Misplaced Signage: Pregnant Mother Highlights Risk.

A mother in Peverell, Plymouth, has described the placement of a temporary road sign on Ham Drive as “appalling.”

Twenty-six-year-old Charlotte Taylor claims the sign, which warns motorists of a slippery road surface, was placed in the middle of the pavement on or before Tuesday.

Ms Taylor said: “When you walk up to it you think you’ll be able to get around it, but you can’t. You have to wait for traffic to stop and push the pram off the kerb into the road and back on again.”

A spokesperson for Amey insisted that the sign would have been placed “half on the carriageway and half on the footway,” to provide sufficient room for both pedestrians and motorists. The spokesperson added that the sign was probably moved further onto the pavement by a member of the public. The temporary sign has since been removed.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we cannot comment on the placement of the sign on Ham Drive, but we are able to draw attention to the importance of installing signage in the right location. Signs should be visible from a number of angles, directions and distances, but they should never be placed in the way of shoppers, pedestrians or road users.