How Strategic Signage In London Can Boost Your Sales

Every sign you create is an opportunity for you to communicate with your customers. Consistent messaging helps to communicate your brand’s story to boost recognition, trust and ultimately, sales.

Signs no retailer can ignore

Your signs should direct, inform and be located for maximum impact. Outdoor signage should create interest and drive customers towards your store, while wayfinding signs make the customer experience a smooth and pleasant one by providing seamless passage around your store – these can include maps and decals that drive customer traffic to specific areas.

Persuasive signage should be located at the point of sale and should feature a very specific call to action that drives your customers’ purchasing decisions. Finally, inclusive signs extend a great customer experience to everyone who comes through the door.

The benefits of effective signage

From getting your customer through the door to guiding them smoothly around your layout, good signs are appealing and well located, with a clear message. That means a well put together sign can take the pressure off your retail team by answering customer queries at a glance.

Signs can be used to create a clear directional path through your store and can even point customers towards displays of items your keen to promote. This leaves your staff free to create a superb customer care experience that helps to differentiate your brand from the competition.

Optimise size for success

The size of your signs can be critical to attracting customers. Differently sized signs achieve different purposes and need to adapt to different viewing angles. Try the 10 to 100 rule – 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of visibility.

Be careful, however, not to compromise readability. Scale graphics and frames to maintain balance and legibility.
Create a call to action

Signs that are designed to drive sales for a specific product have a tough job. Unlike signs that alert customers to discounts and clearances, you’ll need to create a very clear idea of the product’s benefits.

Don’t confuse benefits with features, however. Your soft drinks may be low in calories, but thirsty customers would rather know that they’re refreshing and thirst-quenching. Let customers know that your product solves their problem or makes life easier in some way. Show them how and why they need to purchase your product right now to enjoy its many benefits.

The 15 word rule

Want to create maximum impact? Then keep your message simple and observe the 15 word rule. Even with a more complicated promotion, a 15 word teaser will create a call to action that drives your customers towards the product you’re selling.

Match messaging with graphics for a sign that is simple yet unique and eye-catching. Humour and colour are two effective ways to make your signs stand out from the visual noise that bombards your customers every day.

Ask the experts

At The Sussex Sign Company, we can help you create eye-catching signs that drive customers into your store and boost your sales. Well-crafted signage is your secret weapon when it comes to succeeding in retail, so contact us today for more details.

Estate Agent Signs And The Regulatory Landscape

Estate agent boards littering our streets are becoming a notorious eyesore. Before you order your estate agent signs in East Sussex or across the country, it pays to know the regulatory landscape, so you don’t fall foul of increasingly steep fines.

The code of practice, as laid down by the property ombudsman, is clear – you must not erect any form of for sale board at a property unless you’ve been instructed to sell it, and you must conform with the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007, which is very specific about the size of boards and the amount of time they may be displayed.

The problem with signs

Legislation restricting intrusive and multiplying signs is nothing new. In fact, London first introduced a law restricting sign boards in the 1700s. Although things have moved on since the days of every tinker, tailor and candlestick maker advertising their wares with gigantic hanging signage, there’s no doubt that a plethora of estate agent signs can be a nuisance and some councils have considered banning their use entirely.

Know the law

The legislation governing estate agent boards can be quite confusing, especially as it pertains to the permissible size of any temporary advertising. That’s why boards are created in standard sizes using low cost corrugated board, which in theory means that they are cheap to repurpose or start afresh. However, in areas where there is a high turnover of rented accommodation, signage can be left in place for months, creating a real eyesore.

The law states that estate agent signs must be removed within 14 days of a property being sold or let, otherwise a penalty charge notice of £1000 will be issued. Councils have traditionally been lax at enforcing PCNs, but recent changes to the amount they may keep from their enforcement means you could fall foul of the local planning office to the tune of several thousand pounds if you don’t remove your signs within the permitted time.

