Get The Most Out Of Directional Signage For Your East Sussex Event

Whether you’re organising a charity fun run or a festival, directional signs are a critical part of the audience experience. Here’s how to get the best out of directional signage.

Keep it simple

They say that less is more, and it’s the smart approach when creating wayfinding signs for your event. Keep the design clean and simple for the biggest impact.

Use colour for visible signage

If the message needs to be simple, you can add interest with colour and fonts. Black text on yellow is highly legible, but you can experiment with your corporate colours. Stick to san serif fonts to create modern and readable signs.

Put signs where your audience are

Don’t restrict signs to certain places. Scatter them visibly throughout the event, so that people always know where the closest toilet or refreshments tent can be found. Make sure you walk the course or the event space before the event to ensure that signs are exactly where they’re needed.

Point the way

Finally, make sure that your signs are unambiguous – arrows shouldn’t be confusing and may need to be supported with other explanatory signs. If you need help to get the most out of your event signage, contact The Sussex Sign Company via phone or email today.

New term, new education signs

Signs for Schools

The new school year is now well and truly underway, with students the length and breadth of the United Kingdom firmly settled behind their desks for another academic year. If you manage a school site, you probably spent at least part of the summer holidays – dim and distant as they may now seem – on maintenance jobs around your school.

Beyond adding a new lick of paint to the classrooms or fixing up the things you never find time for when the students are around, did you pay any attention to your school signs? For many school site managers, this is the part of the premises that is all too often overlooked, largely because the signs have become so reassuringly familiar that they have faded into the background. When you pass your signage every day, it is easy to stop taking notice; however, those approaching with a fresh pair of eyes may see things differently.

Why invest in signs for schools?

Signage is critical for any school. Your school signs are often the first thing visitors will notice when they arrive at your site, with a well-designed and well-presented sign speaking volumes about the institution and the importance of the work you do. Signs for schools act as an introduction to all the parents, governors, inspectors and members of the public who are almost constantly filing in and out of your premises, so seeing that they are attractive and visually impactful always makes a good first impression.

Signs for schools are also a reflection of your establishment and what it stands for. If poorly maintained and badly designed, your school signs speak of low standards and a lack of care. This might translate to other aspects of the institution, such as pupils’ behaviour or the quality of teaching and leadership. Well-designed signage, on the other hand, suggests you take pride in appearances and are proud to show the world that you strive for the highest standards in every regard.

A good new term morale boost

Remember that it is not just visitors who see your signs every day. There are some even more important people who pass by your signage: your students. Your school signage is often the first thing they will see in the morning when they arrive and the last thing they will see after the bell has rung and they head out of the gates for home.

Seeing bright, bold and beautifully-crafted signs can be a major morale boost for students, particularly now the colder, duller weather of autumn and winter is upon us. Research has shown that people of all ages learn better when they appreciate the environment around them, which extends far beyond the classroom to your school grounds and building façade.

People also extend a greater level of care to their environment when they can see there is something to care about; therefore, investing in quality signage will not only have a positive impact on your students’ emotional wellbeing and educational potential but may also help you to keep your school looking well cared for and pleasant.

What makes for good school signs?

Good school signs should do more than simply display your school logo and relevant management and contact information; in addition, they should tell your story. Every school is unique and has a history and story to tell, which is why it is worth investing in bespoke, high-quality signage that conveys everything you want the world to know about your institution.

Regardless of whether you are a nursery, primary, junior or secondary school, sixth form college, FE college or university, all learning institutes have a message they want to convey and can benefit from well-made signs. These are places in which an incredibly deep sense of community and belonging can be built up, with students feeling an amazing attachment to their fellow pupils, their teachers and the school itself. The emotional attachment to your old school or university can run very deep, with many us having very fond memories of certain people, subjects and places.

Your signs should build on this sense of shared identity and a common story. Designed so that they work well together, your logo, school motto and textual information should combine to paint a picture of what your school stands for and the pride you take in it.

