Signage Size Matters So Get The Right Size For The Job

When it comes to creating eye-catching signs for your London business, size really does matter. It’s critical that you get the sizing right when it comes to signage – too large and you can ruin the aesthetic of your premises, too small and you’ll never get noticed and your potential customers will never know who you are.

The optimum size for your signs is one that catches the attention of passersby and is easily read from a distance. The easiest way to take a rough gauge is to step away from your premises and view them as a customer would. Proportionality is key when you’re sizing your signs – try not to let them dominate or be so large they block the natural light.

Measure twice, design once

When you’re taking measurements for your signs, be careful to factor in any windows and doors. Your signs should never block the light or stop customers being able to enter your premises. Measure and remeasure to make sure your design will scale accurately without causing any kind of obstruction.

Location, location, location

Another critical element in scaling your sign to the right size is its eventual location. This is the best way to begin to understand the optimal size for your new signs.

Just looking at the sign’s intended location should give you an idea of the right scale for your sign. If you’re competing with other businesses on a busy high street, take a look at what seems to work best in terms of size and design.

If your sign is intended to be displayed at eye level, you’ll need to to make it readable without your customers having to take a step back. If it’s being displayed at an elevated location, then it should be clear enough and big enough to be seen from street level.

Link size and design

These are the two factors that are most closely linked when it comes to creating proportional signs. You’ll start with a finite space where the sign is designed to be installed, but don’t be tempted to fill it all with information. Instead, prioritise your company name and determine how legible that will be from a distance.

Now start to work on the rest of the design, adding your elements individually to create the most harmonious aesthetic focused around the key text. This should help you to visualise the size of text and the size of sign that will work best in the given space.

Don’t forget your budget

Another important consideration will be the size of your budget. After all, the bigger the sign, the bigger the budget required, so you may want to scale back your original ideas if you’re in danger of going over your maximum budget.

Creating professional signage in East Sussex

When it comes to creating fantastic signs, it’s all about perception. This is the first impression a potential customer has of your building, so you need to get it right. The easiest way to do that is to work with us at The Sussex Sign Company – we’ll help you maximise your ROI with the perfect sign, so contact us today.

Signage – Wayfinding and The Brand Experience

If you want to create an unparalleled brand experience for your customers, you need to look beyond design, signage and wayfinding is very important However beautiful your West Sussex premises are, your audience won’t enjoy a premium brand experience unless they can navigate the space in a way that makes sense and enables them to move around with ease. For that, you need high quality interior and exterior signage.

Tracking the brand experience from street to cash register is a valuable way to determine the role of your signs in the overall brand identity. Their design should reflect the personality of your business, feeding into your narrative and becoming a seamless part of the overall experience.

Signage and wayfinding is the word on the street

Let’s start with your exterior signs. It’s important that these establish your brand identity at a glance, because they’re your customers introduction to the brand and will attract them into your space. These signs need to clearly communicate your offer and should be written as if your shopper is a moving target.

Keep contrast high and word counts low. Place the focal point of the message at the top left hand corner of the sign to encourage familiarity and engagement.

Ease of navigation

Once you move customers inside your store, then signs and wayfaring take on a different purpose. Now you need to be on brand with everything from decals to POS signs, all of which should reflect your brand colours, logo and other corporate branding elements.

Your signs should be instantly recognisable – think of them as an extension of your e-commerce site, helping customers to navigate quickly and easily between the products they’re interested in, just as they would do online. Empowering your customer to navigate their own way can make the difference between a smooth and easy experience and the kind of frustration that can drive customers from your store.

Self service

Increasingly, the customer is autonomous and does not rely on finding a member of staff for help. Shoppers are used to using online skills to research the products they want to purchase offline. If your wayfinding signs don’t facilitate discovery, then customers lose interest or go elsewhere.

Wayfinding signage is more important than ever The offline retail experience is changing radically to pull back customers lost to the online shopping experience. Store design is no longer as fixed in stone as it once was, with promotions and products, even entire store layouts, changing far more frequently than they once did.

