Five Best Practices When Creating Retail Signage

Your in-store signage is the first point of contact between your retail business and your customers, and critical to creating a valuable customer experience. In fact, 88% of independent store owners surveyed by A.R.E. | POPAI intend to increase their budget for signs and graphics over their previous year’s spend.

Retail signs are a highly effective way of converting customers and influencing and driving sales. However, it’s important that you fall in line with existing best practice for the best effect, because if you’re not displaying your message effectively or in the best possible way, then your investment will be wasted.

Invest in quality

Start by investing in the best quality materials you can afford. This projects a serious and professional image of your business and inspires confidence. When your wayfinding signs are high quality and your halo lit fascia sign is eye-catching and high impact, you’ll differentiate yourself from the competition in the most effective way possible.

Narrowcast your message

Visitors to your store may be time poor and not in the mindset to be receptive to a large message. By narrowcasting – literally narrowing your message down to the essentials – you’ll keep the content of your retail signs crisp and current. Keep your signage location specific or product relevant for the best effect.

Be consistent in your signboard usage

If you only use your signs to showcase promotional offers or point the way to the toilets, then you’re guilty of not using your retail signs as effectively as you could. When creating wayfinding signs, walk the store to create the most consistent path through each zone and then think about the ways you can incorporate retail signboards to drive sales and engage with your customers by using signs to convert interest in a product to a sale.

Think about signage placement

Window signs will need to be anti-glare, exterior signs need to be legible from a distance and promotional offer signs need to be placed in your customers’ eyeline. The placement you use for your signs is critical to their effectiveness, so think carefully about positioning, lighting and colour schemes for your retail signs.

Keep it simple

Try writing your signs as headlines with a clear hierarchy – headline text, message body, call to action. The fewer words you can use to put across your message, the more effective it will be, so use the 5 second rule to refine your signs. If it takes longer than 5 seconds to convey your message, then you need to go back to the drawing board. An effective sign has one simple goal – to encourage the customer to act in a way that benefits your business.

Ask the experts

Looking for effective signage in London? At The Sussex Sign Company, we’re experts in getting the best possible return for your investment. We can create a suite of signs and signboards that will promote your business and convert passersby into customers, so contact us via phone or email today for more details.

The Psychology Of Signage And Making It Work For You

If you’re struggling to break through the visual noise and get your business noticed, you may need to resort to psychological warfare. At least, you might need to look at the psychology of signage in order to break through and connect with your audience. Signs can increase sales, drive customer loyalty and improve the customer experience if you take time to understand the way they work.

The differentiation of the unfamiliar

In a visually dense marketing landscape, we start to apply filters that allow us to perceive messages selectively. Where signs can have an edge in differentiating your business in London is their relative unfamiliarity – we’re not bored with seeing them, so we allow our brains to take notice. In fact, 75% of people claim to remember a sign they’ve seen in the last month.

Signage has direct relevance

Relevant signs allow you to target the right customer, in the right place, at the right time in a way that other marketing channels do not. An ad for fresh sandwiches on the radio doesn’t have the relevance, context and impact of an advert outside a sandwich shop.

Adapt to your consumer with personalisation Your signage can be adapted for your consumer, with different signs carrying different messages depending on factors like footfall. Personalised signs are more responsive than other traditional advertising channels and are more responsive to consumer needs.

Let the consumer take control

Traditional forms of advertising impose themselves on the consumer. But signs that allow the consumer to take control of the way they interact make your advertising feel as if it’s less of an imposition. Allow your audience to interact with your signs in a natural and intuitive way and you’ll remove the negative connotations associated with pushy marketing. Your audience will make purchasing and other decisions based on the merits of your content, not because they feel forced into doing so.

Creating a better customer experience

Relevance, personalisation and control are all critical to a better customer experience. Instead of simply adding to the noise with irrelevant messages that consumers can’t be bothered to respond to, high quality signs are a genuinely creative marketing channel that delivers the right message at the right time and in a way that is fresh and relevant. Your signs can educate, entertain and inform, and persuade the consumer to take certain purchasing decisions rather than hectoring them. By earning your audience’s attention rather than demanding it, good signs deliver a great customer experience.