Work with the professionals

As the new school term moves on, now is the time to invest in high-quality school signage that works for you and your establishment. With worse weather on the way, this is a good time of year to make a fresh start and install the best signs you can ahead of the high winds, rain and snow of the autumn and winter months.

School signs are only worth the investment if you go for bespoke and top quality. Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we have been supplying the best quality education signs to schools and universities across the south-east region for many years, working closely with headteachers and school site managers to ensure they get the signage they deserve.

We employ some of the most experienced and highly-skilled designers and installers in the country, which means we reach the highest standards when it comes to crafting bespoke education signs for our clients. For more information on the services we provide, simply get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company today and let’s get the new term off to a flying start!

How new school signs could boost morale this September

Signs for schools

We all remember that feeling well – the exams are out the way and you’ve just enjoyed six weeks of summer sunshine and absolute freedom, those seemingly endless hours crammed with holidays, footie in the park and barbecues with family and friends. Whether it was the beginning of the sixth form or the daunting return to the infants or juniors, going back to school after so much freedom almost always felt like a wrench.

There were positives too, though. Meeting up with friends again, for instance, or the nice feeling of starting a new exercise book and making a completely fresh start. One of the most morale boosting things was seeing how the school site had changed and been spruced up or improved during your absence – from a fresh lick of paint in the science block to all new school signs at the front of the premises. If you’re a head teacher, you know that the signage outside your school is usually the first thing people see, and it’s the first thing students will notice as they return from the summer break this September. Seeing immaculate new signs can have a wonderful, positive impact on how children approach the new term, so upgrading your school signage over the summer could have major benefits come the beginning of the autumn term.

The power of the school sign

Your school signs really can say a lot about your school. Whether it’s a nursery, secondary school, specialist sixth form college or a higher education establishment, the signage outside your premises not only proudly displays the name, motto and logo of your school, but speaks volumes about the ethos and principles which underpin everything you do. A well-made, well-maintained school sign shows that you take pride in the work you carry out as an educational establishment, and creates a positive and lasting impression on anyone who happens to visit or simply pass by the school gates.

By contrast, run-down or old-fashioned school signage can have a detrimental impact on the way the outside world views your school, because it hints at lower standards. Seeing poor school signage, local people might start to suspect those lower standards extend beyond external appearances to all other facets of school life, from the quality of the teaching down to the overall behaviour of the students. An attractive, polished façade to your premises, on the other hand, bodes well, creating a good first impression on all.

Research has also shown that children thrive academically in pleasant, attractive surroundings, and that extends beyond the classroom. People are always more inclined to look after the space around them when they can see it is worth looking after, so behaviour improves, students are keener to learn and everyone is happier. While they might not immediately spring to mind in this context, remember that your school signs are the first thing your students see in the morning and the last thing they see as they leave for home after the final bell.

Is it time for an upgrade?

There’s surely no better time to upgrade your school signage than over the summer break, when any noise and disruption isn’t going to impact on your students. There are all sorts of reasons for investing in new school signs. It could be that the school has a new head teacher or deputy head, whose name needs to be added to the signs, or perhaps it could be that contact details have changed, or even that the school is going in for a complete rebranding exercise and changing the logo and school motto. It could even be as simple as noticing that your old signs are looking a little tired or worse for wear, and a shiny new school sign is called for to brighten up the front of the building.

Whatever the reasons behind wanting an upgrade to your signage, now is the time to act. While schools are taking it easy with the long summer break, many companies, including signage companies, experience a massive boost in trade over the sunnier months, as people finally get round to all those odd jobs they’ve been putting off. If you think new signage is a good idea for your school, you can be pretty sure there are other schools and educational establishments in the nearby area thinking along the same lines. If you want to make sure you get to the top of the list for having your new school signage designed and installed, start planning ahead now to avoid disappointment.

