How To Choose The Best Sign Company In Bognor Regis For Wayfinding Signs

Every business needs wayfinding signs, and a strong wayfinding strategy is a critical part of a cohesive communications strategy. It’s all about providing an intuitive and user friendly experience for your customers which, in turn, can generate a huge amount of trust and goodwill for your brand.

However, your wayfinding strategy must be combined with high quality signage so that your users get the optimum benefit from the environment you’ve created. Get you signage right and you’ve added another weapon to your branding arsenal.

But how can you find the best sign company in Bognor Regis, or East Sussex as a whole, to create a range of wayfinding signs that are perfectly adapted to your needs? Knowing what to look for in a signage company ensures that they’ll produce the right signs for your company that take into account your space, needs and brand identity.

What are your wayfinding signage needs?

Your wayfinding signage needs to enhance your brand, creating a user friendly environment. Therefore you need to find a sign maker who has experience working with similar companies or on similar projects.

Can they provide you with examples of their work? Do they have experience of your sector? If you already have ideas about how your brand should represent itself through your wayfinding signage, is the company capable of making that vision a reality?

Does the company have design experience?

You may have the vision, but very few of us have the professional design expertise to know how that concept can be turned into a reality. A professional designer will have a clear idea of how your signage can be impacted by logistical concerns or regulations governing accessibility and wayfinding signs, for example.

A professional designer will also be able to conceptualise your ideas in such a way that, even when working within budgetary constraints, they can make compromise look like intention. They’ll also keep abreast of the latest trends in sign design and technology, to help you produce the most cost effective, high impact sign, on time and within budget.

Can your chosen sign company help with permits and regulations?

Accessibility is critical when it comes to producing wayfinding signs that work for all users, and a good quality sign maker will be able to advise you on the ways that your signs need to meet your legal responsibilities. In addition, they should be able to help you understand any regulations pertaining to the display of signs. This is critical knowledge that any good sign maker will have at their fingertips.

If your sign company doesn’t know the relevant guidelines to keep your wayfinding signs fully compliant with accessibility legislation, then go elsewhere.

Innovative solutions

If your aim is to create a unique wayfinding environment for your customers, then you need a bespoke design solution, not off the peg signage. Your sign maker should be capable of creating innovative solutions that incorporate modern production techniques and technologies with unique materials for the optimum result.

Don’t compromise your vision for the sake of cheap materials and printing processes that don’t accurately reproduce your critical corporate colours.


What differentiates you from your competition is a cohesive approach to your branding, and your wayfinding and other interior signs are part and parcel of that approach. Therefore, it pays to streamline the approach to design, manufacture and installation, so that your signs have the same look and feel across every panel and display.

Does your Bognor Regis sign company offer in-house manufacturing capability, to ensure consistency in the printing of your signage? Outsourced signs are unlikely to have the same quality and consistency as those manufactured in-house, where you can have a hands on approach to the entire process.

Poor quality signs not only give an unfavourable impression of your organisation, but they won’t last as long, meaning you’ll end up paying more for maintenance and repair in the long run.

Your sign company should also be able to professionally install and maintain your signs, and have experience in securing a wide range of different signage and display panels. Ideally, you will also be able to rely on them for maintenance and repairs, so that should anything go wrong, your signs will be functioning again as quickly as possible.

Do they offer a wide range of appropriate materials?

If you want to go beyond standard signage to create a visually appealing and cohesive brand experience for your customers, you’ll need to consider the materials you use. Does your chosen sign maker offer quality materials that reflect your brand and your company image. For example, if you work with glass or metal, can your sign makers create wayfinding signage that incorporates those materials?

Can you expect support at every step of the process?

The best sign company for your project is the one that offers support and solutions at every step of the process, from design to execution. Not only will a good sign maker lead you through every step of the process, they’ll also deliver quality at every key stage.

Do they have a dedicated customer services team or have they assigned an individual as your point of contact throughout the process? Is this a company who builds customer relationships and stands behind the quality of their work? Do they pay attention to the little things – careful shipment and using the right fixings for installation?

If your sign company is willing and able to answer all your questions and show you examples of their work, then they’re the right choice of sign making company to create your wayfinding sign environment. At the Sussex Sign Company, we pride ourselves on ensuring the best possible return on investment and adding value every step of the way for our customers, so call or email us to find out how we can help you make your vision a reality.