Increased Use Of Soft Signage

Flags and banners have long been a popular choice, especially amongst retailers and the events sector. However, other areas are now starting to see the benefits, increasing their spread across the industry. This type of soft signage is extremely versatile and cost effective, making it easy to transport and install. The number of applications they are used for has seen considerable growth over the past few years. The public sector and local authorities are increasingly using flags and banners for their temporary or short-term signage needs. They can be used on lamp posts to publicise local festivals and initiatives. Businesses and council departments are seeing the advantages that using a wider range of temporary signage can offer them. They are an excellent way of attracting attention, as consumers are more likely to notice something that?s new and different. This increase in the use of soft signage has largely been made possible due to improvements in the manufacturing process. They can now be produced from a range of different materials, meaning their use isn?t restricted to indoor signage. Here at The Sussex Sign Company we work closely with all our customers to create the right signage for their requirements, whether they require a long-term solution or something temporary.

Launch of two roller banners

Display Ltd and Innotech Digital have introduced two new roller banner models onto the market. As with their other models, they are extremely reliable and provide a cost effective signage solution for a range of different companies.

These are the Origin Carbon and the Frontier Carbon, which can both accommodate graphics up to a maximum of 2m in height. The Origin model comes in a choice of 80cm and 85cm widths and the Frontier is available in an 85cm width. The roller banners feature a clip rail that snaps on, making it quick and easy to install and change the graphics.

This is an extremely flexible range, with the individual banners packaged separately. They are both finished in a carbon black, which complements the existing range.

Roller banners are a good investment for any type of company. They are easy to store and transport, making them an excellent choice for temporary or event signage. Their size means they can be used to display a graphical design or can contain vital information.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we can produce roller banners to suit any customer requirements. They can be individually designed and the graphics changed when necessary.

Floor signage becoming more popular

Most consumers spend large amounts of their time looking down at their feet. However, signage makers and customers spend substantial amounts of time and money creating high quality signage that is then positioned high up. In order to combat this imbalance, there are an increasing number of outlets that are starting to use floor signage. Floor signage offers a range of benefits to both customers and consumers. It enables the customer to get their message across in a direct and easily accessible way, whilst enabling the consumer to carry on their lives in the same way. As more outlets take this new product on board, they will create new ways of applying it. These types of signs can be used in a variety of ways and styles. There are just as many methods of differentiating them from other graphics as there are with free standing signs or wall hung banners. The new products that are coming to the market are extremely versatile and durable. They offer different finishes and sizes and can be installed so there is no risk of marking or scratching the design. Here at The Sussex Sign Company we embrace new technology and products, so that our customers have different choices available to them. flooradver  

New environmentally friendly LEDs

LED lights offer huge advantages to the sign industry. They can be attached to signage brackets and projected onto the design, enabling it to be seen at night. One manufacturer has recently launched a new range of LED lights that provides environmental advantages.

The new set of LED trough lights, released by Iron Design, offer significant benefits, both in terms of the quality of the light and their energy consumption. They are designed to be used in place of existing T5 fluorescent lights. They consume much less energy, whilst still providing a high quality and consistent bright light. The bulbs will last for more than 50,000 hours.

The lights are manufactured using a much slimmer profile than previous models. They are available either as 600mm or 850mm long lights and measure only 53x25mm. This means that they have less of a detrimental impact on the sign they are designed to illuminate. The slimmer fitting can be easily hidden and doesn’t take away from the overall sign.

The LED lights can be bought as a pair and come with the cables, transformer and the required fixings.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we can produce a range of LED illuminated signs based on our customer’s requirements.



New concept in LED Lighting

Wandlite have launched a new LED light model, which has the ability to offer 360 degree tube lighting. The product is waterproof, durable and long lasting.

In the past, there has been a tendency for LED manufacturers to focus on the capabilities of the light, rather than the design elements. However, with the new Wandlite, it remains visually attractive as well as practical. The LED tape has been spiral wound along the tube to better direct the light.

