Commercial Banner on Pier Causes Outcry

Residents in Huntington Beach, California, have condemned local authorities, after advertising banners were hung from the city’s historic pier. Built in 1903 and stretching over 500 metres into the Pacific Ocean, Huntington Beach Pier is listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places and the California Register of Historical Resources. The structure pre-dates Huntington … Continue reading “Commercial Banner on Pier Causes Outcry”

‘Indestructible’ outdoor signage developed by MeFace

One of the problems faced by manufacturers of outdoor signage is how to make products sufficiently durable for customers who require permanent or long-term solutions. Existing materials can survive in harsh conditions for many years, but few products can cope with damage caused by vandalism, fire or flooding. Until now. MeFace has devised a new … Continue reading “‘Indestructible’ outdoor signage developed by MeFace”

Copied Signage leads to Fish and Chips Feud

Whose Fish and Chips Are the Best? A rivalry between two fish and chip shops in Oban, Scotland, threatens to escalate, after one accused the other of copying its shop signage. The conflict arose after Nories fish and chip shop erected the sign: “Rick: ‘Best Fish & Chips I’ve ever had.’” A similar sign had … Continue reading “Copied Signage leads to Fish and Chips Feud”

Fish and Chips Seller Rebukes Council over Freestanding Sign

The owner of a fish and chips restaurant in Burnham-On-Sea has criticised his local council after he was issued a fine for placing a freestanding sign outside his cafe. Keith Holman, proprietor of Brit Chips, claimed that Sedgemoor District Council has turned a blind eye to other businesses in the area which use mobile advertisements. … Continue reading “Fish and Chips Seller Rebukes Council over Freestanding Sign”

Street Signage Targeted by Officials in County Down

The Roads Service in County Down, Northern Ireland, has threatened to fine traders who display advertising signs on public footpaths. Although the practice is common across the UK, displaying signs on public footpaths has been illegal for many years. Police usually turn a blind eye to such activities, but the Roads Service is getting tough … Continue reading “Street Signage Targeted by Officials in County Down”

‘3D’ Road Signage Created By Student

When 22-year-old Charlie Gale glanced at a novelty bookmark in a store in Nottingham, little did he know that he was about to embark on a potentially life-changing journey. The product design undergraduate marvelled at the bookmark’s use of lenticular printing before his attention was drawn to a road sign outside the shop. The Nottingham … Continue reading “‘3D’ Road Signage Created By Student”

Pink Shop Sign Gets Council in a Flap

Southend Council has threatened to prosecute a pair of shop owners in Westcliff-on-Sea, after ruling that an outdoor shop sign is in breach of regulations. Teresa Tofts, the owner of Tooft Originals, has been summoned to appear before magistrates later this month. Mark Newman, leaseholder of the building in which Ms Toofts runs her business, … Continue reading “Pink Shop Sign Gets Council in a Flap”

One Mile, Eight Speed Limits

The AA has drawn attention to a one-mile stretch of road in Nottinghamshire that is populated by no fewer than eight speed-limit signs. Describing the area as ‘confusing’ to motorists, the AA’s Paul Watters suggested that drivers travelling through Zouch village, which lies on the border between Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire, tend to look at the … Continue reading “One Mile, Eight Speed Limits”

M&S signs: Campaigners hit out!

Campaigners in Carmarthen, Wales, have protested a decision by retailer Marks & Spencer to limit the number of English-Welsh signs around its store on Red Street. Identifying themselves as members of the Cymdeithas yr laith protest group, the 20 activists believe a recent overhaul of the M&S outlet in Carmarthen failed to show sufficient respect … Continue reading “M&S signs: Campaigners hit out!”

The ‘Inescapable’ Colonel Sanders Sign

The owners of a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) restaurant in the town of March, Cambridgeshire, has been criticised after erecting a seven-metre-high Colonel Sanders sign in a residential area. The sign, which features the KFC logo, a depiction of Colonel Sanders and an arrow pointing to the restaurant’s drive-through entrance, towers above neighbouring bungalows. Local … Continue reading “The ‘Inescapable’ Colonel Sanders Sign”