Roadworks Signage Described as ‘Unsympathetic’

A trader in Alfriston, East Sussex, has launched a scathing attack on East Sussex County Council, after road signs installed to inform motorists of works in the village allegedly ‘destroyed’ her business.

Diane Meek, owner of Pearls of Alfriston, said: “The ‘road ahead closed signs’ were far more prominent than the ‘village open’ ones.”

The proprietor added that the signage could have been designed and installed “more sympathetically.”

Responding to a critical letter received from Ms Meek, East Sussex County Council replied: “We do understand the concerns of business owners, but we are satisfied that adequate signage is in place and that those advising motorists businesses are open as usual are clearly visible to motorists.”

Ms Meek noted that the signage was replaced soon after she made her complaint, but that has not prevented her business from losing additional trade. The trader believes that the signs, which read, “STOP,” “CHECKPOINT CHARLIE,” “YOU ARE ENTERING THE ALFRISTON SECTOR” and “VOUS SORTEZ” (French for ‘be gone!’) have scared off scores of potential customers.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we have nothing but sympathy for Ms Meek and other traders in Alfriston. Official road signs should never attempt to mock or make light of the difficulties faced by store owners who are affected by roadworks.