Signage The Christmas Gift Which Keeps on Giving

We have already entered one of the busiest periods in the shopping calendar, with Christmas and New Year meaning bargain hunters everywhere have braved the cold and gloomy weather to grab those stocking fillers and fill their fridges for the celebrations. While retailers and restaurant or pub owners are probably already rushed off their feet, there’s one more job you should add to your to-do list and it could just be the one which helps you maximise sales over the festive period – installing new signage.

Competition in the retail and hospitality sectors can be incredibly fierce over the Christmas period, with everyone trying to outdo their neighbours with discounts, special offers and diversity of stock. It’s a critical time for making up if sales have been poor throughout the rest of the year, giving a much-needed boost to the balance books as the year draws to a close. Capturing your fair share of the Christmas market is, therefore, a big priority over the coming days and weeks, and new signage could be just the thing you need to catch the eyes of the Christmas crowds and pull in new customers.

Sussex and London: Shopping Destinations of Choice

It goes without saying that the capital is the number one destination for shoppers at this time of year, drawing in people not only from across the United Kingdom but around the world. While the wealthy fly in to stock up at Hamleys and Harrods, the majority of us will be spending our money in supermarkets, high street stores, big retail outlets and smaller independent shops. This year, spending is expected to bounce back to a level not seen since the financial crash of 2007, so it could well be a very merry Christmas indeed for the nation’s shopkeepers.

Oxford Street is, of course, one of the most popular shopping spots, but all across the capital shops, restaurants and bars will be hearing the tills ringing out in the Christmas period. Beyond the densely packed streets of Zone 1, there are countless London boroughs where you’ll find not only the big name high street chains, but slightly more unusual independent stores.

Sussex, too, has become something of a retail destination in recent years. Ideally situated within handy reach of the capital, savvy shoppers wishing to escape the worst of the crowds and find something a little different are increasingly drawn to nearby Eastbourne, Brighton and Chichester, which are all just a short train hop away. Smaller, more quirky stores located in picturesque towns such as Lewes, Rye and Arundel also pull in shoppers on the search for that elusive perfect present, as do the festive markets.

For shop owners, restaurant managers or pub landlords across Sussex and London, ensuring your premises are looking at their best can make a big difference to the footfall you get through your door at this time of year. People are automatically drawn to the most attractive, best-looking outlets, so a dreary shop window or a shabby façade can easily drive much needed custom straight into the arms of a local competitor.

Add Signage To Your Christmas List This Year

Whether you’re based in Sussex or London signage should be top of your Christmas list. It may seem like just one more thing to get done when you’re already rushed off your feet, but the benefits of installing new signage are immediate and impressive.

Customers really do like to see attractive shops fronts and are more likely to venture inside if they can see that the outside of your premises is well-kept and appealing. Getting people to pause and examine your window display or cast an eye over your menu is half the battle when it comes to clinching those all-important Christmas sales, and a bold, beautiful and eye-catching sign can be seen from quite a distance and may well lure customers over.

A high quality sign speaks volumes about your business and about you. Nobody wants to go through the doors of a shop or restaurant where the sign above the door is missing letters or looks grubby and unloved, but a well-lit and well-maintained sign has exactly the opposite effect and offers encouragement. At this time of year in particular, when the weather might be dark and gloomy, the warming glow of a good sign is a welcoming invitation to the casual passerby and certainly helps your business stand out.

Choosing The Right Signage For Your Business

Getting your signage right is key, and done well it becomes the gift which just keeps on giving. Signage is an incredibly powerful marketing tool which is both prominent and permanent, advertising your business round the clock simply by being so visible. Good signage does more than just put your name above the door – it’s a prime piece of branding, so must be bold and memorable, perhaps including your company’s logo or colours.

When it comes to Sussex and London signage, the Sussex Sign Company is the market leading provider of high quality, bespoke signs. We work all across the county of Sussex, as well as serving all London boroughs, so wherever you are, we’re on hand to help. With many years’ experience in this field, we are able to work with you to design, manufacture, install and help you maintain your signage, offering innovative solutions to all your signage needs. For more information about the services we provide, or to get advice on the best signage for your business, simply get in touch with our expert team today on 01273 417057 or contact us using the contact form.