Bold, beautiful, bespoke new signs could give students a real morale boost as they return from their summer holidays. Seeing the instant, positive change that a new sign brings might just put a little bit more of a spring in their step, as they try and ease themselves back into normality and the school routine after all those weeks of freedom.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’ve had many years’ experience providing the highest quality signs for schools right across Sussex, London and the South East. With our expert team of designers and installers, we can see that you get the perfect new school signage to get September off to a flying start, ensuring your school’s unique character is fully captured and proudly displayed ahead of the new term. For more information on the services we can provide, simply get in touch with us today.

School’s Out! Why the Summer Holidays are the Ideal Time for New School Signs

We’re approaching that stressful time of year when exams loom and revision seems to dominate every waking moment – for kids, parents and teachers alike. As soon as ‘time’s up’ is announced for that final paper, however, thoughts will immediately turn to the long summer holidays and the lazy, sunny days of freedom. It’s not just the students who look forward to the well-earned summer break, teachers are no doubt desperate for the holidays to start too!

But just because things will soon start winding down at schools and colleges, it doesn’t mean that this should be an unproductive time in the school calendar. If you’re a head teacher or the person responsible for maintenance around your school, the summer holidays are the perfect time to carry out all those jobs which need doing before the start of the new academic year – and that might involve replacing or sprucing up your school’s signage.

School signage: what can it teach us?

As a school, you might not think you need to ‘advertise’ yourself in the same way that a business might. However, simply because you’re there, you have a catchment area and children will always need educating, it doesn’t mean you can simply sit back and let things take their course. Class sizes might be getting bigger, but students and parents still have some say in where they send their children, and appearances really do matter when it comes to attracting new pupils.

Whether you’re a nursery, primary, junior or secondary school, public or private, co-ed or single-sex, the way you present your educational establishment can make a big difference. Schools play a vital role in the local community, and you want to be sure that the community sees your school in a positive light and is more willing to support you. If your school building looks run-down and a little bit shabby, you may well be letting your students down. The expectations of all are lowered if a school looks unappealing. It follows, perhaps, that educational standards are also lower, or that pupils will be less well-behaved and take less pride in their school.

School signs which are poorly designed and poorly maintained do not bode well, and when it comes to impressing prospective students, their parents and the wider community, ensuring your signage is in top condition is crucial. A school sign is often the first things people see when they arrive at the school gates, and first impressions can make a vast difference to how they approach what lies beyond.

Why new signage now?

The school holidays represent a perfect time for new school signs. Not only is it easier to carry out that all-important maintenance work with no students about the place, but getting things tidied up and looking good before the start of the next academic year means you won’t have to think about it come autumn or winter, when less favourable weather arrives.

Summer is the ideal time for new signage in any sector, but for schools which often have large premises to maintain and few occasions in which to carry out these vital tasks, the lull of the holidays is about the only time you have spare. With sunnier weather, having new signs installed can be a quick and easy task, which makes an immediate and very visible impact.

A new school term represents a fresh start for all, and with any luck, both students and teachers alike will be returning feeling renewed, enthused and looking forward to new beginnings. All children, from reception right through to sixth form, like to see change and improvements in their surroundings, and being welcomed back with a new, updated school sign is a great way to kick off the new term. Seeing the school’s name and logo set out on bold new signage can be a real morale and confidence boost, as everyone settles back into the routine of school life.

Time for a change

If your school signs are looking in need of a little TLC this summer, now might be the right time to consider what changes you might want to make. If it’s getting on in years, it could just be that you need your existing signage replaced like for like. It could be that you need to update the contact details on your school sign, or add the name of an incoming headteacher or deputy head. You might be considering something even more drastic – a complete change of colour scheme, for instance, or changing the school logo or motto altogether.