This new LED light is extremely energy efficient. It uses 12v or power, but only takes up 1.2 amps of energy per metre. It can be used where there is no direct electrical supply, including outdoor and temporary settings. In these cases, the light can be used with a rechargeable battery, solar panel, car battery or cigarette lighter.

The Wandlite is available in a range of lengths, from 800mm to 2000mm. They can be used to independently or a number of tubes can be connected together to create a longer length. It can also be produced in a range of colours to meet customer needs.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we can offer a range of illuminated signs to suit the requirements of our customers.

Important workshops to be held at SDUK 2014

The British Sign and Graphics Association (BSGA) has announced that it will hold two workshops a day at this year’s Sign and Digital UK event. These will focus on key areas for the industry, to keep companies up to date on legal issues

Signage businesses are often busy with the day to day running of their company. This means that legislation and planning amendments can get overlooked. However, they can have a significant effect on a business and ignoring them could be costly. The industry needs to ensure they’re aware of the implications of any changes and the impact they have on their business. These workshops will provide companies with a concise forum to bring themselves up to date.

One of the workshops will examine signage design and construction standards. It will pay particular attention to the new European standards and the implications of these for the UK industry. The second workshop will focus on planning regulations, especially in light of the changes regarding signage maintenance and warranties.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we keep ourselves a-breadth of any developments within the industry, ensuring we understand the implications for our customers of any legal changes.

Investment key to future proofing a business

The economic downturn has led many businesses to reduce the amount of money they invest in their company. However, with glimmers of hope starting to appear, investment could be a way of ensuring a business is set for the future. Technology vital for the future One of the best investments a signage company can make is in the technology they use. This is developing all the time, with machines producing higher quality prints at a faster pace than before. With financial constraints still affecting companies, it’s important to look at exactly where investment would be best directed. Companies should take a wider approach and look at specific parts of the business that could benefit from investment and where the greatest rewards would be felt. By targeting funds in the right areas, businesses will be best placed to grow in the future. Bringing in new machines, such as the latest printers, will allow businesses to increase their capacity and attract new customers with a wider range of services. Here at The Sussex Sign Company we’re constantly evaluating the market to ensure we invest in the machines that will service our existing and new customers in the right way.

Create a greater impact with built-up signage

The creation of 3D signage, where the words and images are raised up, is becoming more popular. This allows sign makers to make a greater impact and produce a clean appearance. The advances in materials and technology mean that they can design something that goes further than an average 2D sign. There are some additional considerations to be taken into account when designing this type of sign. They will need to think about the overall design, the budget, durability, how long the sign will be up for and any installation issues. Location is also crucial to the finished look of the sign: the style of a sign that’s positioned high up won’t be the same as one that is at eye level. Built-up signage can be used in a number of different circumstances, where a customer wants to really make people take notice. The words or graphics can even appear to just float against the wall, without any obvious signs of fixings. Specialist lighting techniques are also making more daring styles achievable. Here at The Sussex Sign Company we use a range of materials and techniques, in order to achieve the desired look for all our customers.

Traditional signage undergoing resurgence

As more businesses look to stand out from the crowd and create their own unique identity, there has been an increased demand for signs that have a more traditional look and feel.

One of the growing trends in the signage industry is signs that combine both old and new, such as modern fonts mixed with old fashioned artwork. This enables businesses to do something different from other brands, without taking away the relevance of their offering for the modern consumer. This growth has even eclipsed the recession and the ensuing downturn on Britain’s high streets.

These modern signs with a traditional twist create a feeling of quality, that many brands are crying out for. They may look like their older counterparts, but they come without any of the issues that beset previous models. Today’s signs still use modern production methods and materials, providing a product that’s resistant to both rust and rot. This makes them more durable than traditional materials, such as wood and metal.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company we work closely with all our customers to create signs to their exact specifications. Our highly skilled manufacturers can work with both modern and traditional methods, to create the best solution.

For example, in this photograph we used the traditional skills of hand painting to replicate the look of a traditional pub, whilst using modern lighting for best effect.