Incorporating signage and wayfinding design into the overall design experience allows you to identify any pitfalls in a new layout. In turn, that means that you’ll be in a better position to streamline the branding experience. The modern consumer wants the same friction-free retail experience, whether they’re navigating your website or walking your shop floor. Get your offline signage wrong and it can have consequences for your online brand.

We can help your West Sussex business

At The Sussex Sign Company, we have the design expertise to help you create coordinated signs that enhance the brand experience. Our end to end service delivers the best possible return on your investment to support your offline brand positioning and boost recognition and sales, so get in touch today.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Seasonal Signage

It’s the season to be jolly and really nail your seasonal signage displays. Christmas is a huge opportunity for your business to get creative with your promotions and to design signs that really provoke your customers interest. Whether you’re wrapping a vehicle with a seasonal scene or creating a POS display with digital wallpaper, here’s how to give your brand a holiday twist and get the best out of your seasonal marketing.

Why you need seasonal signage

When you need to create eye-catching festive displays fast, signs are an easy way to make things happen. Banners and posters can feature traffic-building text that drives footfall through the door. Add a festive note to wayfinding signs with vinyl decals or use them to add seasonal marketing messages to your company vehicles.

Seasonal themed signs will attract your customers attention, increasing your ROI. Don’t forget to add a QR code or unique URL, so you can measure your most successful marketing strategies and build on them for your next seasonal campaign.

Think outside the box

Seasonal signs benefit from being used as part of a narrative, so decide on your story. Instead of Valentine’s, think Cupid’s Arrow, and instead of Christmas, think Nutcracker or the Snow Queen. The more sophisticated your theme, the more sophisticated and engaging the display you can create.

Turn on the lights

If you haven’t previously used illuminated signs, now could be the time to start. With low cost LEDs, you can create astonishing lighting effects with exceptionally low running costs. It’s a quick and easy way to add some pizzazz to both interior and exterior signs and it will help you to stand out on the high street.

Lighting effects should be bold enough to grab the attention of passers-by and hold it, so be bold. A combination of shape and colour can be used to great effect, especially if you think beyond the usual seasonal cliches to create some dazzling effects – if the competition are using red, change your signs with a bold fuchsia.

The benefits of seasonal branding

It’s relatively simple to up your seasonal branding game – an update to your website colours, promotional materials with a seasonal theme and a seasonal twist on your logo. Replicating these changes across your seasonal signage reinforces your branding and creates a consistent and professional image.

Tapping into the seasonal appeal can make your brand look active and dynamic and encourages that personal connection that all brands thrive on – think Starbuck’s famous holiday cups for inspiration. Changing your brand with a few tweaks and a focus on upgrading your signage can reap big benefits by reinvigorating your customers’ interest in your brand, resulting in greater engagement and an uptick in sales.

Season’s greetings

If your West Sussex business wants to make an impact this Christmas – or Valentine’s Day, summer holidays or Halloween – try thinking outside the box and exploring the huge range of signs designed to support your seasonal marketing efforts. At The Sussex Sign Company, we specialise in maximising the ROI on your signs all year round, so why not call us today or email our team and see how we can help you get the most out of your next seasonal campaign?

Interior Signage Is Something No Retailer Can Ignore

Want to attract customers and drive sales to your London retail premises? High quality interior signage can do that and so much more. Think of it as an extension of your website, with clear navigation and eye-catching design that help your customers to navigate your bricks and mortar premises and make the most of any offers and promotions.

Narrowcast to target your audience

Narrowcasting is all about putting the right sign in the right place. That means being specific about location or a product, and keeping the message itself simple. With interior signage you can aim to convey the main themes of your sign in 5 seconds or less. If you miss the mark, narrow the focus down to just one key message or use a series of signs to get the full message across.

Hit the headlines

When you’re pinpointing the messages you want to narrowcast, try writing in headlines. In other words, be as punchy and concise as possible and then see whether you can take out any unnecessary language.

Observe the strict hierarchy of interior signs by following the following structure: headline, explanatory text, call to action. An effective sign will have the goal of getting the customer to do something, so make sure you create a killer call to action.

Finding your way

Also known as directional or informational signs, wayfinding signage is designed to help your customer navigate your premises. Make it is easy for them to find what they’re looking for and they’ll appreciate the convenience and return another time.