Whatever changes need to be made, it’s worth getting in touch with a professional signage company early on, before the school breaks up for the holidays. While schools are winding down, other businesses are gearing up for a summer rush, and that includes signwriting companies. Chances are that if new signage is on the cards for your nursery or school, other headteachers are having similar thoughts. To avoid being at the bottom of a waiting list, now’s the time to act.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’ve spent many years supplying schools across London and the South East with bespoke signage. Our highly-qualified team of graphic designers and sign fitters can work with you to create bold and beautiful new school signs, perfectly capturing the ethos of your educational establishment. For more information on the services we provide, simply get in touch with our expert team today.

Why is University and College Signage So Essential?

The use of signage in universities and colleges serves two primary purposes, which together make signage an absolutely vital tool to the further education sector. Firstly is the function of signage as a component in any effective wayfinding solution. Wayfinding signage helps students, staff and visitors to navigate large campuses and individual buildings, allowing the institution to operate efficiently.

The second purpose of signage in the further education sector is as a powerful marketing tool which, if used correctly, can develop and propel the status of an educational institution to new heights. Universities and colleges face certain unique challenges since the introduction of higher tuition fees and increased competition for students over the past five years.

A coherent and strong marketing response is required to turn this situation from a hindrance into an opportunity. It goes without saying that signage is an integral component of any marketing campaign. Today we’re going to look in more detail at the functions played by university and college signage, and some of the benefits that this signage can deliver to institutions and service users alike. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Wayfinding Signage in Colleges and Universities

Helping people to orient themselves and get to their destination is one of the paramount roles played by signage in general. Most universities and colleges are large institutions, often with thousands of staff members working on research and teaching across many different disciplines. Being able to navigate around the campus and find whoever and whatever you need is essential for the effective and efficient functioning of such a huge interdisciplinary organisation.

As well as the staff employed by the institution in question, many universities and colleges host academic conferences which attract researchers from all over the world. As well as making sure that these important visitors can find their way around your campus without trouble, wayfinding signage also plays a secondary role here. These visiting academics will take back their impressions of your institution as effective, high functioning and well organised, and will likely tell anyone who asks them how their trip went too, providing valuable word-of-mouth promotion.

This helps to build the profile of your educational institution internationally, and is essentially free promotion, as this is a secondary effect of signage designed to help people find their way.

The Student as a Customer

Alongside academic staff, the lifeblood of a university or college is its students. Effective wayfinding signage systems are absolutely vital to create that all-important first impression on prospective students and their families during open days. What could be worse for an educational institution that has to take in lots of new students every year in order to survive, than lots of potential students getting lost, having a negative experience and choosing to go elsewhere?

The open day experience is a complex one. First of all, visitors need to be able to find parking. They then need to be able to get from the car park to the reception, and so on. Each step of this journey requires effective wayfinding signage, and if just one step fails, then the experience of the entire day is likely to be somewhat negative. It’s clear, then, that a well-planned wayfinding system is simply essential.

But there’s more to it than that. Not only is university and college wayfinding signage necessary, but it’s also good for customer service provision. Other sectors of the economy adopted a customer-centric outlook decades ago and American universities were the first to bring the idea of the student as a customer into the world of higher education. British universities are only just catching up, and not necessarily through choice either.

Much has changed in the sector over the past five years, from the increase in tuition fees to the lifting of the cap on student numbers. Universities are also becoming increasingly dependent on fees for their income as the government cuts research grants. Adopting a customer service outlook ensures that universities and colleges can continue to survive by attracting ample numbers of students.

Part of providing excellent customer service in an educational environment is ensuring that the experience of the customer is pain-free, easy and intuitive, and this is where wayfinding signage excels.


As well as using wayfinding signage to ensure that already-existing student-customers are satisfied, there’s the ever-present need to attract new students further down the line. This is where branded promotional signage comes in. Brands have existed in higher education for centuries, although they have only recently been recognised as such – just think of the power behind the Oxford and Cambridge University brands.