Ask the experts

If you feel that you’re losing the war for your audience’s attention, then take a fresh look at your signage. Using signs can deliver unexpected benefits when you understand the psychology behind them, but harnessing that power demands responsive, professional design for best results. At The Sussex Sign Company, we know how to maximise your ROI by offering a complete end to end service that delivers great signs with the minimum of fuss. If you’re interested in creating signs that break through the advertising noise, contact us via phone or email today for more details.

The Rules Of Good Signage

Good signage earns attention, and it doesn’t bully your audience. But how do you know what a good sign looks like?

Know your objectives

It’s always tempting to put brand awareness top of your list of objectives, but how do you intend to measure what that looks like? Instead, bind your objectives to clear metrics that allow you to measure success – or failure.

Identifying your target audience allows you to create signs that are relevant to your customers. It’s that relevance that drives action, whether that’s reaching out or making a purchasing decision. Be clear on your customer profiles, from their fears and desires to their emotional profile and spending habits, and let objectives and profiles inform placement, design, message and timing.

Know your location

The placement of your signs will differ depending on customer profiles and type of content. So an interactive sign aimed at women aged 40-55 will require a different placement to a point of sale promotion aimed at 18-25 year old males. Don’t equate footfall with relevance, and always take accessibility into account when locating your signs.

Understand design

The design of your signs should always complement the message. While the Stroop test shows that some level of disruption can force the brain to pay attention – when the word blue appears written in green, for example – be wary of splitting your audience’s attention as that can delay comprehension of the message. When the time to make an impression and impart information is already limited, it doesn’t make sense to slow comprehension any further.

Send a clear message

Your signs should prioritise a simple message delivered as effectively as possible. A simple message demands your focus and a response, and that counts when the human attention span is just 8 seconds – lower even than a goldfish. The point is that signs and signposting are very much a medium that is glanced at and they need to stand out from the visual noise of our modern marketing environment. Don’t make an impression without making a real impact.

Get the timing right

Timing is dependent on both the location of your signs and the medium you use to convey the message. A static sign is entirely appropriate for a roadside drive-by location, but won’t earn attention in a static location. Get the balance and timing wrong and you’ll frustrate your customers by failing to get your message across.

Good signage puts the customer first

Advertising often gets a bad rap, but it’s not the marketing channel itself that’s at fault, but irrelevant and intrusive content that turns consumers off. Consumers are responsive to well designed and relevant content – in a survey 77% of respondents said they wanted the ability to ad filter rather than flat out ad block – but you need to ensure that you’re giving your audience that optimal advertising experience. Make your content engaging, relevant and meaningful. Make enhancing the customer experience central to every piece of signage you create. With entertaining and interesting signage from The Sussex Sign Company, you’ll impress and engage customers in West Sussex and beyond. Call or email us today for more information.

Why Estate Agent Signs Still Matter In The Digital Market

The world of the traditional high street estate agent is under threat from the rise of digital and DIY options. RightMove has long been a first port of call for property hunters, but now estate agents themselves are moving online, offering some significant benefits over their bricks and mortar counterparts. So how can your business fight back against the online giants? It’s time for the traditional estate agent to up their game, and that means investing in better signage.

Enhance your business profile

Competition between bricks and mortar estate agents in London remains fierce, despite the rise of the online aggregators and DIY home selling solutions. So how can you make your business stand out from the competition? Strong and well designed signage acts as the gateway to your business, conveying brand trustworthiness, dependability and identity in the blink of an eye.

Offline branding through the use of great signs can help to define your unique value propositions, setting you apart from the other high street agents. Be bold with your design and use the best of modern technology to create a sign installation that really differentiates your business. For example, an LED illuminated sign can give a strong and professional look to your premises.

Investing in estate agent signs

Investing in new signage is one of the smartest things you can do in the battle for business. A well designed sign will act as a 24 hour advertisement for your business, building brand awareness every minute of every day, year round. When potential customers need your services, they’ll remember the impression that your brand made. Research by FedEx revealed that 76% of people have entered commercial premises based on the sign alone.
Estate agent signs get potential customers on board

Despite the amount of property porn that we can see online, nothing is as good as seeing a property for yourself and that’s where estate agent signs or boards can give you the edge. They promote interest, provide clear visibility for a property that’s for sale, and are a clear call to action to potential customers who are thinking of buying, and selling.