These types of signs need to be bold, concise and eye-catching, so think about the fonts and colours you need to use for customers to understand the message of the sign at a glance.

Using directional signs has another benefit when you’re laying out your store. You’ll quickly establish what signs need to go where and whether your layout is easy to navigate. It all helps to create a satisfying customer experience.

Persuade with signage

Do you want to draw your customers’ attention to a particular product or promotion? Do you want to influence consumer behaviour or highlight an unloved product?

Effective persuasive signs can create a hidden gem or raise the perceived value of an item. They can increase the awareness of certain brands and drive retail sales, so make them eye-catching and witty.

Be inclusive

Creating a customer experience applies to all customers equally, which means paying attention to the inclusivity of your signs. For example, you may need to use certain high contrast colours or legible fonts and provide Braille or tactile alternatives to certain signs.

Ensure that signs are installed at the correct height for your disabled customers – if you have accessible facilities and you’re not promoting them, then you’re marginalising your customers.

Optimise interior signage

At The Sussex Sign Company, we can help you create a suite of interior retail signs, including decals and digital wallpaper, that can boost brand awareness, give your premises pizazz and delight all your customers, while maximising your return on investment. Contact us via phone or email to get the ball rolling.

Contact The Sussex Sign Company today to see how we can help you.

Five Best Practices When Creating Retail Signage

Your in-store signage is the first point of contact between your retail business and your customers, and critical to creating a valuable customer experience. In fact, 88% of independent store owners surveyed by A.R.E. | POPAI intend to increase their budget for signs and graphics over their previous year’s spend.

Retail signs are a highly effective way of converting customers and influencing and driving sales. However, it’s important that you fall in line with existing best practice for the best effect, because if you’re not displaying your message effectively or in the best possible way, then your investment will be wasted.

Invest in quality

Start by investing in the best quality materials you can afford. This projects a serious and professional image of your business and inspires confidence. When your wayfinding signs are high quality and your halo lit fascia sign is eye-catching and high impact, you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition in the most effective way possible.

Narrowcast your message

Visitors to your store may be time poor and not in the mindset to be receptive to a large message. By narrowcasting – literally narrowing your message down to the essentials – you’ll keep the content of your retail signs crisp and current. Keep your signage location specific or product relevant for the best effect.

Be consistent in your signboard usage

If you only use your signs to showcase promotional offers or point the way to the toilets, then you’re guilty of not using your retail signs as effectively as you could. When creating wayfinding signs, walk the store to create the most consistent path through each zone and then think about the ways you can incorporate retail signboards to drive sales and engage with your customers by using signs to convert interest in a product to a sale.

Think about signage placement

Window signs will need to be anti-glare, exterior signs need to be legible from a distance and promotional offer signs need to be placed in your customers’ eyeline. The placement you use for your signs is critical to their effectiveness, so think carefully about positioning, lighting and colour schemes for your retail signs.

Keep it simple

Try writing your signs as headlines with a clear hierarchy – headline text, message body, call to action. The fewer words you can use to put across your message, the more effective it will be, so use the 5 second rule to refine your signs. If it takes longer than 5 seconds to convey your message, then you need to go back to the drawing board. An effective sign has one simple goal – to encourage the customer to act in a way that benefits your business.

Ask the experts

Looking for effective signage in London? At The Sussex Sign Company, we’re experts in getting the best possible return for your investment. We can create a suite of signs and signboards that will promote your business and convert passersby into customers, so contact us via phone or email today for more details.

Why Outdoor Signage Is As Important As Facebook

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You know you need to have a social media presence, but for a high street business, high quality signage is still a savvy marketing strategy. Nothing builds brand awareness like outdoor signs that are well-designed, well-executed and displayed correctly.

Visual communication

While your Facebook page can build your digital profile, nothing brands you in your community like a sign above your premises. That’s what your potential customers walk or drive past on a daily basis, and it creates brand awareness and provides vital visual communication. It’s that communication that can be critical for the success of your business.

Signs let potential customers know where you are and that you exist – 76% of respondents to a recent FedEx study said they visited a store they never knew existed because of its sign, and 75% were happy to recommend a business based on its sign. Those numbers are too persuasive to ignore.

