Signage Brings Art And Productivity Into The Workplace

Introducing art into your London workplace has a range of benefits. Opting for a splash of colour is proved to affect mood, while artworks from graphic glass manifestation stickers to digital wallpapers can help your workforce think smarter and be more creative. Proving that signage doesn’t have to be purely functional, art-based solutions are a savvy choice.

Stimulate creativity and productivity

Office design isn’t just about ergonomics or functionality. After all, out of the box thinking never happened in a plain white box. An Exeter University study showed that workers in an enhanced environment with art and plants were 15% more productive than their co-workers who were set tasks in a bare-bones environment. Where they had a personal input into their environment, that figure jumped to 32%.

Art in the office is about more than improving the aesthetics of the workplace. A digital wallpaper containing significant areas of red, blue and green can help employees focus on detailed tasks while boosting and stimulating creative performance.

Aesthetics not anaesthetic

A utilitarian office space filled with unmotivated employees sounds like a nightmare. Yet many office spaces are designed to be precisely that. Injecting art into a bland office opens up lines of communication between employees who are keen to discuss the meaning of the new digital wallpaper, and actively reduces stress – in a Forbes’ survey, 78% of employees surveyed responded that artwork in the office helped them to relax.

Because art elicits an emotional response, it can promote social interaction and foster personal connections. That can be important as working in an increasingly digital environment makes employees less social.

Reflect your visions and values

Including art in the office environment speaks volumes about the vision and values of your business. Bare walls can give the impression that you run a no-frills operation, but add some stylish digital wallpaper and you’ll be perceived as being dynamic and savvy.

83% of employees say art is important in an office. We all take notice of our surroundings because the design elements that surround us combine to create an atmosphere and convey the right message. Give your employees input into the choice of images they see every day and you’ll create a sense of alignment between your staff and your business.

Invest in signage as art

If you’ve discounted the use of digital wallpaper or aesthetic glass manifestations for your business on reasons of cost, think again. With the proven ability to improve productivity and creativity, reduce stress and connect employees who can struggle with motivation and isolation, signage as art is a worthwhile investment.

It makes sense to create a work environment that makes your employees happy. Beautifully designed elements like digital wallpaper can create superb aesthetics that your employees will enjoy day in, day out.

Ask the experts

If you’re interested in bringing elements of art and design into your office environment, innovations like digital wallpaper are a savvy way to change things up. At The Sussex Sign Company, we can take your ideas from conceptualisation to the finished product, creating an office aesthetic that leads to productive and creative employees, so contact us now.

Signage Choices: Why Your Office Needs Digital Wallpaper

When a client enters your London office, what impression does it make on them? If your first impressions could do with smartening up, consider new signage in the form of digital wallpaper.

This is the innovative way to combine colour, pattern and corporate messaging in one aesthetic package that delivers real design punch with a host of other benefits that paint and decals can’t match.

If your office lobby is crying out for visual appeal, then digital wallpaper might just be the smart choice when you need to make a great impression.

Premium appearance

There’s no doubt digital wallpaper is firmly on trend. There are no limits to how you can dress your walls or the graphics you can use to create the right atmosphere, from abstract designs incorporating your logo to more overt corporate messaging. You can turn your lobby into anything from a tropical beach to an urban skyline with a bespoke digital wallpaper.

This combination of style, concept and cutting edge technology effortlessly creates visual impact and a premium appearance.

The budget option that isn’t

Paint might seem the cost-effective option and you’d be right – in the short term. But if you want to think long term and look as if you do, then investing your budget in digital wallpaper can give you a much better return. Paintwork can quickly look tired and scuffed, requiring regular retouching and a full blown revamp in as little as 3 years.

Opt for digital wallpaper and you can make over your office and deliver that all-important first impression of professionalism. A fresh, bold and timeless design that incorporates your logo, branding colours and other strong messaging elements will outlast paint by up to five times. That means your lobby continues to look fresh and smart when paint has already begun to look shabby, and definitely not chic.

Conceal your flaws with digital wallpaper

Cracks, flaws, damage – when you paint your office walls, there’s no hiding place. If the preparation isn’t right, then the finished result will always look rough and uneven – hardly the slick and professional face that your business wants to show to the world.