These two institutions needn’t worry, but not everyone can benefit from such powerful brand equity. Well-designed signage can remedy this problem, however. Branded university and college signage such as vinyl overlays attached to glass windows or free-standing signs could promote the institution’s achievements in student results or research. This helps to create recognition of the organisation as an educational institution which is especially useful for newer universities and colleges.

As well as raising the profile of such institutions, the presence of the brand on this signage provides an opportunity for the institution to create a unique image with personality, setting it apart from competitors. With consistent branding across all media channels, brands create a unique image because they tell a story. Particularly effective branding tells a story that viewers are inspired by or can relate to, which is easier for educational institutions than, say, multinational corporations to achieve, and it’s all made possible thanks to signage.

Final Word

With over two decades’ experience in signage, The Sussex Sign Company has the expertise to create a powerful signage solution for educational institutions, responding directly to the unique placement, goals and needs of each institution and its staff, students and visitors. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can work together, call us on 01273 417057

What Makes for Quality and Effective School Signage?

School signage is often overlooked by comparison to corporate signage, and even compared to higher educational organisations such as colleges and universities. Signage in schools is no less vital, however, and plays a wide range of important roles inside a school. From building the school’s reputation as an educational institution to ensuring that everyone can safely find their way to an emergency exit, signage is manifested in schools in such a way that they cannot safely and effectively operate without it.

We’re going to take a look in more detail at these different but equally crucial functions played by signage in schools, and in particular, how schools can make sure that their signage achieves these functions more effectively. Does school signage simply need to be readable to be effective? Or is there much more to it? Read on to learn everything that you need to know.

Excuse me, where’s the library?

Schools consist of departments broken down by subject area, and each department usually has several classrooms. Between lessons, hundreds or even thousands of pupils and staff have to move from classroom to classroom in a very short space of time. If just one child or teacher is late to a lesson, then the whole class suffers.

There’s also the consideration of new pupils. Schools want to help them settle in and feel comfortable in their new surroundings as much as possible, as it can be a scary and intimidating time when starting in a new school. Therefore, clear and effective wayfinding signage is paramount to the everyday functioning of the school.

Another chokepoint in schools occurs in the morning and evening when busses and cars arrive in the tens and hundreds. The importance of wayfinding signage is most clearly seen on the first day of the school year – children are excited to be back with their friends, and parents are probably glad to have them back in school too. This can very easily be soured by frustration, however, due to ineffective directional signage.

Evaluate your wayfinding signage

It’s imperative that parents can park, drop off their children and leave efficiently to avoid making everyone late for work and to create a good impression of the school. An easy way to evaluate the effectiveness of your existing signage is to look at it with ‘prospective parent goggles’ on – pretend that you’re a first-time visitor and try to navigate using only the cues of directional signage.

Start from the main road. Can you see the school from the road? Or is signage required to welcome visitors and guide them towards the reception? One solution could be to stock up on temporary signage, such as banners, for the first week of school to help keep traffic flowing and minimise stress levels.

Now you’re on the campus – can you find the reception easily? Depending on the size of the campus, traditional signposts to the most important destinations can be particularly effective here. It’s not practical to signpost every single department or room, though, and it can be frustrating and inconvenient to parents and visitors to have to visit the reception every time to ask for directions.

‘You are here’-style maps of the campus with a colour-coded directory listing can be mounted in signs and placed at strategic locations such as the car park, the reception and areas where multiple paths converge. Of primary importance, however, is the need to keep maps and directories simple and easy to read. Too much information can be just as frustrating and ineffective as none at all.

Safety signage is regulated by numerous health and safety laws and local authority rules, but as you view the campus with your ‘prospective parent goggles’, ensure that emergency exit signs are visible wherever you are. Your wayfinding system should complement your safety signage to provide a truly effective directional solution.