Your sign is not dependent on SEO to make an impact, and it can stand out in all weathers, creating thousands of impressions that Facebook just can’t match.

Is bigger signage better?

Size matters when you’re designing a sign – the sign itself, the objects that contextualise it and the size of the font. An oversized sign can detract from the message, whereas a small, well placed sign can create a bigger and better impact than a larger one.

Some types of sign are already restricted in our cityscapes, including estate agents signboards. In fact, the overall size of the sign is not as important as the message that your sign conveys, thanks to the complicated and complex way we sequence and process a sign when driving or walking past.

What makes offline branding the right fit for your business is the unique value proposition that this kind of differentiation delivers for your business. Be bold but restrained and you’ll make maximum impact.

First impressions count

Your signage delivers the fundamentals of your branding in the blink of an eye. Therefore, creating that killer first impression through your signs means approaching them in the manner of an elevator pitch. If your pitch works, your customer will step inside, but that can only happen if your signs are consistent, clear and concise, with enough interest to draw your customers in.

Be seen

With Google rumoured to be building an ad-blocker directly into the next version of Chrome, the chances of getting your online ads seen are diminishing. With 26% of your audience already using ad-blockers, is your message getting through?

Using signs, you can communicate directly with your potential customers, thanks to their visibility and clear call to action. If static signs don’t work with your business, consider using vinyl car wraps to create thousands of impressions for just a few pence.

Ask the experts

When you’re looking to create high impact signage in West Sussex, it can be tough to get the messaging and design right. But when great signs can have as big an impact as your Facebook presence, why not ask the experts? At The Sussex Sign Company, we can help you maximise your ROI for signs with a greater reach than online marketing alone. Contact us today via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help.

Why Halo Illuminated Signs Are So Popular On The British High Street

Wherever you look on the average British high street, you’ll see illuminated signs with a subtle and sophisticated halo lighting effect. This beautiful way of highlighting and differentiating a sign uses built up letters and LED lighting to create the effect.

What is the halo effect?

Using lightweight and hollow letters, the internal LED lights are projected backwards onto the wall, creating a halo of light behind the letters. This is an extremely effective and eye-catching effect that can also match your company’s brand colours to produce beautiful – and energy efficient – signage.

Creating 3D effects

The use of channel letters creates a 3D effect, which is enhanced by the use of the LED halo lighting. Your sign company should mount the letters themselves on spacers, allowing the halo effect to amplify, while the use of either contrast colour or high impact white will further enhance the sense that the letters are floating in mid-air, creating an incredible 3D boost.

If you want to heighten the illusion of the letters floating in mid-air even further, try alternating lighting effects to highlight some letters more than others – the range of effects you can create is infinite and can even lend the appearance of movement.

If you want to create another level of illumination, then ask your sign company to panel mount the entire sign and then halo light the panel itself. Not only is this an excellent way to differentiate your sign from a similarly coloured background, but it creates a real wow factor with the extra level of illumination.

Eye-catching communication

In the visual noise of the typical high street, creating a sign that communicates with your potential customers and develops brand awareness is paramount. Nothing does that more effectively than a halo illuminated sign, which is why they’re so popular with big high street brands like M&S and Caffe Nero. The reason you can automatically identify their branding is thanks to well executed halo illumination using bright white to make the brand name pop.

Why use LEDs?

LED lighting is the ideal way to illuminate channel letters. Energy efficient and capable of a comprehensive range of lighting effects, LEDs last for 20 years or more and don’t require a large and potentially dangerous transformer, giving your business the flexibility to get the best possible return from your investment in halo lit signage.

Halo illuminated signs: not just for outdoors

The combination of your corporate colours and font, when used in a branded illuminated sign, are a powerful mnemonic for your business. So why only use such a powerful tool for the outside of your building. Across the British high street, you’ll see the repetition of halo illuminated signs throughout some stores, to reinforce brand awareness. It’s a trick you can use in your own premises.

If you’re looking for a sign company in West Sussex to execute beautiful halo illuminated signs for your business, then contact us at The Sussex Sign Company via phone or email. We’re experts in using LED technology to create stunning signs that ensure the best possible return on investment for our clients.

