Multi-application laminator launched by Atlantic

At the recent FESPA 2013 exhibition, national supplier, Atlantic, showcased the new NEOLT Shield 1650 laminator. This extremely versatile machine offers sign companies a laminator that can be used for a wide range of applications, including car wrapping.

As a low value investment, it’s the perfect addition to a sign business and offers the ability to upgrade as required. The machine is quick and simple to use and doesn’t call for a specialist operator or extensive training. It just needs to be plugged in, allowed to come to the correct temperature and then it can be used straight away. With its low power requirements, this is an extremely energy efficient machine.

The Shield laminator takes less time to prepare and set-up, improving efficiency within a business. There are no issues with using different types of media, as all the adjustments are done automatically. The basic model uses a cold lamination process. However, there’s the ability to add on heated rollers if required. A vertical online exit cutting unit can also be fitted, to further improve productivity levels.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we’re committed to investing in the latest technological advances, in order to provide our customers with the quality that they’ve come to expect.