Your estate agent boards should be designed to achieve a range of outcomes – to attract the attention of passers-by and neighbours alike, since you never know who has a relative who is looking to move into the neighbourhood. These referrals can be tremendously powerful in influencing a buyer’s vendor decision making process. A proliferation of your boards not only builds brand awareness, it drives the impression that your company is the smart choice when you’re buying and selling property.

Employ the professionals

When you’re looking to invest in estate agent signs and boards in London, we’re your first port of call. We offer an integrated design and print service that takes advantage of a comprehensive range of cutting-edge, modern materials and technology to produce stunning signs with a high return on investment for our clients. Contact us via phone or email today to get more information.

How to Choose the Best Signwriter for Your Business

Finding a great signwriter should be easy in this day and age. After all, we have the internet with its range of trade checking websites to help us make that decision. For example, if you were looking for signwriting in Crowborough, you’d Google it and take your pick. But how will you know you’ve really chosen the right signwriter to take your ideas and concepts from design to installation?

If you want to ensure that you’ve found the right signwriter for you, you need to be clear on why you need quality signage for your company and the type of signage that’s going to work for you. Having the killer idea is only one piece of the puzzle – your signs should be executed to your specifications, using the right corporate colours and logo, manufactured from durable and appropriate materials and installed in the right place.

What Quality Signage Means for Your Business

Signs are a brilliant marketing tool for any business. They’re your primary visual assets, and they’re a powerful tool for promoting brand recognition. A great sign will differentiate your business from the competition – over 76% of consumers say they’ve visited a business because of the quality of its signs – and provide advertising 24/7. And once you’ve paid the upfront costs, good signage is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing there is, creating impressions all day every day.

Given what a great return on investment signage has, and how much it can boost your brand, finding a sign company that can meet your needs becomes even more imperative.

Individual Expertise or Integrated Services?

It’s very tempting to try to find the best designer and invest in some exceptional designs for your signage. After all, creating a visual wow factor is what will set your signs apart from the competition and attract customers to walk in off the street. Then you’ll need to find a company that can manufacture those signs and make good on your designer’s vision, and then you’ll need to find a handyman who can install them with good-quality fixings in the optimum position.

Or you could find a sign company with an excellent reputation that offers all these services as an integrated package. The advantage for you is that you’ll know exactly what’s going on at every step of the process. A good sign company will be able to optimise every step of the process and even offer you a maintenance package so your signs remain in the best possible shape.

Experience and Expertise

When choosing your signage provider, you can’t afford to settle for an amateur because your signs need to look polished and professional. You need a signwriter who knows what works and can advise you on the right design, colours, fonts, materials and message, and who knows exactly what size of signs you need and how to display them. It may be tempting to choose a start-up that has interesting and innovative ideas, but when you’re making an investment in your visual assets, you really need to work with a company that knows what works. Who knows, in ten years you might be asking that start-up to design your new signs now that they’re established and experienced in the business.

Ask around, and don’t be afraid to approach businesses that have signage you particularly like. After all, you don’t want to rip off their signage: you simply want to create first-class signage that boosts your brand and boosts your local reputation.

Check Out Their Portfolio

A sign writing company’s portfolio should speak for itself, offering you a wide range of creative and innovative design solutions for your business. After all, if you can see from their previous work that they’re capable of creating exciting and eye-catching signs for a range of businesses, the chances are they’ll be able to work the same magic for you.

Make sure the company offers a wide range of design options and would be happy to create a campaign that encompasses everything from illuminated signs to vinyl car wrapping. Do they offer a wide colour range and the latest print technology? And will they be able to source the best materials for the job?

Will They Work for Your Business?

A good signwriting company will really engage with your business to create signage that is active and engaging for your potential customers. Don’t settle for the passive and generic – if your signwriters can’t deliver a range of ideas for powerful and exciting signage, then you need to look elsewhere. If your signwriter has produced signs that really stand out from the crowd for other clients, then you can trust them to create the same quality of signage for you.

