Swing Signs Reinvented by Plex

Swing signs are often seen outside cafes, pubs and restaurants, as they are often used to advertise menu items. Traditionally large and heavy, the swing sign is not especially user-friendly. Until now.

Plex has redesigned the swing sign. Trade customers can now purchase the company’s folding swing sign, which is made from stainless steel, plastic and aluminium, but features none of the disadvantages associated with traditional designs.

Andy Chancellor, design manager at Plex, said: “Our research clearly shows there is a need for a more portable pavement sign. Our goal was to design and manufacture a swing sign that is robust enough to withstand the daily grind of pavement life, but [which has] the added benefits of being easy to carry and to fold flat for convenient storage.”

The new design includes a locking mechanism for the sign and a powder-coated aluminium surface. Two stainless steel tubes form the structure of the product, which sits on four hard-wearing plastic feet.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we welcome improvements to long-established product designs. Making swing signs more durable and portable should provide direct benefits for trade customers. We produce all kinds of commercial and retail signage, include temporary and permanent designs that can be used on swing signs.