Project management of all you signage programs.

Project Management by The Sussex Sign Company

Project Management by The Sussex Sign Company

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Seamless and Complete Advisory Service

The Sussex Sign Company provides a seamless and complete advisory service; the team is structured to address both dedicated and variable resource requirements.

Successful project management is one of The Sussex Sign Company’s core competencies. The Sussex Sign Company has developed a substantiated considered and measurable approach that focuses on the fundamental aspects of project management for and or on behalf of the ultimate consumer. It is The Sussex Sign Company’s Senior Management Team’s aim, is to deliver projects that are transparent, completed on time, within budget and focused on quality. Our project management structure provides optimal coverage to all stakeholders – a Key Account Manager is assigned to each scheme, determined on a project-by-project basis. Operating as part of a multi-disciplinary integrated team, the Key Account Manager is able to proactively manage and deliver the demands of each phased activity. The Key Account Manager fulfills an essential role in ensuring communications within the organisation are maintained and are in constant contact with allocated interested parties, providing an ongoing overview of each phase/project. Initial consultation on a project-by-project basis with the client, focuses on the project drivers of the organisation. This information is transformed into project metrics and project deliverables that support the key scheme drivers. Typically these metrics include cost of product, cost of service, geographical location, site-specific parameters and project cycle time. The Sussex Sign Company team member evaluations frequently uncover opportunities to reduce cost or avoid lead-time delays. Proposed lower cost substitutions are evaluated based on initial costs, as well as long-term maintenance and durability cost. The Sussex Sign Company project management processes and tools capture the organisation’s experience; the project team’s expertise adds value to every stage of the project lifecycle – from planning and design through fabrication, installation to maintenance. Our team provides unparalleled support to navigate the physical and financial elements of a phased project execution by allocating the resources required, supporting the co-ordinating of different parties’ involved and managing the variety guises of risk affiliated to a projects execution. Team members’ abilities are clearly apparent via the diversity of the organisation’s client base. The Sussex Sign Company’s clients include major brands in the property, automotive, financial, legal, educational, retail, leisure and service industries; across the Public, Private and Voluntary sectors. The Sussex Sign Company adopts a value-driven approach to defining and articulating project objectives before identifying the most effective means to deliver. The team has an exemplary track record of identifying and unlocking value opportunities during the design, fabrication and installation process. Working in conjunction with the ultimate consumer, The Sussex Sign Company supports the development of a master project schedule that enables stakeholders to balance the time required for each project component without incurring additional costs.

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