Motorists Confused by Basic Road Signage

The survey challenged 2,000 motorists to name or describe road signs. Twenty per cent of respondents failed to recognise the sign for the national speed limit, while 36 per cent could not identify the sign for no stopping.

Forty per cent of surveyed motorists did not know the sign for no motor vehicles (34 per cent assumed it excludes everything except motor vehicles).

The Co-operative’s Amy Kilmartin, said: “Most people think they drive better than other motorists, despite admitting to getting distracted behind the wheel, as well as not knowing what some of the most common road signs mean.”

Of course, not all signs are easy to understand. In Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, motorists were no doubt alarmed by the appearance of a double-humped camel, or at least a depiction thereof, on a “Humps for 700 yards” sign. Similar changes have been made to road signs in other parts of the country and across Europe, but those responsible should not expect drivers to take much notice.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we always aim to produce signage that is easy to read and simple to recognise.