Advertising Signage: Less Pro, More Professional

A councillor in East Devon has challenged the local business community in Honiton to alter the character and appearance of advertising signs in the area. Councillor John O’Leary drew attention to a number of signs that greet shoppers entering Lace Walk Shopping Centre. The councillor said: “We need to work more closely with businesses on … Continue reading “Advertising Signage: Less Pro, More Professional”

Advertising Signs Rejected by Councillors as “Hideous”

Councillors in Dersingham, Norfolk, have described roadside signs on Lynn Road as “hideous.” The signs were installed by Marketing Force as part of a sponsorship deal linked to the roundabout situated just off the A149. In total, three signs were installed by the company, which Norfolk County Council appointed to oversee the deal. Each sign … Continue reading “Advertising Signs Rejected by Councillors as “Hideous””

SCIGRIP to Showcase ‘Miracle’ Adhesive at JEC Europe

SCIGRIP is scheduled to attend JEC Europe, where the manufacturer will showcase SG600, a new MMA (methyl methacrylate) adhesive, that can bond all kinds of substrates. The adhesive is particularly useful for bonding substrates such as dicyclopentadiene (DCPD). Sign makers and other workers in the creative and print industries can benefit from using SG600, which … Continue reading “SCIGRIP to Showcase ‘Miracle’ Adhesive at JEC Europe”

Road signs not understood by British motorists

Do motorists in Britain know when to stop? Do they know when to give way? When to look left? According to, many British drivers do not know their left from their right when it comes to signage. The research is shocking. Sixty one per cent of surveyed drivers had no idea what the sign … Continue reading “Road signs not understood by British motorists”

No Smoking Signs Too ‘Unfriendly’?

Signs created by Blackpool Council and NHS Blackpool have been redesigned, after a number of residents complained the original designs were not especially ‘friendly.’ The original no smoking signs, used to discourage people from smoking in local parks and outdoor recreational areas, stated: “To protect children, this is a designated smoke-free site.” The design was … Continue reading “No Smoking Signs Too ‘Unfriendly’?”

The Importance of Good Signage to Business

A lot of work goes into maintaining a business and how it puts itself forward to the public, from the basic aspects of daily cleaning all the way up to entire refits and new buildings for a shop. Everyone understands that a well-designed shop, an appealing waiting room in an office, a well decorated conference … Continue reading “The Importance of Good Signage to Business”

Graphic Printing Technologies Announces Launch of Super-Fast Printer

Combining the old with the new, Graphic Printing Technologies (GPT), has manufactured a new super-fast printer. Named the GPT 190s, the new machine was created by modifying an old textile printer produced by Mimaki. The GPT 190s promises industry-leading print speeds of up to 35 mm/h for good-quality banners, with a resolution of 540dpi x … Continue reading “Graphic Printing Technologies Announces Launch of Super-Fast Printer”

Fewer Road Signs – Tavistock Says Yes!

Following a public consultation, Devon County Council has agreed to reduce the number of road signs in Tavistock. The county council is expected to remove more than 50 road signs in the area. The decision was made after a proposal to remove ‘repetitive’ road signs was endorsed by members of the public in Tavistock. Councillor … Continue reading “Fewer Road Signs – Tavistock Says Yes!”

Bus Lane Signage To Cost Council Almost £500,000

According to the Liberal Democrat Group, Labour councillors in Sheffield have agreed to spend almost half a million pounds on changing bus lane signs in the city. Details of a Freedom of Information request reveal that Sheffield City Council wants to increase bus lane restrictions by a total of one hour a day. Councillor Shaffaq … Continue reading “Bus Lane Signage To Cost Council Almost £500,000”

Council Reminds Businesses of Duty to Display Anti-Smoking Signage

Haringey Council has written to a number of businesses in the borough to remind them of their legal obligations under the Health Act 2006. The council is concerned that some companies in the area are failing in their duty to install anti-smoking signs on their premises. Under the 2006 Act, every company in England and … Continue reading “Council Reminds Businesses of Duty to Display Anti-Smoking Signage”