Choose a Company You Can Trust

You don’t always want a company that is cheap and fast – when it comes to signage, you want a company you can trust to deliver the maximum return on investment. Quality will always count when it comes to creating a suite of signs that attract the attention of potential customers and bring them in through your doors. That’s why you need a company like the Sussex Sign Company, who can create bespoke signage that delivers everything your company expects and more. Whether you’re looking for halo lettering, wayfinding signage or vinyl car wraps, we can deliver them all, so contact us today via phone or email for more details.

The Art of the Vinyl Car Wrap

Eye-catching vinyl-wrapped vehicles are becoming more and more common on our streets. And no wonder – these mobile billboards make millions of impressions a year and can be used for long-term or short-term promotions with the addition of a decal. Flexible and cost-effective, vinyl wrap advertising is catching on fast.

If you’re looking for a company capable of creating vehicle signs in Lewes, you’ll need to check out whether they have a dedicated vehicle wrapping team. Why? Because wrapping a vehicle so that there are no lines, bulges and wrinkles to spoil the integrity of the design is an art.

Why You Should Vinyl-Wrap Your Vehicles

Think of a vinyl wrap as like lightweight armour for your car. Properly laminated, it can last ten years, during which time your vehicle is protected from wear and tear and damage from the elements. Highly mouldable and stretchable, vinyl can make your car look immaculate and give a professional shine to your advertising campaigns. And when you want to change your branding or make your campaigns more responsive, you can either opt for a partial wrap and decals or start all over again with a full body wrap.

Measure for Size

Before you even think about ordering your vinyl wrap, you’ll need to measure up your vehicle or vehicles so you have a good estimate of how much vinyl you’ll need. Don’t skip this step – a vehicle left half finished because you didn’t order enough vinyl will create a really poor first impression.

The easiest calculation is to measure the length of your car, multiply by three and add an extra five metres. The best way to plan for how much vinyl you’ll need for a professional car wrap is to ask the professionals and work with them on creating a design that will take advantage of the particular bodywork of your company car or van fleet.

Clean It Up

Next you’ll need to clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Waxes and oils affect the adhesion of the vinyl, so it’s critical that these are stripped from the car body before wrapping can start. Get right into the wheel wells and under the hood, as these are areas that you don’t often see yet can compromise the effect of your body wrap if you don’t pay attention to them.

Then you’ll need to give the bodywork a thorough going-over with paint cleaner and alcohol to get rid of any traces of grease. Also pay attention to any rust or paint chips. Because vinyl stretches over your vehicle like a second skin, any obvious blemishes will stick out, so fill any chips and deal with those rust spots. The rule of thumb is if you can feel it, it will show up on the outside – and that includes dead bugs!

Plan It Out

Before a wrap is applied, an installer will size up the vehicle and make a start with the most awkward pieces like the bumpers or the bonnet. It can often be easier to detach mirrors and trim rather than spending a long time trying to work round them. It might take five minutes to remove them and make your life easier.

Never Over-Stretch

Each piece of the wrap is applied separately by removing the backing paper and then smoothing into place with a squeegee. Sounds simple? Far from it. Experienced wrappers will know just how far a wrap can be heated, stretched and repositioned, but over-stretching the vinyl is one of the easiest mistakes to make. Do that and you’ll thin out the glue, resulting in imperfect adhesion of the vinyl. You’ll also distort the pattern and affect the finish, whether it’s matte or glossy.

Cut It Out

A really good installer can trim away the excess while the vinyl is in position on your car. The easiest way to achieve a good result without the risk of cutting into the paintwork is to peel away the edges, trim the vinyl to fit, and reapply.

Where you’re dealing with creating accurate seams, a product like knifeless tape will allow you to overlap two pieces of vinyl over the tape and then pull away the Kevlar thread, which neatly and accurately slices away any unwanted vinyl for a seamless finish.

Don’t Forget the Post-Heat

If you’ve applied a partial wrap to flat areas like car doors and bonnets, where no stretching of the vinyl is required, you can skip this step. But if you’ve applied a full car vinyl wrap, including mirrors and bumpers, then it’s imperative that you apply a heat gun to those areas so your stretched vinyl doesn’t shrink back to its original state.

