One Mile, Eight Speed Limits

The AA has drawn attention to a one-mile stretch of road in Nottinghamshire that is populated by no fewer than eight speed-limit signs. Describing the area as ‘confusing’ to motorists, the AA’s Paul Watters suggested that drivers travelling through Zouch village, which lies on the border between Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, tend to look at the … Continue reading “One Mile, Eight Speed Limits”

M&S signs: Campaigners hit out!

Campaigners in Carmarthen, Wales, have protested a decision by retailer Marks & Spencer to limit the number of English-Welsh signs around its store on Red Street. Identifying themselves as members of the Cymdeithas yr laith protest group, the 20 activists believe a recent overhaul of the M&S outlet in Carmarthen failed to show sufficient respect … Continue reading “M&S signs: Campaigners hit out!”

The ‘Inescapable’ Colonel Sanders Sign

The owners of a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in the town of March, Cambridgeshire, has been criticised after erecting a seven-metre-high Colonel Sanders sign in a residential area. The sign, which features the KFC logo, a depiction of Colonel Sanders and an arrow pointing to the restaurant’s drive-through entrance, towers above neighbouring bungalows. Local … Continue reading “The ‘Inescapable’ Colonel Sanders Sign”

Peruvian Billboard Sign Produces Drinking Water

Few advertising structures can be more vital to mankind than a billboard sign erected in a village outside Lima, Peru. In addition to providing firms with an effective method of advertising their services, the billboard supplies drinking water to villagers in Bujama. The innovative structure cost more than £21,000 to develop and produces a little … Continue reading “Peruvian Billboard Sign Produces Drinking Water”

Bilingual road signs are ‘useless’

Research carried out by TRL has revealed that a large proportion of motorists in Scotland consider bilingual road signs to be utterly ‘useless’. Commissioned by Transport Scotland, the research drew comparisons between nine Gaelic-English road signs and eleven English-only road signs. A sample of tourists visiting Scotland were asked questions about the signs. Approximately half … Continue reading “Bilingual road signs are ‘useless’”

INDASOL Releases New Cold-Weather Tape

INDASOL may profit from the unseasonably cold weather of late after it announced the launch of UHB Cold Stick, a new structural tape that bonds difficult surfaces in cold conditions. Tape is often used in the installation of signage, especially if traditional fittings are unsuitable or unavailable. But traditional types of tape are incompatible with … Continue reading “INDASOL Releases New Cold-Weather Tape”

Festival Signage is Key to the Festival Atmosphere

There are different types of festivals and events. From the huge and internationally famous like Glastonbury to small, community run events. Each has its own merits but the organisers of the events take just as much pride in their festival whether they attract 100,000 people or 1,000. When you go to a festival there will … Continue reading “Festival Signage is Key to the Festival Atmosphere”

Starting a New Business and Making a Good Impression

Starting a new business is not easy. Making a good impression when you start a new business is even harder. You should strive to make a good impression because people (clients/customers and suppliers) who have already dealt with you and who have been impressed by your work are more likely to come back to you … Continue reading “Starting a New Business and Making a Good Impression”

Grammar on Signage: Your Customers Care!

Shop owners beware: the average customer is not only able to spot grammatical mistakes, but he is likely to walk away in disgust if a solecism appears on signage. commissioned a survey last month on how customers respond to spelling and grammatical errors made by small firms. Backed by the Apostrophe Protection Society, the … Continue reading “Grammar on Signage: Your Customers Care!”

Is Gunfire Graffiti on the Rise in the UK?

Gunfire graffiti may be largely associated with the United States, but firearms specialist, Matthew Seiber, believes the problem has spread to many parts of the UK. And a popular target of gun-toting Brits appears to be road signage. At the time of writing, Seiber had discovered bullet-ridden road signs in no fewer than 215 locations … Continue reading “Is Gunfire Graffiti on the Rise in the UK?”