The problem with spam boards

Spamming has recently become a problem, with one London agent using local community events to erect advertising boards that flouted the regulations. These so-called ‘spam boards’ featured the agent’s name in large letters and looked just like a standard estate agent board. Many were even erected illegally outside properties without the owner’s consent.

In Bath and Brighton, total bans on estate agent boards have been implemented. A ban has also been trialled in other areas.

Why you need lawful estate agent signs

It’s not all bad news. Lawful signs that comply with regulations and are take down within the 14 day limit are still one of the most effective ways of advertising property for sale or rent. They attract the interest of buyers and remain the most obvious and appealing way to advertise.

At The Sussex Sign Company, we can help you create eye-catching boards that will attract passers-by and motorists to come and view your properties. Using the most advanced and cost-effective materials, we can help you create the impact you need to get that quick sale. Contact us via phone or email for more information and advice.

Why Outdoor Signage Is As Important As Facebook

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You know you need to have a social media presence, but for a high street business, high quality signage is still a savvy marketing strategy. Nothing builds brand awareness like outdoor signs that are well-designed, well-executed and displayed correctly.

Visual communication

While your Facebook page can build your digital profile, nothing brands you in your community like a sign above your premises. That’s what your potential customers walk or drive past on a daily basis, and it creates brand awareness and provides vital visual communication. It’s that communication that can be critical for the success of your business.

Signs let potential customers know where you are and that you exist – 76% of respondents to a recent FedEx study said they visited a store they never knew existed because of its sign, and 75% were happy to recommend a business based on its sign. Those numbers are too persuasive to ignore.

Your sign is not dependent on SEO to make an impact, and it can stand out in all weathers, creating thousands of impressions that Facebook just can’t match.

Is bigger signage better?

Size matters when you’re designing a sign – the sign itself, the objects that contextualise it and the size of the font. An oversized sign can detract from the message, whereas a small, well placed sign can create a bigger and better impact than a larger one.

Some types of sign are already restricted in our cityscapes, including estate agents signboards. In fact, the overall size of the sign is not as important as the message that your sign conveys, thanks to the complicated and complex way we sequence and process a sign when driving or walking past.

What makes offline branding the right fit for your business is the unique value proposition that this kind of differentiation delivers for your business. Be bold but restrained and you’ll make maximum impact.

First impressions count

Your signage delivers the fundamentals of your branding in the blink of an eye. Therefore, creating that killer first impression through your signs means approaching them in the manner of an elevator pitch. If your pitch works, your customer will step inside, but that can only happen if your signs are consistent, clear and concise, with enough interest to draw your customers in.

Be seen

With Google rumoured to be building an ad-blocker directly into the next version of Chrome, the chances of getting your online ads seen are diminishing. With 26% of your audience already using ad-blockers, is your message getting through?

Using signs, you can communicate directly with your potential customers, thanks to their visibility and clear call to action. If static signs don’t work with your business, consider using vinyl car wraps to create thousands of impressions for just a few pence.

Ask the experts

When you’re looking to create high impact signage in West Sussex, it can be tough to get the messaging and design right. But when great signs can have as big an impact as your Facebook presence, why not ask the experts? At The Sussex Sign Company, we can help you maximise your ROI for signs with a greater reach than online marketing alone. Contact us today via phone or email and we’ll be happy to help.

The Psychology Of Signage And Making It Work For You

If you’re struggling to break through the visual noise and get your business noticed, you may need to resort to psychological warfare. At least, you might need to look at the psychology of signage in order to break through and connect with your audience. Signs can increase sales, drive customer loyalty and improve the customer experience if you take time to understand the way they work.

The differentiation of the unfamiliar

In a visually dense marketing landscape, we start to apply filters that allow us to perceive messages selectively. Where signs can have an edge in differentiating your business in London is their relative unfamiliarity – we’re not bored with seeing them, so we allow our brains to take notice. In fact, 75% of people claim to remember a sign they’ve seen in the last month.