Why Do I Need Vehicle Signs?

In a busy city like Los Angeles, a car with a full vinyl vehicle wrap can generate a staggering 30,000 to 70,000 impressions a day. Even in the UK, a long-haul truck with a vinyl wrap will generate ten million impressions during the course of a year.

But unless your vehicle wrap is done to the most professional standards, you’ll only create a poor first impression which turns potential customers off. At the Sussex Sign Company our technicians are highly experienced, and they’ll ensure that you get the maximum return on your investment from this powerful form of mobile advertising.

If you’re interested in getting your vehicle wrapping done by the professionals, contact us via phone or email today and we can discuss implementing your car wrap design ideas with our fully integrated design, manufacture, installation and maintenance services.

How The Sussex Sign Company can help if you are a marketing agency

Marketing agencies can have it tough, constantly having to think of increasingly innovative and creative ways to help their clients stand out from the competition. In a world dominated by image, online reviews and social media, things have never been so dog eat dog on the High Street, and companies across all industries are desperate to make their mark and stay one step ahead of their rivals. If you run a marketing agency, you need to think big when it comes to advertising – and that’s where working with The Sussex Sign Company could make a huge difference.

Signage is, in effect, one of the most powerful advertising tools a business has in its arsenal. Signs act as a round-the-clock and year-round advert for a business, helping to forge a strong brand identity, building trust and familiarity and letting potential customers know what a business can offer them. For more than two decades now, The Sussex Sign Company has been crafting beautiful, bespoke signage solutions for companies across London and the south-east. If you need help with your next marketing campaign, here are just a few reasons why working with us could revolutionise the way you advertise and market your clients.

Corporate signage: a marketing dream

Over the past few years, some big names such as BHS and Woolworth’s have met their ends as the High Street took a battering post-financial crash, concentrating business owners’ minds on how best to promote and grow their own establishments. Whether they operate a shop, restaurant, café, bar, gym, pub or estate agency, every business owner with a High Street presence is now keener than ever to find novel ways of differentiating themselves from their competitors.

It can’t simply be about constantly refreshing the product or service range available, important though that clearly is to winning over potential customers. It also has to be about building a brand name and an image which people become familiar with – one which they grow to trust and keep returning to. Marketing and advertising agencies play a massive role in helping companies to shape that powerful corporate identity, and factoring corporate signage into the package is the key to High Street success.

Corporate signage, in whatever industry, is an effective marketing tool. Think how instantly recognisable the sign outside your local M&S or Tesco store is, how relieved you feel when you see the familiar orange signs of a Sainsbury’s when you need to grab some lunch, or the NatWest logo when you need a cash point. We’ve all felt that moment of instant recognition when we see a shop front sign we know and love. Branded signage can make a deep impression, acting as a beacon to pull people in and helping them feel connected and invested in a particular company or brand.

Factoring in bespoke signs

Companies these days have to market themselves in all sorts of ways. You might advise your clients on how best to keep their social media pages up to date, how to launch a leaflet advertising campaign, how to improve their internet search listings or website, or give them guidance on which promotional goods they should be giving away to potential customers.

Investing in a shop sign and a vinyl wrap for their commercial vehicles might feature highly on the agenda. When creating a new brand or conducting a rebranding exercise, signage is often the best place to start – this is, after all, the most visible and eye-catching form of marketing. Shop front signs are the first thing people see of a High Street company, prominently displayed on the façade of the premises and telling them everything they need to know about the business. A well-designed and well cared for sign tells a story, and shows the pride an owner takes in their work.

If you can get the colour scheme, font choice, logo and layout right on your signage, then the rest should follow naturally. From business cards to letterheads, van sign writing to promotional pens, once a client has decided on how they want their signs to look, you can use that as a basis for creating a coherent, unified brand image across a whole range of other marketing materials.

How can we help you?

The Sussex Sign Company is proud to employ a team of leading graphic designers and sign installation engineers, all of them at the top of the game in the signage industry and all with countless years of experience under their belts. We have spent more than two decades building up our expertise in this field, which is why we attract and retain some of the country’s most creative, innovative and highly-qualified signwriting professionals.

