Our signage for The Gym Group

mms_img-1740184543Every now and again we produce a piece of work that we are so proud of we want to tell the world about it. The Sussex Sign Company produce quality signage solutions for many companies, some large and some small, one of our larger clients is Caburn Hope who are a full service marketing agency www.caburnhope.co.uk we have been working with Caburn hope for over three years now and produce the signage for The Gym Group www.thegym.co.uk The Gym Group was founded by John Treharne, a former England squash player, in 2008. Perhaps that’s why they are so focused on proper health and fitness benefits, and less on the luxuries that a small percentage of traditional health club members want.

John has a long and successful history in the gym business. He opened his first health club chain, Dragons Health Clubs, in 1991, building the business to a total of 22 clubs. He floated the company in 1997, and in 2000 he and his investors sold it on. He then spent time lending his expertise to premium gym chain Esporta, before concentrating on the launch of The Gym Group.

The Sussex Sign Company has been responsible for producing all the signage, window graphics and internal displays for The Gym Group under the direction of Caburn Hope for over 19 of their sites across the whole country, from Swansea to Glasgow including many in London. Proving that we really are a nationwide company that can not only deliver on deadlines and produce excellent quality signage but can work with clients to not only meet but exceed there expectations on many levels.

The signage in the photograph consist of a powder internally illuminated aluminium fascia, using clear push through acrylic with translucent vinyl, the illumination is by energy saving LED’s. The main sign is a Flex Face light box illuminated sign system which is ideal for larger outdoor illuminated sign applications such as illuminated outdoor advertising, company outdoor signs and shop front signs. Flex Face light boxes are very robust and durable with a 200mm deep aluminium profile as standard with internal supporting struts fixed to the back panel to create the rear tray of the light box. The internal illumination of the light box in this instance is produced using energy saving LEDs.

The Flex Face light box is so called because it features a flexible PVC banner fascia which is stretched across the front of light box to create what is essentially like a skin on a drum. The PVC banner ‘skin’ is specifically manufactured for backlit applications to allow for the light to pass through and illuminate the banner graphic from edge to edge.

As well as standard square and rectangular, Flex Face illuminated signs can be formed in many shapes and sizes including circular and irregular shapes and even large illuminated letters to create completely bespoke large format illuminated signs

The two very large signs to the left and right of the flex face sign are Aluminium composite sheet this has a polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminium skins and is a rigid, lightweight product available in a wide range of colours and finishes. The colour of this particular sheet was white. The smooth and extremely flat surface of aluminium composite readily accepts screen and digital print inks as well as vinyl lamination. Coupled with dimensional stability, aluminium composite sheet is notable for its limited rate of expansion and contraction even under extremes of temperature. Subsequently, the product is equally suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications. This is why we choose aluminium composite this for this application.

The Sussex Sign Company is proud to be working with Caburn Hope and in turn The Gym Group. For more information on how The Sussex Sign Company can help you with your next large brand role out please contact norman@sussexsigns or telephone 01273 424900