Shop Owner in Stafford Ordered to Remove Decades-Old Signs

The owner of a plumbing parts store in Stafford has spoken of his dismay, after the local council informed him that two signs installed on the exterior of his shop would have to be removed, unless planning permission is granted. Both signs have been in place for more than twenty years. Andy Wheeler, who established … Continue reading “Shop Owner in Stafford Ordered to Remove Decades-Old Signs”

Motorists Confused by Basic Road Signage

The survey challenged 2,000 motorists to name or describe road signs. Twenty per cent of respondents failed to recognise the sign for the national speed limit, while 36 per cent could not identify the sign for no stopping. Forty per cent of surveyed motorists did not know the sign for no motor vehicles (34 per … Continue reading “Motorists Confused by Basic Road Signage”

The Cost of Removing ‘Unnecessary’ Road Signs

Reports claim a council in England has reserved £40,000 to spend on removing superfluous road signs. Derbyshire County Council intends to follow the government’s advice by liberating Derby from signage clutter. Unfortunately, the cost of achieving this goal in the Dales alone has been estimated at £40,000. Last year, the British Government advised local authorities … Continue reading “The Cost of Removing ‘Unnecessary’ Road Signs”

Shop Sign Kills Man in Camden Town

A man in his twenties has been killed on Camden Road in North London after a large metal shop sign fell on top of him. The man is thought to be 27-year-old Jacob Marx, a lawyer from New Zealand, who travelled to the UK last September. The tragic incident occurred on Monday when Mr Marx … Continue reading “Shop Sign Kills Man in Camden Town”

Road Signs Concealed in London Colney

A councilor in London Colney has expressed his concern after road signs in the area were covered with black bin bags. Councillor Jacob Quagliozzi was notified of the incident by residents. On checking the signs himself, the councilor reported the problem to Hertfordshire County Council. After being informed that the bin bags had been removed from the signs, Councillor … Continue reading “Road Signs Concealed in London Colney”

Farmer Vents Frustration Over Signage Ruling

A farmer in Lathom, Lancashire, has spoken out after planning officials rejected an appeal to install advertising signs on a stretch of Green Belt land. Roger Webster erected three signs on private land near Hall Lane in Lathom. Each sign was affixed to a five-metre-high poll and advertised his retail business, Taylors Farm Shop. Mr … Continue reading “Farmer Vents Frustration Over Signage Ruling”

NovaDura Tackles Vandalism

NovaDura has developed a new system of signwriting that aims to reduce the impact of vandalism. The system incorporates a number of materials and methods to produce signage that is more resistant to graffiti. Though signs can still be vandalised in various ways, the new system should ensure that most types of graffiti can be … Continue reading “NovaDura Tackles Vandalism”

3M Expands vehicle Wrap Range

3M has announced the launch of new colour and finish options for its popular Scotchprint vehicle Wrap Film Series 1080, which now consists of almost 40 formats. Having recognised that the market for vehicle wraps was somewhat lacking in diversity, the manufacturer added a number of new films to its range. The Scotchprint vehicle Wrap … Continue reading “3M Expands vehicle Wrap Range”

Signage Cull Spreads North

Days after politicians and council leaders praised the government’s stance on “unnecessary” signage, which has resulted in the removal of thousands of signs in London, Somerset and Hampshire since October 2011, MPs further north have jumped on the bandwagon. Alan Duncan, MP for Rutland and Melton, believes the Coalition’s efforts to reduce signage clutter was … Continue reading “Signage Cull Spreads North”

Focus Groups Established in Hospital Signage Review

A hospital in England has taken the unusual step of consulting the public on plans to amend Directional signage. Barnsley Hospital has established a number of focus groups, designed to provide members of the public specifically visitors and patients with an opportunity to comment on new designs A revised system of signposting and directional signage … Continue reading “Focus Groups Established in Hospital Signage Review”