We have worked closely with many marketing agencies and companies across London and the south-east, to design, install and maintain the boldest and most beautiful bespoke signs. We work closely with our clients to tailor-make the highest quality signage which truly reflects their brand and their business.

We understand just how busy marketing agencies are and how hard they have to work to come up with new concepts which differentiate their clients from the hundreds of other businesses out there. For more information on how The Sussex Sign Company can help your marketing agency craft incredible new signage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today, call us on 01273 424900 or email us now.

How The Sussex Sign Company Can Help If You Are A Designer

Sign Writers and Designers

If you are a designer, then you’ll understand the importance of creating strong branding and seeing it replicated right across a company’s promotional and advertising materials. Design and branding can be a very complex process, often involving going back to the drawing board multiple times and trying various things until you hit on the perfect concept. It’s also an organic process. Sometimes, the best ideas spring from nowhere, from bouncing thoughts off other creatives or from chatting to fellow designers to improve your initial ideas.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’re well known for our exceptionally skilled design team and the creativity which goes into all our signage. If you’re a designer or you work for a design agency in London or the south-east, then partnering with us could really help you create the very best branding solutions and see that, that all-important ‘look’ is replicated in beautiful, bespoke signage.

Share and share alike

Sharing ideas is a major part of the creative process, and being able to throw ideas around and push the limits of your creativity can lead to incredible things. Designers and creative types tend to work well when they’re not isolated and in a bubble. Ideas can grow organically when great minds come together, which is why freelance designers and even those working for an agency can benefit from chatting to The Sussex Sign Company’s design team.

With many years’ experience in crafting bespoke signage for clients across a range of industries, our team is well used to working together for the best results. There’s no danger of a ‘group-think’ mentality arising here, though – while we’d certainly say we’re team-oriented, our designers display a wide variety of styles and demonstrate their independence of thought in every project they undertake.

By working with us, you could give the creative process a little boost and perhaps take your designs in a direction you hadn’t previously thought of. By bringing our own branding experience to the table, we simply open new doors and ensure we’re able to create the perfect tailor-made signage.

Shop front signs and beyond

We have an enviable reputation for producing some of the boldest, most beautiful and best designed shop front signs in the industry, so if you are a designer looking to create a complete branding package, then now’s the time to hop on board with us!

Signage is a critical part in any branding exercise – signs are, after all, one of the greatest advertising tools a business has at its disposal. Signage acts as a company’s calling card to the world, with shop front signs, educational signs for schools, signs for hotels, bars, restaurants, cafes and clubs all promoting the establishment’s unique personality and letting people know what the business does. If a business has premises on the High Street, signage is vital for capturing passing trade.

What makes for good sign design?

Signage can often be the best starting place if you’re looking to build a brand or carry out a rebranding exercise. Corporate signs are probably the most visual and most effective way of capturing and promoting a particular brand identity, so once you’ve settled on the appearance of your signage, the rest of the marketing materials – from business cards to stationery, promotional merchandise to vehicle wrapping – can all follow suit.

In order to build customer recognition and help people identify with a brand, it’s important that there is consistency across the board. The best design for signage incorporates a company’s logo, individual font style and colour scheme in a harmonious and eye-catching way, helping to tell the brand’s story and giving potential clients and customers all the information they need in a single glance.

Text and images must be laid out in a way which is pleasing on the eye without being overwhelming and difficult for people to process and take in, with text clear to read against the background and a bold and memorable logo prominently displayed.

How can we help you?

If you’re a designer, working with The Sussex Sign Company’s in-house design team could really help with your next project. Whether you’re designing a fresh new logo, advertising leaflets or giveaway mousemats for your business, we have years of experience and a professional team with expertise in branding and design to help you achieve the perfect look.

You may come to us with only a few sketchy initial ideas or with a much more clearly defined project in mind – either way, we can discuss your requirements, share some ideas and together craft something unique and incredibly special. From bespoke LED signs to estate agents displays, and from halo illuminated letters to the traditional pub sign, signwriting is a craft and an art in its own right and it deserves to be a top priority when you have a design project to work on.