Signage has direct relevance

Relevant signs allow you to target the right customer, in the right place, at the right time in a way that other marketing channels do not. An ad for fresh sandwiches on the radio doesn’t have the relevance, context and impact of an advert outside a sandwich shop.

Adapt to your consumer with personalisation Your signage can be adapted for your consumer, with different signs carrying different messages depending on factors like footfall. Personalised signs are more responsive than other traditional advertising channels and are more responsive to consumer needs.

Let the consumer take control

Traditional forms of advertising impose themselves on the consumer. But signs that allow the consumer to take control of the way they interact make your advertising feel as if it’s less of an imposition. Allow your audience to interact with your signs in a natural and intuitive way and you’ll remove the negative connotations associated with pushy marketing. Your audience will make purchasing and other decisions based on the merits of your content, not because they feel forced into doing so.

Creating a better customer experience

Relevance, personalisation and control are all critical to a better customer experience. Instead of simply adding to the noise with irrelevant messages that consumers can’t be bothered to respond to, high quality signs are a genuinely creative marketing channel that delivers the right message at the right time and in a way that is fresh and relevant. Your signs can educate, entertain and inform, and persuade the consumer to take certain purchasing decisions rather than hectoring them. By earning your audience’s attention rather than demanding it, good signs deliver a great customer experience.

Ask the experts

If you feel that you’re losing the war for your audience’s attention, then take a fresh look at your signage. Using signs can deliver unexpected benefits when you understand the psychology behind them, but harnessing that power demands responsive, professional design for best results. At The Sussex Sign Company, we know how to maximise your ROI by offering a complete end to end service that delivers great signs with the minimum of fuss. If you’re interested in creating signs that break through the advertising noise, contact us via phone or email today for more details.

The Rules Of Good Signage

Good signage earns attention, and it doesn’t bully your audience. But how do you know what a good sign looks like?

Know your objectives

It’s always tempting to put brand awareness top of your list of objectives, but how do you intend to measure what that looks like? Instead, bind your objectives to clear metrics that allow you to measure success – or failure.

Identifying your target audience allows you to create signs that are relevant to your customers. It’s that relevance that drives action, whether that’s reaching out or making a purchasing decision. Be clear on your customer profiles, from their fears and desires to their emotional profile and spending habits, and let objectives and profiles inform placement, design, message and timing.

Know your location

The placement of your signs will differ depending on customer profiles and type of content. So an interactive sign aimed at women aged 40-55 will require a different placement to a point of sale promotion aimed at 18-25 year old males. Don’t equate footfall with relevance, and always take accessibility into account when locating your signs.

Understand design

The design of your signs should always complement the message. While the Stroop test shows that some level of disruption can force the brain to pay attention – when the word blue appears written in green, for example – be wary of splitting your audience’s attention as that can delay comprehension of the message. When the time to make an impression and impart information is already limited, it doesn’t make sense to slow comprehension any further.

Send a clear message

Your signs should prioritise a simple message delivered as effectively as possible. A simple message demands your focus and a response, and that counts when the human attention span is just 8 seconds – lower even than a goldfish. The point is that signs and signposting are very much a medium that is glanced at and they need to stand out from the visual noise of our modern marketing environment. Don’t make an impression without making a real impact.

Get the timing right

Timing is dependent on both the location of your signs and the medium you use to convey the message. A static sign is entirely appropriate for a roadside drive-by location, but won’t earn attention in a static location. Get the balance and timing wrong and you’ll frustrate your customers by failing to get your message across.

Good signage puts the customer first

Advertising often gets a bad rap, but it’s not the marketing channel itself that’s at fault, but irrelevant and intrusive content that turns consumers off. Consumers are responsive to well designed and relevant content – in a survey 77% of respondents said they wanted the ability to ad filter rather than flat out ad block – but you need to ensure that you’re giving your audience that optimal advertising experience. Make your content engaging, relevant and meaningful. Make enhancing the customer experience central to every piece of signage you create. With entertaining and interesting signage from The Sussex Sign Company, you’ll impress and engage customers in West Sussex and beyond. Call or email us today for more information.

