Printed leaflets and brochures are still just as relevant in 2017

The death of print has been greatly exaggerated. Surrounded by screens, constantly connected as we all may be, the printed word and physical text still has a hold over us. Paper based materials have been around for thousands of years and are stubbornly refusing to go quietly despite technological advances. Human beings like the connection, the touch and feel of the printed page, and there’s no sign of that changing anytime soon.

Our love of ink

There’s something solid and reassuring about ink on paper. At a time when we can simply swipe or click away from any written material or images we’re not interested in, holding a physical piece of paper or a book in your hands still has a charm that’s hard to beat.

When it comes to marketing in the digital era, there’s very definitely a place for printed leaflets and brochures, and many companies still rely on them to reach their core target audience. Despite businesses everywhere having ready access to a range of marketing media, from radio ads and billboards to social media campaigns, print can and still does compete against the new tools in the marketing department’s arsenal. Leaflet printing is still as strong as it’s ever been, but why are printed leaflets and brochures still just as relevant in 2017?

The traditional approach

Print is a very traditional media format, which is not to say it is old-fashioned or outdated. For many people, being able to hold that tangible piece of paper in their hands and examine its contents at their leisure still holds great significance, which is why a leaflet through the door can still work wonders for your marketing campaign. Unlike a radio advert which potential customers might miss or tune out of, or the advertising board which flashes by as they drive to work, a printed brochure can have real sticking power. It takes time and effort to dismiss or dispose of it, and within that time people inevitably examine the goods, services or products being promoted.

No matter what age you are, there’s still that little flicker of excitement when you hear the letterbox rattle. A well-designed brochure or leaflet with strong branding can be a powerful thing when it lands on a potential customer’s doormat, especially if your firm is offering a local service. Hand-delivering your printed materials allows you to better target the audience you need to reach, namely the people living within a radius of a few miles from your business. It also speaks volumes about how seriously you take your work. Trudging the streets in all weathers to deliver glossy leaflets and brochures shows a dedication and personal touch which larger, faceless organisations simply cannot hope to compete with, demonstrating that you have taken the time and energy to promote a business you take pride in.

A well laid-out and carefully designed brochure can be a real thing of beauty, and it does so much more than merely announce your name and contact details to the reader. Done well, it helps build a brand with real staying power. Attractive images, easy to read text and your company logo and colours all help embed your business in the viewer’s mind, so whether they glance at it for all of thirty seconds or pin it to their notice board for future reference, you’ve made an impression.

Brochures are the past and future

While we’re regularly told that we’re living in a ‘digital age’, nobody is burying printed media just yet. 2017 is set to be a particularly challenging year for businesses up and down the country, with uncertainty over Brexit hovering in the background and consumers still tightening their belts and budgets a decade on from the financial crash. However large or small your company, whatever goods, services or products you supply and whatever industry you’re in, there has never been a year when it’s so important to stay ahead of the competition by any means necessary.

Leaflet printing has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, and the quality of the printed materials you can now create has never been higher. More advanced printers and greater investment in computer design packages mean there are very few curbs on your creativity. However, when it comes to designing an eye-catching and memorable leaflet or brochure campaign, getting professional assistance is almost always the best way forward. Graphic design companies spend a lot of time and effort in recruiting the most imaginative designers and procuring the most advanced printing technology, and they can achieve a standard of quality far superior to anything which can be run-up on a home computer.

Here at the Sussex Sign Company, we have been working with businesses across the region to help plan, design and produce some of the most effective and enduring print media campaigns, helping you reach a wider audience through the printed word. Leaflet printing and brochure design are among the many services we offer, but it’s a specialism we are particularly proud of. Our expert team of designers have many years’ experience in this field, and we strongly recommend you take a look at the beautifully designed, bespoke printed media we can create.

For more information on how we can help you launch your successful leaflet or brochure campaign, simply get in touch with the Sussex Sign Company today.