How To Make Your Signs Work All Year

Ensure Your Signs Work For You and Add Value To Your Bottom Line

If you own or run a small- or medium-sized business, chances are you’re hard at work day in, day out, throughout the year. For many, the concept of a ‘day off’ is probably alien, and holidays can be few and far between if you’re dedicated to making your company a success, especially early on, when building a brand and forging a reputation can consume every waking minute. When you’re so hard at work, you need all the help you can get, which is why your signage ought to be made to work just as hard throughout the year.

Signage is an integral part of any business premises, whether you own a small café, run a bar or restaurant, operate a gym or are the owner of a retail shop or store. Signage is one of the most powerful promotional and advertising tools your company has in its arsenal, and done well, it does far more than simply announce your company’s name and logo to the world. Your signs can reflect your brand and help shape a lasting impression in the minds of potential customers, increasing footfall and showing that you take pride in your work.

Keeping Up Appearances

The signage outside your business premises really can be made to work hard. It’s prime advertising space, after all, visible to all passersby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year. There’s no point it being there, however, if it’s not a positive reflection of your company. On every high street, in every town, village and city, you’ll find signage which not only makes a shop or restaurant an eyesore, but which also gives the impression there’s a lack of interest in appearances, which can only translate into a lack of interest in services. Faulty illuminations, missing or faded lettering, grubby or poorly-kept signs – these all suggest to customers that what lies within the establishment will be just as disappointing as the external appearance.

For signage to work all year round, it has to be not only well designed and well fitted, but well-maintained come rain or shine. Finding a company which can install powerful signage and also provide a year-round maintenance service to keep it looking in tip-top condition is crucial if you’re to keep up appearances.

Autumn and Winter Time Signage

During the colder, darker months towards the end of the year, well maintained signage can be a real blessing to a business. Far from being a ‘dead’ period for retailers and those in the hospitality and leisure industries, the autumn and winter can be a very busy time of year. Between Halloween, Bonfire Night, the build up to Christmas and New Year and the seasonal sales, this is often a period when competition on the High Street is fierce, and encouraging customers to choose your business over those of your rivals becomes more important than ever.

The weather may be unpleasant and people may be a little deterred from venturing out, but that’s when quality signage comes into its own. A well-illuminated, well-maintained sign acts as a beacon to passersby, encouraging them through the door, or at least persuading them to pause and examine your window display, your menu or your list of offers. The welcoming façade of your premises can make a major difference to the number of customers you attract, which is more important than ever during those post-Christmas months when footfall tends to tail off.

While this might not seem like the most logical time of year to carry out maintenance work to your signage, ensuring it is all in working order and looking immaculate is as important now as during the sunnier months of the year, if not more so. Bad weather can damage signs, leaving them not only looking a little worse for wear but potentially dangerous to you and your customers. Good sign maintenance companies are undeterred by a little rain and wind, so keeping your signage safe and sparkling is straightforward over the autumn and winter.

Spring and Summer Time Signage

With the better weather comes higher footfall on the High Street, and all eyes are on you. Spring can provide a wonderful opportunity to make a fresh start, so if you’ve been thinking about a little rebranding or just a deep spring clean, then now is a good time to have new signage installed. Sprucing up the front of your premises in anticipation of the better weather can give a real boost to how you feel and see your business, and how customers see it. Spring can be a time for transformations, and people notice change. New signage now can renew or generate interest in your business, and it could be the pick-me-up you need after a quiet couple of months.

Summer again provides plenty of opportunities, and your signage needs to be working as hard now as it did throughout the autumn and winter. With more people than ever choosing to remain within the UK for their holidays, you may find there’s an increase in the number of people passing by, who are unfamiliar with your brand and what you do. Depending on where your business is located and how likely the area is to attract tourists or holidaymakers, clear signage which announces your presence and encourages those one-off customers to take a closer look could help secure some all-important impulse buys.

How Can We Help?