And that’s where digital wallpaper has the advantage. Excellent at concealing flaws and imperfections, this type of signage is ideal for creating an emphasis wall that focuses the attention of prospective clients on your brand.

Investing your budget in a bespoke design will create a consistent and dynamic interior that delivers a message about your professionalism and success as a business. When you have a captive audience, there’s no better way of generating brand recognition and awareness as an introduction to your business.

Maximise your return on signage investment

If you want to create an effortless brand identity that really maximises the return on your investment, digital wallpaper is a savvy choice. There’s no waste because we only print exactly what you need, meaning you’re not paying for any leftover materials. And the impact of a bespoke design will speak volumes about your business for years to come.

Interested in what digital wallpaper can do for your business? Get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company today to discuss your options.

Signage Design Trends You Need To Know About In 2019

Signage design in London is more important than ever. In fact, the biggest brands in the world are sitting up and paying attention to the importance of signs which means they’re now evolving into something new and exciting. From clever use of vinyl wraps and negative space to vintage and minimal design, the future looks bright.

Safety first

The love affair with glass in our public spaces shows no signs of diminishing with the transparent Tulip Tower set to become London’s tallest skyscraper. However, glass as a construction material has a raft of safety issues, not least of which is people walking into glass walls!

Anti-collision decals are a chic and practical way to prevent injury, but they can also be used to create industry-relevant displays and marketing while fulfilling their safety purpose. If you don’t have glass walls, create an eye-catching window display using vinyl.

Nice and easy

The days of over-complicated signage are over. For modern marketers, an interest in minimalism and pared back design is all about ease – no one wants to look as if they’re trying too hard.

Out go over complicated logos and messages in favour of sleek and straightforward designs that communicate their message in a simple and uncluttered way. Channel letters and halo lighting are one smart way to keep your signs slick and contemporary.

Use negative space creatively

With the rise of digital wallpaper, there’s no excuse not to get creative with those blank walls. Inject some brand personality and key into the trend for bright pops of colour and bold graphics by making the most of all the negative space in your premises – especially if you have oddly shaped walls or curves that can really make the most of a quirky and eye-catching design.

Try one of the new dynamic and highly detailed hand-drawn style illustrations. Or be influenced by the mainstreaming of futuristic influences such as geometric shapes, abstraction and 3D. Colour palettes are moving away from muted minimalism to a new bright palette that’s intense and vivid, adding a real playfulness to your business graphics.

Go retro

Vintage signs are having a moment, their strong typography and fun colours keying into a sense of nostalgia that millennials find appealing. Think vintage painted designs and neon lighting then replicate the look in the latest materials using LED illumination for beautiful, long-lasting and sustainable signs.

Use bold and easy to read fonts that project individuality and innovation and don’t be afraid to move away from the overly professional to the relaxed and relatable – personalisation is set to be an even bigger part of the customer experience in the future.

Professional signage for your business

You may not be a mega brand but that doesn’t mean you can’t borrow some of their tricks. To keep your brand relevant over the coming year, please contact the Sussex Sign Company. We can advise you on a range of sign solutions designed to maximise the return on your investment thanks to our end to end service from design to installation.

5 Elements Of Effective Signage Design

Signage design is important so when you’re investing in new signs for your London business, you need to know that they’ll stand out from the crowd. From illuminated signs to wayfinding signage, how do you create eye-catching signs that really work? What are the elements that create successful signs that deliver a good return on investment?

Creating an effective and show-stopping sign is about more than carefully considering specific elements like fonts and colours. It’s about more than a sign simply looking good or being in the right place. Good signs are part of the story that your business tells about itself.

Aesthetics that create a connection

The way you convey your message can create an emotional connection with customers. A dull and plain sign can contain the same information as an aesthetically pleasing one, but a beautiful sign will always create more of a direct response in your customers. Be careful about the interplay of design elements and create something that is pleasing to the eye for maximum impact.

Supplying the right information

Signage design and information go hand in hand, with the essential information delivering the functionality to support the aesthetics. Ask yourself whether your sign includes the details you’d expect to see as a customer – is every piece of information essential, or can you reduce the amount of text yet communicate your message just as effectively, or more so?