Why Your Sign Company Can Be Central To Delivering A Brand Experience

Whether your retail premises have recently undergone a refit, or you’re designing a walking route around a stately home, the challenges that face you are fundamentally the same: how can I use beautifully designed signage to enhance the brand experience for customers and visitors?

The problem that faces you is whether you can use bold and innovative signs to head off frustration, and whether you can develop a wayfinding strategy that hits all the touchpoints of your customer’s experience to positively improve brand recognition and experience.

Apply online navigation to offline spaces

Your customer should never be confused about the space they’re in. Signs need to be consistent with your branding and attractive and clear enough to bring in first time customers who can quickly interact with the brand thanks to the cues from your signage. Just as customers browsing your website will click away if the navigation isn’t simple, precise and consistent across the site, so your offline customers will go elsewhere if you don’t apply the same navigation principles.

The decision making process

Wayfinding is about keying into the critical decisions that consumers make and giving useful information at every decision point. The fact is a well-designed entrance will attract people when the overhead sign may be ignored, but the success of your overall strategy is directly dependent on how well all the elements of the wayfinding environment come together in the designs you create with your sign maker.

Wayfinding and the branding experience

If wayfinding is part of a wider visual environment, then it must be part of the broader conversation around branding. After all, it’s the purpose of good quality signage to control the movement of consumers within the retail environment. From the first touchpoint with your brand, you need to establish clarity and tone of voice, whether that’s a map on a flyer or spoken instructions on a phone message.

Interact with the space

Retail spaces are no longer designed to be static. Instead, ranges, layouts and promotions often change, which makes effective signage absolutely vital in helping customers navigate the store successfully, and creating a positive impression of their interaction with your brand. Treating the signage as integral to the success of the overall design will help avoid pitfalls that lead to frustration and disconnection with your brand.

Using a sign company to make signs work

You’ll need both directional signs (those with a visual clue like an arrow) and location signs (those that tell you where you are). Ask your sign maker to produce a group of signs that use corporate colours to enhance your signage, and pay attention to contrast, fonts and font size and accessibility. Remember that your customers will assume a frictionless brand experience that is the same offline and online, and if you don’t deliver, you’ll create a poor brand experience and impression that can be hard to recover from. Search out a decent sign maker who can help you deliver.

If you’re looking for an experienced and professional sign company in London, or the south-east, then here at the The Sussex Sign Company, we strive to earn the best ROI for our customers. Contact us via phone or email for more details.

Why We Need Public Sector Signage

As the backbone of our society, the public sector has to work hard to give us information about our surroundings. That’s what makes public sector signage so important in our modern world – we rely on these signs to help us navigate the built environment or for vital information.

What is public sector signage?

When you enter a town or village, do you notice the ‘welcome to…’ sign? When you pass a building site, do you notice the warning signs? And when you have to visit the hospital, can you find where you’re going? These are all examples of public sector signs that are designed to make life safer, easier and more welcoming for all of us.

Why does it matter?

The more important the message, the more important it is that public sector signage is clear, distinct and has a unified look and feel for consistency and value. Professional looking public signs inspire confidence that everything is working efficiently and effectively, and that we can find the same navigational aids whenever we’re in a public place or building. Consider road signs – if they varied from county to county, they could prove dangerous and unsafe by delivering a confusing message.

Visual consistency and professionalism delivers a clear message that the public take notice of, because it carries the weight of authority. This is vital for road safety, health and for delivering important information that we instinctively take notice of.

Why design is important

When it comes to public sector signs, each panel is there to communicate precise information, informing and guiding the public whether outside or inside. Because of the clear and consistent visual vocabulary required, there are standards and regulations for the design of these important signs.

Signs should be displayed against a contrasting background, and should have a non-reflective surface so they’re easy to read. They should be correctly positioned for maximum visibility and accessibility and should use universally recognised symbols and sentence case, not uppercase lettering.

Using clear and consistent design principles is also important for the private sector when building top of mind awareness.

