Road Signs Hidden by Overgrown Hedges

Road users in Bedfordshire have called on the district council to trim overgrown grass and hedges that cover important road signs in the county.

Val Penfare, a resident of Potton, said that only roads in Bedfordshire are affected, adding that council workers in Cambridgeshire appear to be on top of their maintenance duties. Penfare said: “The road sign on Potton Road The Heath indicates a junction with a give-way instruction. I know that fact because I use the road frequently, but any newcomers would be unaware of the hazard ahead”. She added that overgrown grass is just as serious a problem in the county as overgrown hedgerows. But Central Bedfordshire Council appears reluctant to accept responsibility for the task of maintaining certain stretches of land.

A spokesperson for the council commented: “Most of the rural hedges in Central Bedfordshire are owned by third parties and are therefore the landowner’s responsibility. Of course, if the hedge is a hazard to road users… we can ask the landowner to cut or prune it within 14 days”. Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we urge our customers to maintain their signage on a regular basis. A sign may not be able to do its job if it is excessively dirty, damaged or obscured by overgrown foliage.