Remember signage legibility and readability Beautiful graphics and punchy, well-chosen information will only take you so far. Now that you’ve captured your customer’s attention, they must be able to read your sign and absorb the information at a glance. However, it’s at this stage in the design process that things can go awry, particularly if you get the scale wrong. Charming graphic elements can assume monstrous proportions and elements can look out of whack with each other.

You should also be designing for accessibility. Design for your visually impaired clients and everyone will benefit from the clear and legible signs you create.

Boost your brand

However accessible your design, with perfectly balanced graphic elements and a strong, punchy message, you can still come unstuck. One of the benefits of creating successful signs is to boost brand recognition and identification. However, if your sign doesn’t connect with your brand, then it won’t connect with your customer to deliver that brand boost.

It’s not difficult to connect your brand with your signage – you can create consistency with the use of logos, straplines, brand colours and typography. If you’re not happy with those elements, then a new suite of signs could be the opportunity for a rebranding exercise.

Create a customer experience

Your signage design is all part of creating a welcoming environment that delivers a customer experience that’s superior to the other guys. By creating signs that are a seamless extension of your overall brand identity, you’re delivering another piece of the experience that customers will want to tweet and share.

Delivering effective signs

At The Sussex Sign Company, we’ll work with you to create effective signs that maximise your return on investment. Whether you’re in London or the South East, contact us and our end to end service will deliver signs that get Instagrammed and help you to create an experience that’s beneficial for your clients and your brand.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Seasonal Signage

It’s the season to be jolly and really nail your seasonal signage displays. Christmas is a huge opportunity for your business to get creative with your promotions and to design signs that really provoke your customers interest. Whether you’re wrapping a vehicle with a seasonal scene or creating a POS display with digital wallpaper, here’s how to give your brand a holiday twist and get the best out of your seasonal marketing.

Why you need seasonal signage

When you need to create eye-catching festive displays fast, signs are an easy way to make things happen. Banners and posters can feature traffic-building text that drives footfall through the door. Add a festive note to wayfinding signs with vinyl decals or use them to add seasonal marketing messages to your company vehicles.

Seasonal themed signs will attract your customers attention, increasing your ROI. Don’t forget to add a QR code or unique URL, so you can measure your most successful marketing strategies and build on them for your next seasonal campaign.

Think outside the box

Seasonal signs benefit from being used as part of a narrative, so decide on your story. Instead of Valentine’s, think Cupid’s Arrow, and instead of Christmas, think Nutcracker or the Snow Queen. The more sophisticated your theme, the more sophisticated and engaging the display you can create.

Turn on the lights

If you haven’t previously used illuminated signs, now could be the time to start. With low cost LEDs, you can create astonishing lighting effects with exceptionally low running costs. It’s a quick and easy way to add some pizzazz to both interior and exterior signs and it will help you to stand out on the high street.

Lighting effects should be bold enough to grab the attention of passers-by and hold it, so be bold. A combination of shape and colour can be used to great effect, especially if you think beyond the usual seasonal cliches to create some dazzling effects – if the competition are using red, change your signs with a bold fuchsia.

The benefits of seasonal branding

It’s relatively simple to up your seasonal branding game – an update to your website colours, promotional materials with a seasonal theme and a seasonal twist on your logo. Replicating these changes across your seasonal signage reinforces your branding and creates a consistent and professional image.

Tapping into the seasonal appeal can make your brand look active and dynamic and encourages that personal connection that all brands thrive on – think Starbuck’s famous holiday cups for inspiration. Changing your brand with a few tweaks and a focus on upgrading your signage can reap big benefits by reinvigorating your customers’ interest in your brand, resulting in greater engagement and an uptick in sales.

Season’s greetings

If your West Sussex business wants to make an impact this Christmas – or Valentine’s Day, summer holidays or Halloween – try thinking outside the box and exploring the huge range of signs designed to support your seasonal marketing efforts. At The Sussex Sign Company, we specialise in maximising the ROI on your signs all year round, so why not call us today or email our team and see how we can help you get the most out of your next seasonal campaign?

