Pay-and-Display Sign Obscured by Height Barrier

A motorist who received a  £50 penalty notice after parking his car outside a Tesco Metro in Chippenham, Wiltshire, has won his case at a Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Fifty-six-year-old John Samuels received the fine after he parked in the pay-and-display car park at Emery Gate Shopping Centre. Mr Samuels failed to notice the pay-and-display sign on entering the car park, so he neglected to pay the requisite  £1 charge.

On returning to his vehicle, Mr Samuels discovered that he had been fined   and subsequently went in search of the pay-and-display sign, which he eventually discovered behind a large height barrier. The barrier obscured at least 50% of the sign, prompting the aggrieved motorist to take a picture, which he sent to Wiltshire Council, along with a cheque for  £1. The council rejected Mr Samuels’ gesture, however, forcing him to appeal to the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service.

Describing the pay-and-display sign as “not adequate,” adjudicator, Deborah Gibson, overturned the council’s decision to uphold the fine. Wiltshire Council subsequently changed the location of the pay-and-display sign, making it more noticeable.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we are pleased that Mr Samuels won his case. As we understand very well, the positioning of signage is very important for attracting notice