NovaDura Tackles Vandalism

NovaDura has developed a new system of signwriting that aims to reduce the impact of vandalism.

The system incorporates a number of materials and methods to produce signage that is more resistant to graffiti. Though signs can still be vandalised in various ways, the new system should ensure that most types of graffiti can be safely removed from signage, without causing additional damage.

NovaDura developed the technology using pre-treated aluminium sheets and direct-to-substrate printing. Special inks ensure a professional finish, while a durable coating is applied to the sign to protect it from ultraviolet interference. When finished, the signs should be resistant to most kinds of graffiti.

Vandalism has plagued signage firms, local businesses and communities for decades. On Friday, street signs, bus stops and other such notices were targeted by vandals in Exmouth.

Speaking to local reporters, PCSO, Ben Tithecott, said: “We have received reports of extensive graffiti, predominantly along Salterton Road, Exmouth and Dinan Way. Some of it has been of an offensive nature.”

The PCSO added that police are working with East Devon District Council to resolve the problem.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we welcome the new system developed by NovaDura. Anti-graffiti signage should be considered by all those who want to minimise their exposure to vandalism.