The Sussex Sign Company employs only the most highly skilled and expertly qualified designers and installers in the industry, and with more than two decades’ experience, we’re ideally placed to help designers across the region find the very best signage solution for their projects. Crafting the highest quality signage on the market, we’re confident we can bring some fresh ideas and a positive new direction to your work.

For more information on the services we provide and how we can help with your next design project, simply get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company today on 01273 417057 or use our contact form.

How New Estate Agent Signage Could Help You Prepare for the New Year’s Rush

We all know there’s a dip in the property market in the run-up to Christmas. After all, nobody wants the stress of moving into a new home only a few days or weeks before the busiest time of year. However, the quiet period almost always ends as soon as the New Year begins, and people who have been delaying putting their houses on the market or holding off on the start of their search for a new home suddenly see the New Year as a new beginning.

If you own or manage an estate agency, this is one of the most important times in the calendar, and anything you can do to increase footfall and drum up interest can only be a good thing. With competition from other agencies and online agents so fierce, ensuring yours is the go-to agency can be a challenge. So what can you do to make sure that the New Year brings those much needed sales and success? The first place to start is with your shop front.

If you make one New Year’s resolution about your business, let it be that you’ll spruce up your estate agent signage and give the façade of your premises a little TLC as we enter the darker, gloomier winter months. When it comes to attracting new customers, there is little that can have so immediate and impressive an impact as a new sign above the door, so look no further and read on, to find out more about the benefits of sparkling new estate agent signage.

The perks of proper signage

There’s nothing like the dawning of a New Year to fill us all with good intentions and the get-up-and-go we need to make some big changes. After all the fun and indulgence of Christmas, this can be a month of transformations for the better, and that extends from the health kick in your personal life to the little shake up your business premises needs.

For most people, the New Year marks a fresh start, so it’s often the time when people spruce up their homes ready for sale, or begin to trawl Rightmove once again in search of the perfect property. That’s all good news for you, but now you need to capitalise on this sudden rush of interest. In order to attract as many people as possible through your doors, you need more than some nice homes on your books. You need to look the part to the casual passerby in the High Street and pull in customers with a winning shop front.

Giving your estate agents a new, well made and eye catching sign above the door will certainly give you an edge over the competition. People notice change, and seeing your estate agent signage go from tired and lacklustre to bright, bold and beautiful will definitely generate new interest in your business. At this time of year, when the evenings draw in early and the weather can be miserable, a well illuminated sign and shop front will offer a warm and inviting welcome to people out and about in the neighbourhood, encouraging them through your doors and onto your books.

Reaping the rewards of good signage

Giving your premises a little love and care now will pay dividends over the winter months. Poor weather can really affect old or poorly maintained signage, often causing it to look shabby and run-down, all of which puts off potential customers. We have all passed shops, restaurants and other High Street facades, where the signage is falling to pieces and looking a little worse for wear, and you wouldn’t want to join that particular club…

Installing and maintaining new signage will not only make the front of your agency more appealing, it will also speak volumes about your company and the work you do. Like the front door of your home or the clothes you choose to wear, the signage you have fitted reflects something much deeper. Good signage shouts ‘good company’, demonstrating that you care about and take pride in what you do. A bold, beautiful sign suggests that what lies beyond the front doors is similarly promising, whereas poorly maintained and outdated signage doesn’t bode well in any customer’s eyes.

A well made sign is also a memorable one, which is precisely what you need in such a competitive market. If your sign is bold and helps put your brand on a more visible platform, you’re already well on your way to garnering greater interest in your business. People like to see attractive shop fronts, and images including your brand name and colours will stick more clearly in their minds if your signage is distinctive.

A resolution worth keeping

Resolutions are hard to keep – just one last chocolate before the diet starts, just one more weekend before you hit the gym, just one more hour in bed before you start your novel. Whatever resolutions you might have made (and already broken) in your personal life, make new estate agent signage the one you keep for your company’s sake.

