No Smoking Signs Too ‘Unfriendly’?

Signs created by Blackpool Council and NHS Blackpool have been redesigned, after a number of residents complained the original designs were not especially ‘friendly.’

The original no smoking signs, used to discourage people from smoking in local parks and outdoor recreational areas, stated: “To protect children, this is a designated smoke-free site.” The design was dark, bland and prescriptive in tone.

The new signs are colourful and cartoon-like. They depict children playing with a kite and football on a patch of green. Blackpool Tower and roller coasters can be seen in the background. The message is more advisory, stating: “Let’s protect our children.”

Under UK law, people can smoke in any public place that is not enclosed. Blackpool Council’s attempt to make its parkland a no-smoking zone is admirable, but the original signs provoked anger among smokers.

Councillor Ivan Roberts explained: “We received a lot of comments about the signs proposed for the park entrances… we’ve taken on board these suggestions and made a number of changes to the design and size.

“No one disputes that people shouldn’t be smoking in playgrounds where children are playing.”

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we support Blackpool Council’s efforts to protect children in open spaces. The new signs send a clear message to parents and park users.

Council Reminds Businesses of Duty to Display Anti-Smoking Signage

Haringey Council has written to a number of businesses in the borough to remind them of their legal obligations under the Health Act 2006. The council is concerned that some companies in the area are failing in their duty to install anti-smoking signs on their premises.

Under the 2006 Act, every company in England and Wales is required to install a smoke-free sign at the entrance to its property. One of the main reasons for this is that workers are encouraged to defend their rights in the workplace.

Councillor Nilgun Canver said: “These signs are there to protect employees who want to work in a smoke-free environment. If signs are not displayed, employees can feel obliged to accept people smoking to avoid being accused of making a fuss.”

The cabinet member added: “The legislation is quite clear: working in a smoke-free environment is a legal right, not a privilege, whatever the size of the business.”

Businesses risk incurring a 200 Fixed Penalty Notice for failing to display the sign.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we produce all kinds of signage for use in the workplace, including anti-smoking signs that comply with government regulations.