Signs Suggest California Takes Speed Enforcement to New Heights

An artist living in California, USA, is said to be responsible for a new wave of road signs that have appeared in Marin County.

The signs depict an armed (actually firing) military drone above the text, “SPEED ENFORCED BY DRONES.” A number of anxious motorists took to Twitter to vent their concern over the signs.

Although the thought of authorities using armed drones to enforce speed restrictions is one that ought to seem alien to people living in the UK, Americans may have good reason to fear state rule from above. Last week, an army veteran living in Colorado suggested that residents should be allowed to shoot down drones for cash. Plus, this being America, just about anything is possible.

But California is not yet willing to shoot at drivers who exceed the speed limit. At least not from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Patrol officer Andrew Barclay explained: “We use radar, pace. We have planes and we have helicopters. But we do not have drones. We definitely do not have any drones that would fire any type of weaponry.”

Barclay did admit, however, that the signs look genuine.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we produce all types of signage for all kinds of customer. We most certainly do not use drones.