Why We Need Public Sector Signage

As the backbone of our society, the public sector has to work hard to give us information about our surroundings. That’s what makes public sector signage so important in our modern world – we rely on these signs to help us navigate the built environment or for vital information.

What is public sector signage?

When you enter a town or village, do you notice the ‘welcome to…’ sign? When you pass a building site, do you notice the warning signs? And when you have to visit the hospital, can you find where you’re going? These are all examples of public sector signs that are designed to make life safer, easier and more welcoming for all of us.

Why does it matter?

The more important the message, the more important it is that public sector signage is clear, distinct and has a unified look and feel for consistency and value. Professional looking public signs inspire confidence that everything is working efficiently and effectively, and that we can find the same navigational aids whenever we’re in a public place or building. Consider road signs – if they varied from county to county, they could prove dangerous and unsafe by delivering a confusing message.

Visual consistency and professionalism delivers a clear message that the public take notice of, because it carries the weight of authority. This is vital for road safety, health and for delivering important information that we instinctively take notice of.

Why design is important

When it comes to public sector signs, each panel is there to communicate precise information, informing and guiding the public whether outside or inside. Because of the clear and consistent visual vocabulary required, there are standards and regulations for the design of these important signs.

Signs should be displayed against a contrasting background, and should have a non-reflective surface so they’re easy to read. They should be correctly positioned for maximum visibility and accessibility and should use universally recognised symbols and sentence case, not uppercase lettering.

Using clear and consistent design principles is also important for the private sector when building top of mind awareness.

Innovative uses for public sector signs

Signage can also be used to celebrate achievement, raise awareness and build a positive image. For example, a donors’ wall in a hospital builds recognition, while a mission statement spelled out in bold graphics can really grab the public’s attention. Schools often use achievement walls to celebrate their pupils’ level of attainment. Innovation in public signage can even be used as part of an image building or rebranding exercise across all marketing channels, including social media.

The expert view

At the Sussex Sign Company, we understand that creating and producing high quality public signage can be critical to the way we interact with our environment. From the choice of materials to design and installation, we work to the highest standards to deliver public sector signage that meets all your requirements. If you’re in East Sussex and you’re looking for professional signage, please contact us via phone or email for further details on how we can work with you to create the signage you need.

Only Trust a Commercial Signage Specialist with Your Business Signs

Why Should You Only Trust a Commercial Signage Specialist with Your Business Signs?

Commercial signage is perhaps the most fundamental way of promoting a business. Signage indicates to everyone who passes by that your business is located here. This way, not only will those who have encountered your other forms of marketing be able to find your premises, but opportunistic customers walking past will also be able to drop in on a whim.

Trade signage communicates more than just your name and location, however. The quality and finish of your commercial signs also speak volumes about the level of importance that your business places on its image. This might sound superficial, but we all know the importance of first impressions – after all, if it’s bad, you don’t get a chance to make a second one.

If your signage, through its lack of professionalism, gives the impression that you don’t care about your business’ image, then some people may feel concerned that this carries over to other areas of your operations, such as a lack of regard for good customer service or the quality of your products.

This represents a real missed opportunity to attract new custom, build your business’ profile and extend your brand’s reach, and costs you money in two senses. Firstly, the money that you have invested in marketing is wasted because your campaign fails to reach its full potential, and secondly, potential earnings from customers who would love to patronise your business will never be realised, having been put off and turned away at the door.

The importance of effective and professional signage is not in doubt, then. Any commercial organisation seeking to improve its appeal and visibility to potential customers and local residents whilst avoiding the pitfalls detailed above should enlist the services of a creative, experienced and skilled commercial signage specialist. We’re going to look at what such a specialist could offer your firm that no-one else can, and why, in our view, the services of a signage specialist are integral to the operations of any company.

What Can a Signage Specialist do for Your Company?

There are many types of business signage available and each one is designed to communicate your message to a targeted audience in a uniquely effective way. These types of signage include freestanding signs installed into the ground, or wall- and roof-mounted signs commonly seen in built-up towns and cities where free ground space is at a premium. Then there are premises where the building itself is used as a sign, with a shop frontage bolted on and fashioned in brand-specific colours and styles.

Internal commercial signage is another type, commonly encountered in shopping malls, arcades and other areas where businesses share space. With all of these types of signage to choose from and more, it’s vital that business owners choose a signage solution that complements their image by being appealing to their target consumer group. Without this, the signage will be ineffective at best and at worst, counterproductive. Fortunately, getting this right is something that a signage specialist can be trusted to achieve. But that’s far from everything that a specialist can do.

