Shop Owner in Stafford Ordered to Remove Decades-Old Signs

The owner of a plumbing parts store in Stafford has spoken of his dismay, after the local council informed him that two signs installed on the exterior of his shop would have to be removed, unless planning permission is granted. Both signs have been in place for more than twenty years.

Andy Wheeler, who established Plumbits in 1984, claims Stafford Borough Council informed him that the advertising signs on his store are too large. Without being granted planning permission, the council argued, Mr Wheeler would have no choice but to remove the signs.

Mr Wheeler said: “There are shops closing down in Stafford at a rate of around two a week and they’re wasting their time doing this. It’s uncalled for.”

The shop owner added that he is concerned about the cost of applying for planning permission and potentially having to remove the signs, at a time when firms throughout Stafford are struggling. When contacted by the Express and Star, Stafford Borough Council refused to comment.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we sympathise with Mr Wheeler, not least because shop signage is integral to the success of any high-street business. Our firm produces all kinds of signs for private and commercial use, including large and small shop signs.