Disastrous rebrands, and how to avoid them

Companies rebrand themselves all the time, for a variety of reasons. Just as the clothing fashions which suited you a decade ago have probably changed, so too trends and fashions in branding can change over time, meaning that what suited your business back then might look a bit outdated now. Whether it’s a simple and straightforward update to your logo or a full-scale rebranding exercise to overhaul your entire company image, it’s important to get it right.

Rebrands can be a valuable exercise, modernising a business and injecting a new lease of life. Sometimes, however, changing too much about your branding can leave your company unrecognisable and lose you customers, who either no longer recognise you or no longer identify with your business. Sometimes, companies tinker with their branding at their peril, as we’re about to discover. If you’re looking to rebrand with a new logo, new font and new signage, here are some cautionary tales and useful advice.

Don’t kill your old brand entirely

There are certain things customers tend to associate with a business, namely their logo, colour scheme and the font they use in their branding. If you do away with all of these in one fell swoop, then you may find your customers no longer recognise you and can no longer find you. Hanging on to something familiar makes it more likely your rebrand will be a success.

Take the example of the Royal Mail. In 2002, executives there took the bizarre decision to do away not only with their iconic red and gold colour scheme and logo, but with their name as well, briefly deciding to call the corporation ‘Consignia’. The new name and less than inspiring branding led to public ridicule and the company was forced to slowly phase out the Consignia brand over the course of two years, quietly re-adopting the old branding it had so casually abandoned.

Keep your logo simple

People have short attention spans, and they need to be able to decipher your logo at first glance. Not only will an over-complicated logo not be easy on the eye, but it’s harder for customers to recognise in the future and if they can’t see its relevance to your business, they will quickly lose interest.

The widely-hated London 2012 logo is a case in point. The garish and over-stylised 2012 date became a costly branding disaster, and finding unusual images in the numbers became a national sport in its own right. While it was too late in the day to backtrack, you can only assume the organisers of the games regretted the reported £400,000 fee they paid for such an unattractive image…

Think about your font

Too preoccupied with the logo, people often overlook just how important a familiar font can be during rebrands. Many businesses have a font which is unique to them and is used across all their promotional materials, from business cards and letterheads to menus, price lists and their shop front signage. When you think of familiar High Street chains such as Debenhams, Marks & Spencer or any of the big supermarket brands, you can conjure up their fonts in your mind’s eye with no problem, so difficult is it to detach the font from the business.

Playing with your font can be a dangerous game, as GAP found to their cost when they tried to rebrand in 2010. Replacing the familiar elongated and capitalised letters of their name with a lower case, stubbier version went down very badly with loyal customers, who took to social media to mock and complain. The company did a U-turn within the week, and the moral of the story is that if you must tinker with the font on your logo, keep it simple, easy on the eye and make sure it extends across your entire brand.

Don’t rebrand just because you can

Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you always should. Rebranding can be an expensive exercise, and while change can be good, the upheaval of shaking things up every few years can be draining. Sometimes, all that is needed is a spruce up of what you already have, so if you still think your colour scheme and font look good, perhaps all you need is a simple new logo, some new signage outside your business premises or a quick update to the promotional giveaway goods you hand out.

Getting advice from a professional designer can be a good move if you’re considering a rebrand, as they will be able to point out the strengths and weaknesses of your current branding and suggest creative ways you might want to update or modernise your colour scheme, font and logo. You’re the expert in what your business does, but experts in the design industry probably know what works best in terms of rebrands.

Whether you’re going for a complete brand overhaul or simply adding a slight tweak to the branding you already have, new signage to promote your new look is a must. At The Sussex Sign Company, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled designers and sign installers who have worked extensively on rebranding projects for businesses right across London and the South East.

We can work closely with you to ensure your image makeover is a success, crafting bespoke branding packages which ensure you get the most from your rebranding exercise. For more information on the services offered by The Sussex Sign Company, simply get in touch with our expert team today.

Estate Agent sold on our ideas…

The Sussex Sign Company’s LED Light Pockets will transform any estate agent window, office, shop or restaurant. Estate Agent LED Light Pockets ensure your estate agency stands out from the crowd and your competitors.

LED Light Pockets and Illuminated estate agent window displays are the very latest way of illuminating your property details, ensuring they and your business, get noticed even in the darkest of evenings.