Maximise Your Marketing Potential

Signage is all about communicating a message, so it follows that a specialist in signage best knows how to creatively transmit a unique message appealing to the general public and easily understood by your target group of consumers. A carefully chosen and designed signage solution can even enhance your business’ image by expressing your agenda and values, leaving a strong and lasting impression on viewers.

As well as this, well designed, professional signage has several other advantages. Unlike marketing techniques that use digital or print media, usually with relatively short print runs, signage promotes your business 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for as long as it is standing. The effectiveness of this form of advertising, as opposed to hiring a billboard or a radio slot, is clear to see. Consumers will be familiar with and recognise your brand even if they’ve never set foot in your store. When considered in terms of ‘cost per day’ or ‘cost per view’, signage is also far cheaper than these other forms of promotion.

Signs are also able to appear to a much wider audience than other forms of advertising. Radio slots or television commercials might look very flashy and tempting, but if few people are watching or listening at that time, then the advert is totally ineffective and the investment was wasted. Likewise, newspaper adverts will, by default, never reach anyone who doesn’t read that newspaper.

A professional sign designed and installed by a signage specialist, however, will be seen by whoever walks past it, which is likely to be a reasonable cross-section of society, depending on the location of the sign. This initially wide audience can then be selected from at will by using your sign to deliver a targeted message at a particular segment of this total audience, as detailed earlier. This makes signage a far more versatile and effective form of promotion when used correctly.

What’s more, market research has demonstrated that signs are actually far more effective at swaying uncertain customers than other forms of advertising. This further indicates the importance of a well-designed sign. All of the effects and abilities of signage discussed here are contained within every sign, but the point is that with the assistance and knowledge of a commercial signage specialist, these standard effects are enhanced, ensuring that your signage provides the best return on investment possible.

At The Sussex Sign Company, we have the keenly honed expertise to be able to offer a holistic signage creation service with experts and specialists working on every stage of your sign, from design to fabrication and installation. Only this way can the marketing potential of your brand by maximised. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch, Call us today on 01273 417057

Increased Use Of Soft Signage

Flags and banners have long been a popular choice, especially amongst retailers and the events sector. However, other areas are now starting to see the benefits, increasing their spread across the industry. This type of soft signage is extremely versatile and cost effective, making it easy to transport and install. The number of applications they are used for has seen considerable growth over the past few years. The public sector and local authorities are increasingly using flags and banners for their temporary or short-term signage needs. They can be used on lamp posts to publicise local festivals and initiatives. Businesses and council departments are seeing the advantages that using a wider range of temporary signage can offer them. They are an excellent way of attracting attention, as consumers are more likely to notice something that?s new and different. This increase in the use of soft signage has largely been made possible due to improvements in the manufacturing process. They can now be produced from a range of different materials, meaning their use isn?t restricted to indoor signage. Here at The Sussex Sign Company we work closely with all our customers to create the right signage for their requirements, whether they require a long-term solution or something temporary.

Signage made easy with Snap and Fix

A new product launched by Eurobond Adhesives has been designed to make attaching signage to surfaces, either on a temporary or permanent basis, much easier.

Snap and Fix can be used with a range of different materials to attach two items together. The product uses a system of mushroom heads that interlock with one another. This creates a secure connection when the two sides are pushed together. One of the main benefits of the Snap and Fix system is that it can be used again and again without impacting on the strength of the connection. The heads can be unfastened and then reattached as and when required, both crossways and lengthways.

The product has an acrylic self-adhesive back that is pressure sensitive, making it quick and easy to attach or remove. It can be used to mount signage to walls and other hard surfaces. It works with a number of different types of signage, without having an impact on the quality of the design.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we are constantly looking at new products on the market. This enables us to come up with the most appropriate signage solutions for our customers.

Create new effects with blackboard film

If you want to have the effect of a blackboard, without having to install one, then the new product from ASLAN is perfect for you. Their ASLAN CR 62 is a blackboard film that can be used with chalk in the same way as a traditional board. The writing or designs used on the blackboard film can easily be removed by using a damp cloth, making it perfect for applications where information needs to be changed on a regular basis. The surface is scratch-resistant and there will be no damage to the surface, even when used over a long period. This new film is an ideal solution for menu boards in cafes and restaurants or for use within offices and schools ASLAN is a specialist manufacturer, which already supplies a range of self-adhesive films that are designed for different applications. This new blackboard film has been designed to complement its existing memo board film range. It makes it simple to turn any type of flat surface into an instant blackboard. Here at The Sussex Sign Company we are constantly monitoring the signage market for new and interesting product launches that we can use to enhance the work we do for all our customers.