Falling sign narrowly misses pedestrian

An engineer in Brent, North West London, avoided injury on Sunday when a large shop sign fell just inches from his feet.   Fifty four-year-old Saaed Ibrahim, who is currently recovering from being hit by a bus earlier this year, described hearing a “loud crash” when the sign fell behind him. Mr Ibrahim had been … Continue reading “Falling sign narrowly misses pedestrian”

“Tacky” signage unwelcome in Edinburgh

Renowned for their sense of style and culture, the people of Edinburgh seem keen to ensure that their city maintains its exquisite Baronial architecture. So much so, in fact, that a number of residents have complained to Edinburgh City Council over the appearance of a “garish” shop sign on Princes Street. The sign belongs to … Continue reading ““Tacky” signage unwelcome in Edinburgh”

Road sign misspellings irk Gloucester resident

Proving that adventure can be found outside London and the Home Counties, a man from Abbeydale, Gloucester, has spent the past thirteen years collecting evidence of misspelt road signs. Though irritated by the mistakes, he is not unamused. Fifty two-year-old Mark Ellis said: “It is irritating because [the spelling of road signs] should be right. … Continue reading “Road sign misspellings irk Gloucester resident”

New guidelines on A-boards ‘disadvantage’ vintage-shop owner

The owner of Sally’s Vintage Chic, which is located on Summerland Place in Minehead, has expressed her frustration over new guidelines on A-boards. Proprietor, Sally Mclean, had been using an advertising board to attract customers to her small high-street shop until she was instructed to remove it. Ms Mclean said: “I received a letter a … Continue reading “New guidelines on A-boards ‘disadvantage’ vintage-shop owner”

AXA draws attention to vehicle signage

Research carried out by AXA has revealed that around 65 per cent of van owners in the UK (a sample of 300 participated in the survey) use vehicle signage to advertise their commercial activities. Though 60 per cent of respondents provide contact telephone numbers (mobile or landline) on their vans, fewer than half include a … Continue reading “AXA draws attention to vehicle signage”

Councillor expresses ‘horror’ over bullet-damaged Road Signs

Since 2008, Matt Seiber has been updating his website, Gunfire Graffiti, with images of road signs in Britain that have been damaged by gunfire. Earlier this month, the ex-Royal Marine added more images to his website, much to the horror of Chudleigh Town Councillor, Richard Keeling. Councillor Keeling said that £500 had been set aside … Continue reading “Councillor expresses ‘horror’ over bullet-damaged Road Signs”

The Million-Dollar Sign

The University of Regina, which is based in Saskatchewan, Canada, raised eyebrows last week when it revealed that almost one million dollars would be spent on a single non-digital sign. Dave Button, vice president of the university, confirmed that $950,000 had been set aside for the new sign, which will be made from stainless steel. … Continue reading “The Million-Dollar Sign”

Grieving Mother Launches Campaign to Clean Up Road Signs

In 2005, Donna Guile’s daughter, Hayley, was involved in a car crash in Henley. The circumstances of the accident will be familiar to many drivers in the UK. Approaching a junction, Hayley had to swerve to avoid contact with a vehicle that had pulled out in front of her unexpectedly. Hayley died after her car … Continue reading “Grieving Mother Launches Campaign to Clean Up Road Signs”

Smart Windows Provide Access For Small Businesses

As a small business locked away in a tiny room, there isn’t always the space or right location to advertise the business through a traditional shop sign or display. A new scheme in South Shields is trialling the use of smart windows to promote local businesses. An empty store in the town has been turned … Continue reading “Smart Windows Provide Access For Small Businesses”

Warning to sign makers following prosecution

The British Sign and Graphics Association (BSGA) has issued a warning to sign makers over essential maintenance, following a successful prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The prosecution follows an incident five years ago, where a 12m x 3m wooden sign was blown down in strong winds. The structure had become decayed and … Continue reading “Warning to sign makers following prosecution”