The Sussex Sign Company’s LED Light Pockets are a popular choice when it comes to illuminated displays on the market. They are seductively bright with glowing edges and create a charismatic personality for your shop window that attracts potential clients. The displays are manufactured to the very highest specification and our light pockets are available in a selection of designs. LED Light Pockets are the best way to ‘shine out’ from the crowd.

The LED light pockets themselves are hung from the ceiling using very thin metal cables which are suspended between the floor and the ceiling. They look elegant and without cluttering the window,they allow you to display the maximum possible information.

The Sussex Sign Company also supplies a wide range of wall displays. So if you are looking for an exciting new way of improving your existing displays or adding a new display, then we are the people you need to get in touch with, as we have all the quality products on the market you need.

Illuminated poster and graphic displays:-

The Sussex Sign Company’s range of illuminated poster and graphic displays is impressive. The range includes, free standing units, wall mounted and suspended units, and we can also supply bespoke made to measure LED light displays to order.

The power supply is fed through the thin suspension cables, which makes the displays versatile and energy efficient. The LED light panels and light pockets are also eco-friendly, with a light life of over 50,000 hours, and almost maintenance free.

Image of – LED Light Pocket estate agent window displays – By The Sussex Sign CompanyImage of – LED Light Pocket estate agent window displays – By The Sussex Sign CompanyImage of – LED Light Pocket estate agent window displays – By The Sussex Sign CompanyImage of – LED Light Pocket estate agent window displays – By The Sussex Sign CompanyImage of – LED Light Pocket estate agent window displays – By The Sussex Sign Company

Image of – LED Light Pocket estate agent window displays – By The Sussex Sign CompanyImage of – LED Light Pocket estate agent window displays – By The Sussex Sign Company

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Supporting South East Dance exhibition

As part of our mission to help support the arts, we are delighted to have been involved with an exhibition held at the Onca Gallery, Brighton.

The Sussex Sign Company designed, in collaboration with South East Dance, the window graphics and the information displays for ‘Hawkers Pick Over Fruit Here’. Working alongside artists Becky Edmunds (Straybird), and Zoe Manders, we are delighted with the completed designs. The Exhibition includes photography and film and ran for one week. The Circus Street Market Hall is due to be demolished this year, and with it disappears ways of working that have sustained several generations of Brighton-based families. straybird artists – Becky Edmunds and Lucy Cash – and photographer Zoe Manders invited members of these families – grandfathers, fathers and sons – who worked at the Market, to attempt to describe what the site looked like, sounded like and felt like at the height of its working life. The resulting exhibition uncovers the patterns and rhythms of this way of life and celebrates the communities that once inhabited the space as we look towards its future use as a space for dance. Traders cam from all over the home counties, including London and Croydon. As part of Brighton’s Cine-City Festival 2015, ONCA will be hosting an installation of still and moving images: Hawkers Pick Over Fruit Here. Commissioned by South East Dance. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Based on an original concept by Lauren Proto and Zoe Manders. Commissioned by South East Dance and supported by National Lottery through Arts Council England . For more information contact us on 01273 417057 or contact us using the contact form. A list of the towns we work in throughout East and West Sussex is listed below. East Grinstead , Crawley, Gatwick, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Burgess Hill, Steyning, Worthing, Arundel, Littlehampton, Bognor Regis, Selsey, Chichester, Midhurst, Petworth, Portslade, Brighton, Hove, Newhaven, Seaford, Eastbourne, Bexhill, Hastings, Hailsham, Lewes, Uckfield, Heathfiled, Crowborough.

Merry Christmas

The Sussex Sign Company would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

We have had a fantastic year working with wonderful clients all over the UK. 2015 has also been a successful year working with our community projects.

Being part of a community is vital for our Company, we acknowledge that one way to ensure that our business thrives in our community is to support the building of thriving communities.

Martlets Hospice – Cancer Charity, The Chestnut Tree – Children’s Hospice Care, The Seaford Rugby Club, Brighton Fashion Week, Active Sussex, University of Sussex, University of Brighton, RNLI Lifeboats and The South Coast Jazz Festival are some of our community projects.

See you all in 2016…