Signage Enforcement Officers: Even Hollywood Isn’t Safe!

Home to the world’s most famous and iconic sign, Hollywood is a symbol of freedom. The spiritual birthplace of the American dream. A place where people head to achieve fame and fortune. The only problem is that signage enforcement officers live there too.

According to Patch, business owners in North Hollywood have been issued with a stark warning by city officials: remove unauthorised signage within 30 days or face a fine. The order was made after inspectors ruled that certain shop front signs were in violation of the area’s municipal code. Size was cited as one of the main reasons why officials wanted the signs to be removed.

Business leaders in Valley Village, North Hollywood, were outraged by the demand, claiming many of the signs had been in place for decades.

Idrea Lippman, owner of a boutique in the area and one of the proprietors cited by the Department of Building and Safety, said: “It’s completely unfair. It’s just wrong how they handled it. The city made a decision that they wanted more revenue.”

Each unauthorised sign will cost up to $1,000 to replace, with the total cost for all firms estimated to be around $35,000.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we can only sympathise with the business owners in Valley Village.