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How to give your business a boost using shop window promotional signage

You can never have too much custom. Whether you’re an established and booming business with a loyal customer base, or a new franchise in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, it pays to avoid becoming complacent. The strategy of using your shop windows for promotional signage displays offers a range of benefits to all retail-oriented businesses with bricks-and-mortar premises.

Shop window signage – types and options

We’ll discuss the numerous benefits of a marketing campaign involving shop window signage further down, but firstly we’ll take a look at what this form of signage actually entails. Promotional window signage comes in several forms, but usually involves a vinyl film which is held in place on the window with adhesive.

Face-mounted signage is applied onto the interior of the window facing out. The face of the sign is protected by the glass, which is a benefit of this form of window signage. However, the downside is that it may limit the view into and out of the shop itself, depending on positioning. Window signage can also be affixed onto the exterior of the window, but due to the exposure to the elements, thicker and heavier films should be used.

One modern innovation in window signage is perforated film which is see-through on the non-graphic side. The film is affixed to the window of your premises, creating an eye-catching magnet for new customers, while those inside the shop can see through the film onto the street as it allows light to pass through. This provides the best of both worlds and can be used in highly innovative ways to create striking adverts and promotions.

Graphics are printed onto the surface of the film, making it possible to use a huge array of colours, high resolution photos and typefaces of your choosing. This means that the sky really is the limit in terms of the designs you can create. What’s more, the computerised aspect of the design process succeeds where hand-painted signs fail by ensuring consistency in the appearance of your signs. This is vital if you seek to increase your brand recognition and plan to use a series of signs, changing one after the other.

And this leads to another highly useful feature of window signage: its ease of installation and removal. Many shop-owners have had negative experiences with vinyl applications in windows before, but yet another modern innovation has come to their rescue. Special vinyl film is now available with air channels on the adhesive surface to allow full air egress, making frustrating bubbles and wrinkles a thing of the past. Window films can be installed in minutes with excellent, smooth results and best of all, no special tools are required.

The vinyl signs can also be removed whenever you choose, simply by peeling them away from the window substrate. Modern adhesives should leave behind very little residue as well, making these signs absolutely perfect for seasonal, short- and medium-term promotions.

Purposes and benefits of promotional signage

The options for shop window signage have expanded enormously in recent years and incorporate several new technologies to provide the best user experience possible, ensuring a high return on investment for the business that uses them. What other benefits do they hold for businesses?

Shop window graphics provide a highly cost-effective means of driving new business. After all, you already own or rent the space, so window signage is essentially a free marketing tool. Why pay for space to advertise all over town when you already have space – and on exactly the same location as your shop?

Shop window signage is a particularly effective form of advertising due to its presence at eye level. This creates far more impressions on pedestrians walking past your shop than a sign several meters from the ground.

Other than customers who leave home intending to buy from you, and impulse buyers, many of your customers will have noticed your shop at an earlier date, glanced through the window and thought “that place looks nice, I should pop in there sometime.” Attractive and informative promotional signage in your window gives the potential customer a reason to come back.

Shop window promotional signage also affords you the opportunity to enhance your brand’s familiarity with your target market. Over time, by making your store noticeable, it will come to be seen as a stalwart of the community; something that is very important for engendering customer brand loyalty and repeat custom.

Bright and attractive window signage will draw the attention of those passing by your shop, but very few of them will actually come in. However, by making an impression even upon those who do not enter your store, you ensure that your business will be at the front of their minds when they do require your product or service. This also applies to recommendations.

For example, if someone passes by a bakery twice a week during their normal routine, they will definitely have noticed the window signage and will be aware of the bakery’s presence. They may have no need for its products at the moment. But one of their friends asks them if they know anywhere good to buy fresh, high quality bread, your business will be the first one that comes to mind thanks to the passive yet memorable effect of well-designed promotional window signage.

As explained above, shop window signage gives you the ability to refresh or remove your sign whenever you choose. Keeping your shopfront looking fresh provides several other benefits, including preventing your shopfront from ever fading into the background, which is important in the increasingly competitive high street.

The modern retail environment is a tricky one for anyone to navigate, but at The Sussex Sign Company we can offer a wealth of advice as to how to ensure that you get the most out of your signage. Come and talk to us today, call us on 01273 417057.