INDASOL Releases New Cold-Weather Tape

INDASOL may profit from the unseasonably cold weather of late after it announced the launch of UHB Cold Stick, a new structural tape that bonds difficult surfaces in cold conditions.

Tape is often used in the installation of signage, especially if traditional fittings are unsuitable or unavailable. But traditional types of tape are incompatible with certain surfaces and some cannot be used in extremes of cold. INDASOL believes its UHB Cold Stick, available in sizes of 0.64 mm, 0.8 mm and 1.2 mm (thickness), will solve the problem.

INDASOL’s product development manager, Andy Mordue, said: “If you’ve ever had to put up a sign in cold conditions, you will know of the frustration waiting for tapes and adhesives to set.

“UHB Cold Stick takes this problem away and leaves the sign fixed permanently with total confidence.”

Mordue added that the new tape is also suitable for use with “tricky plastics and coatings and powder-coated metals.”

Here at The Sussex Sign Company, we welcome the addition of UHB Cold Stick to the range of tapes that can be used by the signage industry. We develop all kinds of signs for private and commercial customers, so we understand the importance of using reliable bonding solutions.