Sussex Signs Say: Let Toys Be Toys

Boots has promised to implement changes after a number of its customers complained about the company’s policy of labelling toys by gender. Customers took to Facebook and Twitter to express their concerns, after the high-street chemist continued to display signs in its stores for “boys’ toys” and “girls’ toys.” In response to the complaints, Boots … Continue reading “Sussex Signs Say: Let Toys Be Toys”

New Vehicle Wrap Filsm: Series 2300X and Series 4600LX

Arlon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle wraps, has announced the launch of two new films: the Series 2300X and Series 4600LX. The Series 2300X, released earlier this month, is designed to simplify the task of adding special effects to vehicles. The new film is available in either carbon fibre or brushed metal … Continue reading “New Vehicle Wrap Filsm: Series 2300X and Series 4600LX”

Swing Signs Reinvented by Plex

Swing signs are often seen outside cafes, pubs and restaurants, as they are often used to advertise menu items. Traditionally large and heavy, the swing sign is not especially user-friendly. Until now. Plex has redesigned the swing sign. Trade customers can now purchase the company’s folding swing sign, which is made from stainless steel, plastic … Continue reading “Swing Signs Reinvented by Plex”

Two Signs, One Message.

Rochdale Council has come under fire from the Daily Mail, after a photographer snapped an image of a replacement ‘GIVE WAY’ sign, that was installed just inches away from the existing ‘GIVE WAY’ sign, which was not removed immediately. Motorists travelling along Benfield Street in Heywood were no doubt bemused by the double signage, but … Continue reading “Two Signs, One Message.”

Misplaced Signage: Pregnant Mother Highlights Risk.

A mother in Peverell, Plymouth, has described the placement of a temporary road sign on Ham Drive as “appalling.” Twenty-six-year-old Charlotte Taylor claims the sign, which warns motorists of a slippery road surface, was placed in the middle of the pavement on or before Tuesday. Ms Taylor said: “When you walk up to it you … Continue reading “Misplaced Signage: Pregnant Mother Highlights Risk.”

‘Deadly” Signage introduced by Safari Park

Longleat Safari and Adventure Park has erected ‘deadly’ signage throughout its grounds, to provide an additional form of entertainment for visitors. As if the park’s collection of lions and tigers were not deadly enough, the signs will form the basis of a new attraction called ‘Deadly Safari.’ Armed with a new guide to Longleat, visitors … Continue reading “‘Deadly” Signage introduced by Safari Park”

Resurfaced Road Left Without Markings

Residents and road users in Selby, North Yorkshire, have criticised the local council, after maintenance crews resurfaced James Street last week, but neglected to repaint road markings.   Chris Webb, a resident in Selby, said that he often relies on the road signage because his wife is disabled. During resurfacing work, however, the parking bays … Continue reading “Resurfaced Road Left Without Markings”

Senior Sign Maker and Vehicle Wrapper required

The Sussex Sign Company is looking for a senior to work alongside the Production Manager. You will be experienced in vehicle wrapping and vinyl sign writing, and you will be competent in using a laminator and sign fitting. The role will be to assist the Production Manager organise the daily / weekly work outputs and … Continue reading “Senior Sign Maker and Vehicle Wrapper required”

Dirty Signage – Council Urged to Clean Up Its Act

A concerned resident in Folkestone, Kent, has called on the county council to clean a dirty road sign. Brian Lamb, a 75-year-old motorist living near Castle Hill Avenue, has warned that a road sign warning motorists not to turn right into Kingsnorth Gardens, is too dirty to be seen at night. If the sign becomes … Continue reading “Dirty Signage – Council Urged to Clean Up Its Act”

Roadworks Signage Described as ‘Unsympathetic’

A trader in Alfriston, East Sussex, has launched a scathing attack on East Sussex County Council, after road signs installed to inform motorists of works in the village allegedly ‘destroyed’ her business. Diane Meek, owner of Pearls of Alfriston, said: “The ‘road ahead closed signs’ were far more prominent than the ‘village open’ ones.” The … Continue reading “Roadworks Signage Described as ‘Unsympathetic’”