting beautiful, bespoke signs, we are on hand to help you maintain your signage and keep it looking as pristine and attractive as the day it was installed. Give your business a boost for the year ahead by contacting us today, to see how we can help you weather the uncertain year ahead.

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Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Shop Signs!

You’ve spent months of planning, designing and building to spruce up the interior of your high street shop. It’s now opening day, and despite the marketing campaign you don’t attract anywhere near as many customers as you hoped and expected. It hurts even more because you’re sure you did everything right, no?

The answer could be staring you in the face. It’s often overlooked, but thankfully very straightforward to put right – the issue is signage. With market research suggesting that in the UK, even in the contemporary age of social media and the internet, up to 50 percent of new customers make an on-the-spot decision to enter your shop on the basis of your signage outside.

But it’s not just new businesses that risk putting themselves at peril by underestimating the importance of signage. Regardless of the age or nature of the business, there are a whole host of reasons why signage shouldn’t simply be an afterthought, but rather must be a well-integrated facet of any marketing plan. We’re going to take a look at a few of these now.

Shop Signs and New Custom

The answer, according to a wealth of market research, suggests that signage is highly important due to its effect on attracting new customers. Seeking new custom is a task that no business is exempt from and must do in order to survive, whether the company has a hundred years of trading behind it or only opened last month.

Indeed, one study showed that just under 30 percent of those passing your premises won’t even be aware that your business exists if you don’t have visible and clear signage on your shop frontage. This means that your business misses out on opportunistic and impulse buyers, resulting in an immediate loss of both footfall and profit.

This has the knock-on effect of depriving your business of the repeat custom that can arise from wowing these impulse buyers with excellent customer service. As well as the repeat custom of new visitors, your business will also miss out on the chance for these customers to be impressed and drive even more custom by doing your promotional work for you via word of mouth.

Further marketing studies have found that, depending on the focus and location of your business, the proportion of impulse buyers varies from 25 to 45 percent. Given all of the above benefits to be derived from attracting new and opportunistic custom alone, imagine the power of a sign that reminds this demographic that they’ve been meaning to buy such-and-such for a while, and that your store happens to sell it?

Driving Local Custom

Most bricks-and-mortar shops are generally dependant on local custom for the majority of their business, making signage highly important for shops in this position. It won’t come as a surprise to shop owners to learn that, on average, 85 percent of a shop’s customers live within five miles of the store. What’s more, people living within this radius, including non-customers, will be exposed to your signs around 50 to 60 times a week if your store is located on a busy thoroughfare.

This represents a vast pool of potential customers, but only if these people know where your store is located and what it has to offer them. People who have been recommended to visit your shop will also need to be able to find your premises, and preferably as easily as possible. The statistics and studies quoted above clearly show that signage is the most effective way to communicate these important pieces of information to your target market.

It’s also worth remembering that this pool of potential new customers renews and changes annually, as around 20 percent of the population move house ever year. In light of the growing popularity of e-commerce and internet shopping, along with the capacity of shop signage to maximise the pulling and selling power of your store, shop signs are clearly something that can no longer be ignored or left as an afterthought.

Shop Signs: A Business Investment?

As we’ve seen, signs are vital for driving new custom for all businesses, whether they’re new start-ups or established old hands. In this sense, shop signage is most accurately viewed as an investment like any other – it involves an initial expenditure which should, if employed correctly, deliver a substantial return.

Signage is also well placed to produce a particularly substantial return on investment. Shop frontage signs are in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, spreading your message to anyone and everyone who ventures past your premises. Compared to hiring a newspaper advert for a week, or a TV slot or billboard for a month, it is clear that, as a form of advertisement and promotion, signage is without a doubt the most effective means of reaching your target audience of potential customers.

On the other hand it’s worth noting that poor or absent signage due to lack of investment doesn’t just mean that no money is spent on signage – it means that the business is actively losing money as a result of failing to attract potential customers daily. This lost revenue adds up over time, alongside lost engagement and connections with these potentially life-long customers.

Final Thoughts

Any business decision involving expenditure should be carefully planned and thought through, especially something with the power and effect of signage. Fortunately, we at The Sussex Sign Company are well-placed to help guide you and your business through any hard decisions. With over two decades’ experience in the sector, we have the expertise to help draw up a tailor-made solution to the uniquely specific needs and requirements of your firm. Get in touch today to find out what we can do together, call us on 01273 417057