New Vehicle Wrap Filsm: Series 2300X and Series 4600LX

Arlon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of vehicle wraps, has announced the launch of two new films: the Series 2300X and Series 4600LX.

The Series 2300X, released earlier this month, is designed to simplify the task of adding special effects to vehicles. The new film is available in either carbon fibre or brushed metal finishes and is capable of wrapping around curved surfaces, such as mirrors and spoilers. The product can be installed quickly, making life easy for vehicle signwriters.

Chad Russell, director at Arlon, said: “The Series 2300X is a breakthrough in [speciality] restyling products… [it] will push the limits of automobile customisation.”

Some time after the launch of the Series 2300X, Arlon announced that a new colour-change wrap would hit the market. The Series 4600LX is suitable for “full vehicle wraps, vehicle striping and custom accent wraps” and offers ‘multiple colours and finishes.’

Both wraps use the manufacturer’s X-Scape Technology to ensure that applications are quick, easy and bubble-free.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we welcome the addition of the two new films to the vehicle-wrap market. We provide low-cost, high-quality vehicle signwriting services for both private and commercial customers, so we are always on the lookout for new high-performance films.