Nothing says ‘summer’ like illuminated signs

Sign Illumination

We all love summer. There’s nothing quite like those long, balmy summer evenings or days when the sun comes out and we can dust off the picnic rug, the tennis rackets or the barbecue and enjoy a little family time in the good weather. Summer trips to the Great British seaside, eating fish and chips or cold ice cream, memories of endless school summer holidays, that first chilled beer or glass of white wine in the evening – what’s not to love?

When it comes to getting out and about exploring our towns and cities, nothing shouts ‘summer’ quite like an illuminated sign. As the good weather brings more and more people out for a little retail therapy on High Streets up and down the country, is it time you invested in illuminated signage?

Not just a winter wonder

You might imagine that illuminated signage only really serves a purpose over the autumn and winter, when the cold, dank and miserable weather and shorter days make an illuminated sign essential. True, the warming glow of LED window displays or halo illuminated signs can be a comforting and inviting thing for passing customers, but your illuminated signs have an equally important role to play over the summer.

The evenings might feel like they stretch on forever, but it does get dark eventually! The difference is that when it does, the temperatures are still nice and high and there are already more people out and about, perhaps spilling out of restaurants, pubs, bars or other places which stay open late. As they make their way to wherever they’re going, they may well pass by your establishment, and with a beautifully lit sign still twinkling away all night long, they’re not going to be able to overlook your shop front.

If your illuminated signage is bold, bright and beautiful, people passing by are more likely to remember you. Your shop, gym or estate agents might not be open now, but chances are that if you leave an impression on those late night wanderers, they may well come back to you somewhere down the line. If you own a takeaway shop, restaurant, bar or pub, your signs might lure potential customers in for one last drink or for something to eat, while late-opening convenience stores could really reap the rewards of an illuminated sign.

Something exotic

When you think about all those exotic holiday destinations, it’s hard not to think of illuminated signs. Picture the dreamy bars of a Caribbean island, with the halo illuminated signs glistening off the cocktail glasses, or the glowing lights above the tapas restaurant you passed earlier in the day. Imagine the welcoming letters glittering above the door of your hotel when you arrive back, footsore after a day’s exploring a European city or a Greek island.

Few things about summer in the city can celebrate the glory of the season quite so effectively as an illuminated sign. Sitting outside enjoying a drink or dining al fresco under clear, warm foreign skies are so much a part of the summer experience, that it’s hard to picture our favourite destinations without conjuring up images of those bright and exciting urban places, lit by signage.

Regardless of what the British summer can throw at us weather-wise, an illuminated sign still brings a little of that exotic mystery and beauty with it. If you want your shop or restaurant façade to look tempting throughout those lighter evenings, you can’t go wrong when you invest in illuminated signage.

Now’s the time

Summer is arguably the best time of year to invest in new shop front signs. With the nicer weather, there will be more people getting out and about to stock up on holiday supplies or simply enjoy a little wander around town, and more people means more eyes on your premises. You want to be looking your best when the summer crowds flock to the High Street, because quality signage has the potential to catch the attention of passersby and lure them over the threshold.

A classy illuminated window display or bold and beautiful halo illuminated letters over the door have a pull factor which cannot be underestimated, and even the trusty old neon can be relied on to catch the eye of a potential customer.

Not only that, but fine weather means installing your new signage becomes a whole lot easier. With sunny days and less chance of the wind and rain that we can expect by late September, having your new signage designed and professionally installed could be a relatively quick and easy job. That means less interruption for your day-to-day business and it could see your premises looking summer-ready in no time.

Having spent many years crafting some of the most beautiful, bespoke illuminated signage, Brighton Signs are the go-to shop sign writers for the South East and London regions. Thanks to our expert team of designers and fitters, we can work with you to create the highest quality and most suitable signage solution for your company, whatever goods you sell or services you provide.

Get your shop, restaurant, bar or estate agents fully geared up for the glorious days of summer with a new illuminated sign. We can’t guarantee the good weather to go with it, but for a little slice of the exotic and a better chance at catching that boost in footfall, simply get in touch with the The Sussex Sign Company today.

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