Afraid of Change? How New Signage Could Revolutionise Your Business

New Signage Adds More Profit For Your Business

Change can be a frightening thing. Everybody has a comfort zone they like to stay within, and change frequently represents a foray into the unknown and unfamiliar, which we’re often reluctant to make. People trust and like things they know and have always known – just look at the uproar caused when Toblerone changed the shape of its iconic pyramid chocolate, or when High Street giant GAP changed its familiar logo and were forced to do a U-turn within the week. Not all change is bad though, and when it comes to branding and signage, a little well-executed change now and then can inject a whole new lease of life into your company.

In fact, when it comes to business, you could argue that change is necessary if you are to avoid dying a slow death. Retailers already know that if they didn’t change their product line now and then to reflect what people want to buy, they wouldn’t be around five years from now. If retailers don’t move with the times, they soon become obsolete, so standing still is not an option. The same goes for restaurants and bars. If you don’t change your menu every so often to shake things up a little, customers soon get bored and look elsewhere.

Not all change is scary, then, and in many cases it’s a positive, helping us push beyond our limits, adapt and progress to something better. That’s certainly the case when it comes to signage. While we’re always told that people like familiarity in their local area and are slow to adjust to change, new signs outside your business premises can transform the appearance of your shop, bar, restaurant, pub or other High Street establishment – and for the better. Changing your signs can, in fact, revolutionise your business in ways you’d never imagined.

Updating Signage; Change For The Better

If the signs outside your premises are starting to look a little worse for wear, it’s definitely time to consider a change. Your signs say a lot about you as a company, and worn-out, tired looking signs which have not been well-maintained suggest a lack of interest and pride in what you do. By upgrading your signs, you instantly elevate the overall appearance of your establishment, projecting a much more professional and attractive image to the world.

Research has shown that the human brain registers and passes judgment on what it’s looking at in under a second, so you only get one shot at making a good first impression. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever goods or services you sell, bold and eye-catching signs are going to impress and make you memorable to potential customers.

It’s not just the physical signage you need to consider if you want to make a change. If you pause to look at the clothes you’re wearing today, they’re probably far different to the outfit you might have put on twenty years ago. Fashions change and move on, and the same principle applies to your signs. Company logos and colour schemes can start to look a little stale and dated after a few years, so updating your designs to make them more modern and aesthetically pleasing could be key to breathing new energy into your brand.

If you work with a professional design team to create a bespoke branding campaign, you could find you attract a whole new customer demographic. A truly great sign designer will be able to retain enough of your old branding style that loyal customers will not be upset by the change, while giving it a more modern twist which could capture the interest of new customers too.

Facing The Future

Nothing in life stands still, and that’s often for the good. They always say that ‘a change is as good as a rest’, so if you feel your business is slowing down and could be performing better, now is the ideal time for that change. Rather than take the ‘rest’ by stepping back and feeling disheartened, instigate change now and you’ll soon find that it has a massive impact on your business, boosting creativity, energy and morale among you and your team.

It’s amazing the difference something as simple as new signs and new branding can bring. When your business looks good from the outside, it starts to feel better on the inside too. Investing in new signs announces to the world that you’re a force to be reckoned with and that you having sticking power. at a time when many on the High Street are suffering.

Remember that you don’t need to rush at it though – change only helps when you do it in a considered and thoughtful way. You don’t want to rebrand so drastically and change so much that you’re unrecognisable, nor do you want to make such a big decision without seeking professional help. You know your business inside out, and a good designer knows theirs – put your faith in a trained and qualified individual and you can bring about a change which is subtle yet striking.

For more than two decades now, The Sussex Sign Company has been working with small- and medium-sized businesses across East Sussex, crafting bespoke and beautiful signs which can revolutionise how you and the rest of the world see your business. We understand that change can be a difficult thing, and that it’s a fine balance to strike between the old and new. Our expert team of designers is well-placed to help you make that change. For more information on how new signage could help transform your business, simply get in touch today.

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