Innovative uses for public sector signs

Signage can also be used to celebrate achievement, raise awareness and build a positive image. For example, a donors’ wall in a hospital builds recognition, while a mission statement spelled out in bold graphics can really grab the public’s attention. Schools often use achievement walls to celebrate their pupils’ level of attainment. Innovation in public signage can even be used as part of an image building or rebranding exercise across all marketing channels, including social media.

The expert view

At the Sussex Sign Company, we understand that creating and producing high quality public signage can be critical to the way we interact with our environment. From the choice of materials to design and installation, we work to the highest standards to deliver public sector signage that meets all your requirements. If you’re in East Sussex and you’re looking for professional signage, please contact us via phone or email for further details on how we can work with you to create the signage you need.

The Most Intriguing Signage Trends For 2018

If you’re thinking about the ways that you can use high quality and well-designed signage this year, then there’s a world of astonishing possibilities. Though some of them may not quite be available to a sign writing company near you in the immediate future, they’re a sign of the way that technology is changing what the signage industry is capable of.

Wrap it up

You’ll already be familiar with high impact vehicle wraps and what a powerful marketing tool they can be for building customer trust and raising brand awareness. But have you considered harnessing that power and wrapping your building?

Building wraps have been used to wrap construction site hoardings in the past, but they can now deliver a marketing boost for a seasonal promotion, especially, of course, at Christmas, when you can wrap your building up like a gigantic present!

Add texture

Developments in texture printing are being influenced by 3D print technology and have some important applications for accessible signage. For example, you could choose to incorporate Braille directly into your signage as an innovative way to conform with disability legislation.

Texture printing will also have applications at the high end, giving a designer touch to your signage. Imagine a feature wall that looks and feels like leather, or a football protruding out of your wall that feels identical to the real thing – these are just some of the possibilities of texture printing.

Celebrate history

Schools, corporate offices, hospitals – these are just some of the places where you might find a history wall – a celebration of your achievements and the evolution of your brand or organisation. History walls are set to become a big thing in 2018 as nostalgia continues to be a trend.

Your history wall can be fully customised and personalised, perhaps consisting of a vinyl wall decal in your corporate colours as a background with wood, foam or acrylic signs that explain your organisation’s journey in text and graphics. The power of the history wall lies in the way that it can use different types of signs to create an impact. The more compelling the signage, the more interesting your brand’s story.

Create a first impression

On your lobby walls or behind the reception desk, a beautifully executed sign incorporating your logo and tagline can create a powerful first impression. Try channel letters with an LED halo lighting effect for an instant wow factor, or use texture printing techniques to create something utterly unique.

The underlying message is that 2018 might be the year that you need to rebrand, and what better way to announce your new logo and tagline than with a suite of high quality, interior signs?

Invest in quality

Even if you don’t intend to wrap your premises like a present, celebrate your history, rebrand with new shop signage or celebrate a significant anniversary with a history wall, 2018 might be the year that you reconsider the impression that your shop signs give of your company.

If your market research says it’s time for a change, The Sussex Sign Company can help. We offer a fully integrated service from design to installation and beyond, so phone us today or drop us an email for more information.

Why Your Business Needs To Light Up With Illuminated Signs

Illuminating your signage is about so much more than showing customers where you are. In fact, a well-illuminated sign will provide cost-effective advertising 24 hours a day, maximising the effectiveness of your message. Even if you don’t stay open all day and all night, your sign will still be doing your marketing for you.

Versatile and stylish, illuminated signage can take your visual assets to another level. More than that, a well-executed sign will add value to your business, thanks to its perceived value.

The ABC of illuminated signs

There are several practical questions you need to ask yourself when installing illuminated shop signs. Is the illumination visible and effective? Is the message legible? Is your sign well maintained, and if not, how will you keep it looking its best and doing its job. Work with a professional signage company and these issues and more will be worked out during the design, development and installation process.