Signage as branding

As well as aiding in navigation and safety, school signage is also an integral part of the institution’s image and thus its reputation. Modern, correctly installed and well-maintained signage can be used to create a professional and welcoming atmosphere for both the students and those all-important prospective parents. The style and design of the signage sets the tone for what happens inside the buildings, helping school managers to build an environment conducive to learning.

Branded signs should feature the school’s logo or crest; its values and philosophy, summed up by a slogan; and some contact information, such as a website, phone number and email address. The signage could also be cleverly designed to incorporate any brand colours, such as those reflected in the school’s uniform.

The design and quality of school signage is critical. There isn’t necessarily a ‘right’ way to design a school sign, but the signage should reflect the school in as many ways as possible in order to be effective. For example, consider the different effects created by using a sleek, modern sans-serif typeface compared to one styled like handwritten calligraphy. Both can make for great signs, but communicate very different messages.

This is necessary to ensure that your signage fulfils its purposes and doesn’t inadvertently put people off at first sight due to poor quality or design, which would naturally convey the message of a poor quality school. Careful use of quality design in your signage will ensure that the school is recognised as an educational institution with a distinctive set of ethics, standards, values and approaches to learning.

Whether it’s for primary schools, nurseries, private schools, comprehensives, academies or even specialist schools, The Sussex Sign Company can work with you to produce an all-encompassing signage solution that coherently and clearly conveys the values and philosophy of your school. We have a wealth of experience with all forms of signage, from main entrance signs, notice boards and welcome signs to information display boards and directional signage. Get in touch through our website to learn more. Call us on 01273 417057.

Signs are academic…


With over 20 years of experience and expertise in academic and educational signage, The Sussex Sign Company’s ability to produce a fantastic design and signage system is second to none. From the initial site survey, through to design, production, signage manufacture, installation and ongoing education and academic signage maintenance, you can trust The Sussex Sign Company to help you with anything from a way-finding system through to a complete signage package for a school, college or university.

Organising the appropriate signage required in a school, college or university can be daunting. That is why The Sussex Sign Company have signage experts who will guide you through the whole process, from carrying out site surveys, producing initial educational signage schedules from floor plans, to visualising your selected scheme. These are customised schemes that are unique to your school, college or university. They are visualised exactly to your specifications, which is perfect for your staff, your students and your visitors using the building. It is important that everyone can find their way around easily, especially if they are new to the school, college or university building. It is daunting enough joining a new establishment. The last thing you would want for your new intake, is confusion and people getting lost.

The Sussex Sign Company sign service is designed to fit around you. We help specified contractors, architects, school head teachers and facilities departments achieve there aims by delivering the best education and academic signage solutions through an unbeatable combination of design, reliability and service. See some examples of our work here.

With such a wide range of academic signage to choose from, the options are endless. College and school signage includes door signs, external post signs, individual letters, directional signs, entrance signs, window manifestations, wall graphics and wallpaper.

The Sussex Sign Company’s expertise doesn’t stop there. Our dedicated qualified Design Team visualise every sign and graphic, to make absolutely sure that we produce everything that you need and have asked for. Only when you are entirely happy with the design and it is approved, do we begin the production process through to manufacture.

Once the signage system or individual signs are ready to install, our experienced Installation Team attend your site to install the signage or graphics at your college or university exactly to your specifications. The Sussex Sign Company takes pride in working in environments, making sure that Our Team works neatly and efficiently, causing the minimum disruption.

The Sussex Sign Company is the educational signage company you can trust for all your signage and graphic requirements.

Inspirational sign design is a key investment that shapes our schools, colleges and universities and enriches the lives of the students, residents and the local businesses which engage with them.

The Sussex Sign Company signage systems are designed to enhance schools, colleges and universities and their open spaces to help students, teachers and visitors engage with their facilities and each other more intuitively.

The Sussex Sign Company has a passion for designing educational signage systems through tailored, exciting signage solutions and it is underpinned by a commitment to connect and share with the wider communities within which these institutions serve.

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