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’ve spent many years working with businesses across East Sussex to not only design and install bespoke and beautiful signage, but to keep it looking it’s best all year round. With tailored maintenance packages built around your individual requirements, we can help you keep your signs as stand-out and sparkling as the day they were first fitted. For more information on how we can make your signage work harder for you year-round, simply get in touch with our expert team today on 01273 417057 or contact us using the contact form.

Renew your image in 2017, with the help of new signage

January is the month of reinvention. The New Year celebrations usher in a phase of good intentions, when we promise ourselves a period of self-improvement and transformation. Determined to shed the excess Christmas pounds, exercise more, drink less, learn a new skill, we all put our best foot forward at the beginning of the year, and hope we have the willpower to make and maintain those big changes to our personal lives.

But there’s no reason the positive thinking and good intentions should stop with our personal lives – January could also be the month when you implement some resolutions and revolutions for your business too. Setting yourself some ambitious goals now could see you reaping the rewards further down the line in 2017, and giving your business a bolder, stronger brand image could be just the thing you need to succeed in the challenging months to come.

There may be trouble ahead…

Last year’s vote to leave the European Union certainly threw the United Kingdom into a period of significant uncertainty. While some argue that it will open up new opportunities, others fear things will become more difficult as the country renegotiates trade deals and finds its footing outside the EU. With the timetable for leaving the union still up in the air, leading figures in the banking, retail, hospitality and manufacturing industries have all predicted that 2017 looks set to be a very bumpy ride for many businesses, up and down the country.

As the year began, some major players on the British High Street were warning that slower than expected sales could spell trouble ahead, with many people curbing their spending habits since the financial downturn of a decade ago, and the economy only slowly recovering. All this means that competition between businesses with a High Street presence is fiercer than ever. Whether you own or manage a shop, pub, restaurant, gym or independent cinema, this year you’ll need to pull out all the stops if you’re to stay ahead of the game and clinch those much needed sales.

A much needed boost

One of the most practical and cost effective things you can do to revamp your image in 2017 is to invest in new, high quality signage for your business premises. If the signs you have above your door are a few years old, chances are they are looking a little past their best and in need of some TLC to inject a new lease of life into your shop front. While renewing your image might seem like an expensive or frivolous pursuit at a time when we’re all feeling the pinch, a new sign is very much the gift which keeps on giving.

New signage is the very best form of advertising, and a bold, well designed sign which stands out from a distance can drive trade your way more successfully than any media marketing campaign. Signs do so much more than inform those passing by of your company name – they give out a very clear message about your brand, about what you can offer and about how you, as the business owner, view the work you do.

A well crafted sign which is well lit and kept in tip top condition demonstrates that you take an interest in how the world sees your business, while a run-down sign with missing lettering is an instant turn-off for potential customers. A pleasant and attractive façade promises a pleasant and attractive interior beyond the sliding doors, which is far more likely to make people stop and take notice of your window display or menu. When you consider the wide choice consumers have and the variety of options open to them, ensuring you are the business they choose out of a long line of stores and cafes is often all about how you appear from the outside, and first impressions matter. We all have short attention spans and we all make snap judgments, so the more eye-catching and the stronger your image, the more chance you have of grabbing that passing trade.

The best time for change

You should treat renewing your image as a little spring cleaning, ahead of the better weather. Imagine the impact a new sign could have, with your business name, logo and colours suddenly making the front of your premises that little bit bolder and more vibrant, despite the gloomy winter weather. A new shop sign is a wise investment when you consider the benefits – this is standout advertising which is working for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year.

We all know that 2017 is going to be a tough year, but when things look set to challenge us, the best thing we can do is take a proactive stance and not bury our heads in the sand. The fiercer the competition and the harder the market, the more need there is to reinvent your business and strengthen your image.

Here at the Sussex Sign Company, we have many years’ experience designing, fitting and maintaining the highest quality signs and way-finding systems available. We appreciate how hard things can be for business owners, which is why we do everything we can to work with you to find tailor-made solutions for all your signage needs. To revamp your image in 2017, simply get in touch with our friendly, highly skilled team today, and together we can drive your business forward to better things.

Only Trust a Commercial Signage Specialist with Your Business Signs

Why Should You Only Trust a Commercial Signage Specialist with Your Business Signs?