However, before you approach a sign company, check the functionality of your concept by asking the ABC questions – does your sign Attract new customers, Build brand awareness and Create impulse sales? If you think your sign can do all three, then it’s a worthwhile investment.

Send a subliminal message

When you work together with a professional designer on your commercial signage, you’ll be surprised at the strong yet subliminal messages you can send with colour. Your bespoke LED signs don’t need to be pure white, though that can look clean and professional. Colour can make a subliminal statement about your business when coupled with clever design, for an effect that enhances your business.

Maximise your marketing budget

Illuminated shop signs create thousands of impression throughout the course of the day, giving you an exceptionally low cost per impression. The cost of your signage is a one-off in your budget, and when you compare the ROI against other forms of marketing, your illuminated signs can be quite a bargain, and they can have a reach that far outstrips more temporary forms of advertising like billboards and radio, TV or online ads.

Consider the interior options

While your exterior illuminated signs will be reaching out to passing trade at all hours of the day and night, don’t ignore the power of a sophisticated indoor sign with LED illumination. Beautifully designed, perhaps using halo illuminated letters for a subtle and stylish effect, an illuminated logo on the wall behind the till, or as customers first enter your premises, can drive brand recognition and create a stunning first impression.

Work with the professionals

At The Sussex Sign Company, we can offer you a range of stylish and effective solutions for your illuminated signage, whether that’s halo illuminated letters or a banner effect. We’ll steer you through the process from concept to design to installation, discussing illumination options and a maintenance schedule. If you want to see what illuminated signs can do for the exterior and interior of your store or office premises, then contact us today via phone or email and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Create A Wow: How To Use Halo Lit Signs Effectively For Your Business

What do Kiehl’s, Triumph and Versace all have in common? These diverse businesses all use halo lit signs to project a sophisticated image. This unique and subtle lighting effect is used to create eye-catching signage that elevates not only the perceived value of the sign, but also the company that uses it. In short, if you want to create a real wow for your business, you need to invest on halo lit signage.

Getting started with halo lighting

This stunning yet subtle lighting effect is achieved by projecting white or coloured lighting, often using LEDs, onto the background for your sign. It’s clear, therefore, that your sign needs to be mounted on a particular type of background. Too glossy and there’s too much reflection, too dark and the light is absorbed.

There are workarounds, however, to both issues if the background is intrinsic to your brand identity. On a dark surface, white cut vinyl letters can be used to mount the sign for optimum reflection. With a high gloss, the use of a diffuser can soften the glow and create the perfect halo effect.

Create the effect

You also need to ensure that your LEDs are facing towards the interior of the letters. This gives a smooth halo with no individual pinpoints of light. You could also use fluorescent lighting, but it’s neither as energy-efficient as LED or as interesting to work with, as LEDs can be used to create a wide range of colour effects and even different temperatures of white.

One other issue to consider is the mounting distance of your letters. Too close, and you’ll negate the halo effect, too far away and the letters themselves become indistinct. The optimum mounting distance for halo lit signs is usually one and a half to three inches, but you’ll need to work with an experienced fitter to help you achieve the best effect for your installation.

Communicate your brand with colour

While some brands are clearly under the impression that the only colour for halo lighting is bright white, you can differentiate your sign by understanding the way that you can communicate effectively with colour. While white can project a clean and professional image, using corporate colours may enhance your sign or be used to add warmth for hospitality industries.

Be careful when using multiple colours, however. Lighting your logo and company name differently, for example, may look disjointed. But using your brand colours where appropriate can be a clever way to enhance brand recognition and give your sign extra appeal.

Work with the professionals

Halo lit signage can have a dramatic impact when constructed and installed properly. With so many variables that can affect the overall presentation of your halo lit sign, you need to work with the best to ensure every aspect from design to installation and maintenance is taken care of. At The Sussex Sign Company, we deliver the best possible return on your investment, creating halo lit signs that project a professional and cohesive image for your brand. Contact us today via phone or email for more details on how you can harness the power of the halo for your new signage.