Road Signs Concealed in London Colney

A councilor in London Colney has expressed his concern after road signs in the area were covered with black bin bags.

Councillor Jacob Quagliozzi was notified of the incident by residents. On checking the signs himself, the councilor reported the problem to Hertfordshire County Council. After being informed that the bin bags had been removed from the signs, Councillor Quagliozzi inspected the area for a second time and found that bin liners were still covering up important road signs.

The councilor said: “The signs are there to be abided by it makes a mockery of having road signs if people just cover up ones that are inconvenient to them.”

The concealed signage warned drivers of lorries and other heavy goods vehicles from entering the village for any other purpose than loading.

St Albans Councillor, Chris White, added that a no entry sign required replacement. He said: “It is performing no useful function at all unless you know it is a ‘no entry’ sign.”

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire County Council insisted the sign was “perfectly visible and serviceable.”

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we recognise the importance of positioning and maintaining signage. A sign that is covered or left in a state of disrepair is as good as no sign at all.