Commercial signage is perhaps the most fundamental way of promoting a business. Signage indicates to everyone who passes by that your business is located here. This way, not only will those who have encountered your other forms of marketing be able to find your premises, but opportunistic customers walking past will also be able to drop in on a whim.

Trade signage communicates more than just your name and location, however. The quality and finish of your commercial signs also speak volumes about the level of importance that your business places on its image. This might sound superficial, but we all know the importance of first impressions – after all, if it’s bad, you don’t get a chance to make a second one.

If your signage, through its lack of professionalism, gives the impression that you don’t care about your business’ image, then some people may feel concerned that this carries over to other areas of your operations, such as a lack of regard for good customer service or the quality of your products.

This represents a real missed opportunity to attract new custom, build your business’ profile and extend your brand’s reach, and costs you money in two senses. Firstly, the money that you have invested in marketing is wasted because your campaign fails to reach its full potential, and secondly, potential earnings from customers who would love to patronise your business will never be realised, having been put off and turned away at the door.

The importance of effective and professional signage is not in doubt, then. Any commercial organisation seeking to improve its appeal and visibility to potential customers and local residents whilst avoiding the pitfalls detailed above should enlist the services of a creative, experienced and skilled commercial signage specialist. We’re going to look at what such a specialist could offer your firm that no-one else can, and why, in our view, the services of a signage specialist are integral to the operations of any company.

What Can a Signage Specialist do for Your Company?

There are many types of business signage available and each one is designed to communicate your message to a targeted audience in a uniquely effective way. These types of signage include freestanding signs installed into the ground, or wall- and roof-mounted signs commonly seen in built-up towns and cities where free ground space is at a premium. Then there are premises where the building itself is used as a sign, with a shop frontage bolted on and fashioned in brand-specific colours and styles.

Internal commercial signage is another type, commonly encountered in shopping malls, arcades and other areas where businesses share space. With all of these types of signage to choose from and more, it’s vital that business owners choose a signage solution that complements their image by being appealing to their target consumer group. Without this, the signage will be ineffective at best and at worst, counterproductive. Fortunately, getting this right is something that a signage specialist can be trusted to achieve. But that’s far from everything that a specialist can do.

Maximise Your Marketing Potential

Signage is all about communicating a message, so it follows that a specialist in signage best knows how to creatively transmit a unique message appealing to the general public and easily understood by your target group of consumers. A carefully chosen and designed signage solution can even enhance your business’ image by expressing your agenda and values, leaving a strong and lasting impression on viewers.

As well as this, well designed, professional signage has several other advantages. Unlike marketing techniques that use digital or print media, usually with relatively short print runs, signage promotes your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for as long as it is standing. The effectiveness of this form of advertising, as opposed to hiring a billboard or a radio slot, is clear to see. Consumers will be familiar with and recognise your brand even if they’ve never set foot in your store. When considered in terms of ‘cost per day’ or ‘cost per view’, signage is also far cheaper than these other forms of promotion.

Signs are also able to appear to a much wider audience than other forms of advertising. Radio slots or television commercials might look very flashy and tempting, but if few people are watching or listening at that time, then the advert is totally ineffective and the investment was wasted. Likewise, newspaper adverts will, by default, never reach anyone who doesn’t read that newspaper.

A professional sign designed and installed by a signage specialist, however, will be seen by whoever walks past it, which is likely to be a reasonable cross-section of society, depending on the location of the sign. This initially wide audience can then be selected from at will by using your sign to deliver a targeted message at a particular segment of this total audience, as detailed earlier. This makes signage a far more versatile and effective form of promotion when used correctly.

What’s more, market research has demonstrated that signs are actually far more effective at swaying uncertain customers than other forms of advertising. This further indicates the importance of a well-designed sign. All of the effects and abilities of signage discussed here are contained within every sign, but the point is that with the assistance and knowledge of a commercial signage specialist, these standard effects are enhanced, ensuring that your signage provides the best return on investment possible.

At The Sussex Sign Company, we have the keenly honed expertise to be able to offer a holistic signage creation service with experts and specialists working on every stage of your sign, from design to fabrication and installation. Only this way can the marketing potential of your brand by maximised. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch, Call us today on 01273 417057