Resurfaced Road Left Without Markings

Residents and road users in Selby, North Yorkshire, have criticised the local council, after maintenance crews resurfaced James Street last week, but neglected to repaint road markings.


Chris Webb, a resident in Selby, said that he often relies on the road signage because his wife is disabled. During resurfacing work, however, the parking bays for disabled users were covered, as were outlines for taxi ranks and all other markings. Mr Webb criticised North Yorkshire County Council for wasting public resources and leaving the road without markings.


A spokesperson for North Yorkshire County Council, said: “The lines will all be reinstated within the next two weeks. There will be no markings lost and the same lines will be painted on. There will be no extra cost for this.”


In the meantime, road users in Selby will have to struggle without road markings. Unfortunately, taxi drivers and disabled motorists may be disadvantaged during this time.


Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we can sympathise with road users in Selby. Road signage has come under criticism in recent months, as the government seeks to remove ‘roadside clutter,’ but basic signs and markings are necessary to maintain law, order and public safety. Hopefully, North Yorkshire County Council will make good on its promise to repaint the markings within a fortnight.