School’s Out! Why the Summer Holidays are the Ideal Time for New School Signs

We’re approaching that stressful time of year when exams loom and revision seems to dominate every waking moment – for kids, parents and teachers alike. As soon as ‘time’s up’ is announced for that final paper, however, thoughts will immediately turn to the long summer holidays and the lazy, sunny days of freedom. It’s not just the students who look forward to the well-earned summer break, teachers are no doubt desperate for the holidays to start too!

But just because things will soon start winding down at schools and colleges, it doesn’t mean that this should be an unproductive time in the school calendar. If you’re a head teacher or the person responsible for maintenance around your school, the summer holidays are the perfect time to carry out all those jobs which need doing before the start of the new academic year – and that might involve replacing or sprucing up your school’s signage.

School signage: what can it teach us?

As a school, you might not think you need to ‘advertise’ yourself in the same way that a business might. However, simply because you’re there, you have a catchment area and children will always need educating, it doesn’t mean you can simply sit back and let things take their course. Class sizes might be getting bigger, but students and parents still have some say in where they send their children, and appearances really do matter when it comes to attracting new pupils.

Whether you’re a nursery, primary, junior or secondary school, public or private, co-ed or single-sex, the way you present your educational establishment can make a big difference. Schools play a vital role in the local community, and you want to be sure that the community sees your school in a positive light and is more willing to support you. If your school building looks run-down and a little bit shabby, you may well be letting your students down. The expectations of all are lowered if a school looks unappealing. It follows, perhaps, that educational standards are also lower, or that pupils will be less well-behaved and take less pride in their school.

School signs which are poorly designed and poorly maintained do not bode well, and when it comes to impressing prospective students, their parents and the wider community, ensuring your signage is in top condition is crucial. A school sign is often the first things people see when they arrive at the school gates, and first impressions can make a vast difference to how they approach what lies beyond.

Why new signage now?

The school holidays represent a perfect time for new school signs. Not only is it easier to carry out that all-important maintenance work with no students about the place, but getting things tidied up and looking good before the start of the next academic year means you won’t have to think about it come autumn or winter, when less favourable weather arrives.

Summer is the ideal time for new signage in any sector, but for schools which often have large premises to maintain and few occasions in which to carry out these vital tasks, the lull of the holidays is about the only time you have spare. With sunnier weather, having new signs installed can be a quick and easy task, which makes an immediate and very visible impact.

A new school term represents a fresh start for all, and with any luck, both students and teachers alike will be returning feeling renewed, enthused and looking forward to new beginnings. All children, from reception right through to sixth form, like to see change and improvements in their surroundings, and being welcomed back with a new, updated school sign is a great way to kick off the new term. Seeing the school’s name and logo set out on bold new signage can be a real morale and confidence boost, as everyone settles back into the routine of school life.

Time for a change

If your school signs are looking in need of a little TLC this summer, now might be the right time to consider what changes you might want to make. If it’s getting on in years, it could just be that you need your existing signage replaced like for like. It could be that you need to update the contact details on your school sign, or add the name of an incoming headteacher or deputy head. You might be considering something even more drastic – a complete change of colour scheme, for instance, or changing the school logo or motto altogether.

Whatever changes need to be made, it’s worth getting in touch with a professional signage company early on, before the school breaks up for the holidays. While schools are winding down, other businesses are gearing up for a summer rush, and that includes signwriting companies. Chances are that if new signage is on the cards for your nursery or school, other headteachers are having similar thoughts. To avoid being at the bottom of a waiting list, now’s the time to act.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’ve spent many years supplying schools across London and the South East with bespoke signage. Our highly-qualified team of graphic designers and sign fitters can work with you to create bold and beautiful new school signs, perfectly capturing the ethos of your educational establishment. For more information on the services we provide, simply get in touch with our expert team today.