Is Gunfire Graffiti on the Rise in the UK?

Gunfire graffiti may be largely associated with the United States, but firearms specialist, Matthew Seiber, believes the problem has spread to many parts of the UK. And a popular target of gun-toting Brits appears to be road signage.

At the time of writing, Seiber had discovered bullet-ridden road signs in no fewer than 215 locations across 31 counties.

Speaking to the Petersfield Post after a bullet hole was spotted in a road sign near the A3, Seiber said: “The number of illegal weapons, or irresponsible people using registered weapons illegally, is growing.

“Illegal shooting happens in East Hampshire. It’s often easier to use a gun illegally in rural areas because of the isolation and people are used to hearing gunfire.”

Seiber added that police often ignore sightings of “clearly visible handgun bullet holes” because offenders are difficult to apprehend and the risk to human life is relatively low. Keeping figures on gun crime low could be another factor, but whatever the reason, police ought to record all reports of bullet-ridden road signs, which constitutes criminal damage under UK law.

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we recognise that gun crime can affect signage, especially in rural areas. Discharging firearms at road signs is obviously irresponsible.