Israeli Road Signs Warn of ‘Arabs with Firebombs’

A series of eye-catching road signs in Israel have succeeded in attracting the attention of passing motorists.

The striking red-and-yellow road signs depict a hooded individual who appears to be throwing some kind of incendiary device from an elevated position. Text below the red warning triangle reads, “Warning, drive quickly, Arabs throw firebombs in this area.” The throwing of rocks is also thought to be a problem.

Two peculiarities should immediately become clear to readers: the first is that the local council apparently thought it necessary to warn drivers of routine or habitual firebombing in the area and the second is that the official advice for motorists is to drive faster. How many road signs in the world explicitly encourage drivers to increase their speed? Firebombs or no firebombs, road safety campaigners ought to be outraged.

The signs have been installed on Road 55 between Ma’ale Shomron and Alfe Menashe in Samaria.

A spokesperson for Samaria Residents Council commented: “If the IDF cannot or will not deal with this, we have no option but to warn drivers of the situation via these signs.”

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we applaud Samaria Residents Council for conveying a serious message in such an attention-grabbing way. Some road signs simply cannot be ignored.