LED lighting: how to choose the right signs for you

LED lighting: how to choose the right signs for you

LED lighting comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours, so how do you know which type is the best for your business? Whether you are looking for new shop front signs, signs for schools, estate agent displays or signage for a bar, gym, restaurant or café, finding LED lighting that works for you and shows off your premises is vital.

Technological advances mean that LED lighting is now more advanced and more sophisticated than ever before. Here we look at the various types of signage solution you could choose from and assess the benefits of each for your high street premises.

Push through letters

One of the most effective forms of illuminated signs, push through lettering is crafted from acrylic or built up stainless steel and back-lit to make the text or images glow. This type of illuminated sign is fantastic if you want to achieve a clean, crisp lighting effect and is the perfect choice for an external sign.

As they are so bright and eye-catching, this sort of LED sign is a great option for those who run businesses that stay open late. Bars, restaurants, takeaway shops and convenience stores could all benefit from a push through letter sign; in addition, they can be a great choice for shop signs.

Fluorescent tube lighting and neon plus lighting

Fluorescent tube lighting has been a popular choice for decades and shows no signs of disappearing any time soon! A simple yet attractive form of lighting, fluorescent tube lights look good as shop front signs, proudly glowing above the front door of your premises.

You could also choose the sleek, sophisticated and ultra-modern neon plus lighting, which is a more contemporary take on the traditional Neon Signage. Again, it is a great choice for any shop, restaurant or takeaway outlet because it is so modern and appealing to the eye.

Powder coated letters and halo effects

One of the most visually stunning forms of illuminated signage, the halo effect that can be created with powder coated lettering is a thing of beauty. LEDs are situated behind the letters and emit a warming glow that makes your signs really stand out. This type of illuminated sign is great for both external and internal displays, particularly in places in which you want to create a specific atmosphere or ambiance.

Used indoors, the halo effect can really change the mood of a place. Imagine this type of LED illuminated sign adorning the wall behind your bar, for instance, or on the wall of a restaurant where it can become a piece of artwork and a conversation starter in its own right! The possibilities really are endless and there is plenty of room for you to flex your creative muscles when designing your signage.

Up-lights and down-lights

Another very simple yet effective form of illuminated signage involves up-lights and down-lights, which are good for both external and internal displays. These work particularly well if there is something you very much need to draw attention to – a signboard displaying your café’s menu, for example, or a sign containing your company’s contact details.

For shops or places serving food and drink, this sort of simple lighting effect is a good way of grabbing the attention of passing trade and directing this attention to something you particularly need to highlight. Installed cleverly and professionally, up-lights and down-lights can create a very attractive display that will get your premises noticed.

Why choose LED illuminated signs?

Arguably, there is little point investing in new shop front signs if nobody pays them any attention! Your signage is your introduction to the world; therefore, maximising its visibility and getting people to take notice of you and your business is crucial in capturing passing trade and inviting people over the threshold of your front door.

Illuminated signs are not only pleasing on the eye but also a visually impressive way of announcing your presence to the world. What’s more, they work as advertising for you day and night, 365 days of the year. With LED bulbs now much more advanced, they are greener, cheaper to run and do not get hot, meaning you can leave them on around the clock without having to worry that they will pose a fire risk to your business premises.

Even when you have shut up shop for the evening, your illuminated signage glows away all night to let people know about your company. You may not be open for business in the wee small hours; however, if people can see your signs even in the depths of a winter’s night, they are more likely to remember you and return when you are ready to serve them.

Work with the professionals

LED lighting is a great choice for any business; however, it must be professionally designed, installed and maintained to be effective. Letting the lights go out on your signage is a big no-no and really puts customers off.

If you want to get the most from your illuminated signs, working with a professional sign company such as The Sussex Sign Company is important. We have spent many years providing local businesses with the highest-quality bespoke illuminated signs and we are confident that we are the experts in this field.

Work with our team of highly-skilled and qualified designers and installers to get the most from your new illuminated signage. For more information on the services we can provide, simply get in touch with The Sussex Sign Company today, call us on 01273 424900.